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Alex Jones - Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove - Page 20

This is page 20 of my discussion on the Alex Jones film Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

Back in Austin

[Alex Jones]
Well, we're going to confront George Bush on Bohemian Grove. George Bush Jr. had been announcing on CNN, MSNBC, on television, last night and today, for the first time in history, they're admitting it. 'Why, the vice presidential decision was made at Bohemian Grove. George Bush Sr, the former president, and Colin Powel and others.' 

I couldn't find any news article, anywhere, that Cheney was selected at Bohemian Grove. In fact, I found to the contrary. He was selected to be Bush's running mate on July 25th, after reviewing Dick Cheney's results for a search for a Vice Presidential candidate, as Dick Cheney was the head of Bush's Vice Presidential Search Comittee[86]. 

Further on in early July, during the 14th and 15th specifically, Bush was on the campaign trail, and didn't have time for a vacation. In fact, the day before the ritual, he was making a fool of himself at the Elizabethport Presbyterian Center - not out in the woods. There are no reports at all, anywhere, of him or Dick Cheney taking a break from the campaign trail to "decide things behind the curtains"[87].

Regardless, what's so shocking and revealing about this? The runner gets to pick who his vice presidential running mate is going to be[84]. If he wants to pick it in a men's bathroom at a gas station, it doesn't matter. 

So now they're just throwing it in everybody's face. Ah, we've broken the story over a week ago, July 15th, we were in northern California, they're trying to ignore it. George Bush is down here at the governor's mansion across the street from the capital about to announce Dick Cheney as his vice presidential running mate. We're gonna go blow the party for him and get the information out to people. We're not gonna stop, we're gonna get in their face.

Alex Jones sees what he wants to see. What he sees is a vast, world wide conspiracy centered around a gentleman's club out in the woods where satanic rituals take place and (possibly) human beings are sacrificed. He didn't hear the screams of the effigy from a recording, he heard it from a dummy because he wanted to.

[Alex Jones]
I wanna make it clear that I'm neither republican nor democrat. But the facts speak for itself, George Bush Sr., Jr, even their grandfather Prescott Bush were all members of the Bohemian Club. So we dropped by to, well, let 'em know we were fully aware of their activities.

Their activities that Alex Jones has created in his mind.

[Alex Jones]
This is massive! This is how George Bush dresses up! Right here! We caught him on tape! This is how they dress up, right here, in red and black robes! A little more pointy though, like the Klan! We've got 'em on tape, this is how George Bush dresses! Right here when he's in the Bohemian Grove! This is how he dresses, we wanna put him on television!

He implies that "we caught him on tape", meaning George W Bush. But George Bush was never caught on tape, or mentioned as being at the meeting, because as I showed above, they weren't. Speaking of catching people on tape, notice he didn't catch any politician or even a recognizable businessman on tape. 

Absolutely disgusting, George Bush isn't a conservative, he's not for family values, he is nothing but a Luciferian twit! A Luciferian twit! Bush you may think you beat on the human population! We say no to you! We're on the march! The empire's going to run! Long live to the constitution and death to the new world order!

We stand firm, we stand strong for America, against your evil, Bush! And we're gonna get this story out or we're going to continue to push it because the truth will not be hidden! That you are part of a 3,000+ year old devil cult to the idol Moloch from Babylon as well as Tyre. 

We have the high priest admitting all this! We have it on video tape! It is documented! It is documented! A Luciferian devil worshiper, all the people all around us are talking about it! We're not afraid of you, we're not afraid of your minions! We're waking your minions up every day with the hardcore evidence!

We know you father [?] 11 times with Bill Clinton in '91, the whole thing was stage-managed! We understand you've been helping sell this country out, Bush! And we're going to expose you and your Luciferian rites! We have the video tape! 

Alex Jones wants to see Satanism, so he sees Satanism. The truth is, nothing like that happened. Sure it was weird, kind of dorky, but definitely not anything like he makes it out to be. He says the "high priest admitt[ed] all this", but he actually didn't say anything at all like what Alex Jones is claiming, the only time that the play mentions Babylon and Tyre, it's in the context that just like those ancient cities, summertime will also vanish.

This is a massive story, one of the stories of the century! One of the stories of the century! How you've had the Luciferian cult for 121 years in northern California and I went inside for the Cremation of Care! I witnessed the entire debacle, they even have Secret Service agents in there, no doubt, protecting these people inside of this system.

The story of the century? That's really beyond arrogant. Talk about an unwarranted sense of importance; I didn't know "journalists" were so self-serving when documenting a fraternity ritual.

[Texe Marrs]
I think all of those things, there had to be, in my belief, an occultist, a deep occultist who designed each of the elements of this ceremony. It wasn't just a bunch of guys sittin' together in a bar, and said, 'Hey, let's have a good time with the Cremation of Care, and why don't we do this or that?" I believe it was purposely designed, each element in its turn for what they did. No doubt about it.

As I stated several times. The founders of Bohemian Grove were very well educated, bohemian journalists who fancied art and culture, likely Greek and Roman culture. The owl is in Greek and Roman culture, it represents the goddess Athena and knowledge[9]. It wouldn't be hard for a bunch of drunken bohemians to come up with these symbols and rituals.

[Alex Jones]
Ladies and gentlemen, you've been watching Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove. The facts we've shown in this film are absolutely documented. I would only hope that the people of the world realize the organized evil we're dealing with at almost every level. Republican, democrat, you name it, they're all working on the same team. Ladies and gentlemen, it's call world government. The new world order, dehumanization, it's not a joke, it's deadly serious. Unfortunately they've been breeding societies to think everything's a joke. I'm here to tell you, truth is stranger than fiction.


Conspiracy theorists only see what they want to see. The reality is that the camp is nothing more than a fraternity for rich, fat, (mostly) white, old guys. Their "ritual" on the first night of the encampment is nothing more than a play acting out how they plan on throwing their cares away for the next 15 or so days. Of course, one could continue to believe that something evil is going on, but there's absolutely no way to disprove something completely undocumented and that there's absolutely no direct evidence for. The owl at the Bohemian Club stands for knowledge, not Moloch, and "Dull Care" isn't a "mock human sacrifice", rather it's a way to dramatically play out throwing one's dull cares away.

Alex Jones and others want to see the occult, they want to see "Canaanite, Luciferian, Babylon mystery", so no matter what that's what they'll see. Don't forget to read Alex Jones' follow up to this film, The Order of Death.

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