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Alex Jones - Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove - Page 3

This is page three of my discussion on the Alex Jones film Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

Going back to the Spy Magazine spin piece, they have lots of rosy illustrations of drunken establishment types dancing around having fun with the rituals going on in the background. They even admit that they wear bizarre Ku Klux Klan style robes and there's even a photo released by the Grove of the ritual being engaged in. They talk about the incredible security surrounding the Grove. And they even admit that a corpse, a sacrifice, is borne across the lake. But it's all in good fun.

The usage of the language should tell us something. Aside from the fact that there are drunken illustrations of white, fat guys, the article had this to say about the robes: "They wore bright red, blue and orange hooded robes that might have been designed for the Ku Klux Klan by Marimekko." Going on, it sarcastically speaks about the effigy near the lake as being a "corpse." It also goes on about how the men are at odds with the California Forest Service because of all of their cigars. It's a really bizarre, semi-sarcastic commentary. The fact that he understands to images to be jokes, but not the words, really shows he's into spin, rather than the authors[30].

Perhaps Alex Jones should have continued to read the article he was quoting. The author talks about how there was reported to be very tight security, with armed guards, helicopters, barbed wire, and so forth. However, he actually found it to be the exact opposite. Here's a quote:

"We didn't do it that way, but it turned out that Grove security isn't quite what it's reputed to be. The sociologists who had studied the place were right; there was no real security. "[30]

Maybe that's why it was so easy for Alex Jones to "sneak" in this so-called compound. The article does mention the "corpse" going across the lake, but it doesn't use it in the context Alex Jones quotes it in, nor does it use the word "sacrifice" anywhere in the text.[30]

Texe Marrs and The Occult

We did massive research on the occult, and one of the libraries we visited was that of professor Texe Marrs of aeronotics. He also has written literally dozens of books on the occult. His library was very revealing of the obsession of elitists throughout history with the occult.

Texe Marrs is an author who believes in a vast, world wide conspiracy involving Masons, Illuminati, and Zionists. His web site also offers the anti-Semitic hoax book Protocols of the Elders of Zion[31], saying:

"The Illuminati's March of Death as I call it was revealed in advance in the satanically prophetic textbook of terror called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Read what the Zionist monsters said they were going to do"[32].

This book is one of the hallmarks of anti-Semitic movements around the world. You can read more about it on places like Wikipedia. Not only this, but in his two works The Judas Goats and The New Jerusalem, he states that, "The Jews rule over us, and nothing will ever be the same."[34] He also talks about how Jews during the holocaust, "took over camps and used them to slaughter, countless innocent Germans."[37] Sometimes he claims he's just an anti-Zionist, but usually he makes it pretty clear that he is extremely anti-Semitic.[38]

As for his "occult" research, he promotes ideas like the "New International Version" of the Bible is a "Feminist book for the New Age" and the King James Version is the "true word of God"[33]. He claims that George H W Bush was involved in a black mass and goes on to show that he himself is extremely homophobic[35]. He also believes his enemies are possessed by Satan[36].

I find it hard to trust a guy like this, and that his library would have a useful set of books. I assume Alex Jones acquired his knowledge of the occult from this man, if that's the case it really explains the whole "Canaanite, Luciferian, Babylon mystery" psychobabble.

[Texe Marrs]
Front group after front group to conceal, and really, subvert. Uh...but behind all of these groups there is a small cadre, or uh, elite, a core, and what you've done, I think, with the Bohemian Grove, is you have exposed one of the premier organizations of the whole new world order "arrangement," you might say. 

I think so far, based on what I've already discussed, Alex Jones really has failed to expose any true conspiracy involving the attendees of Bohemian Grove.

Of course we can go back in history, all the way back to ancient Egypt, Babylon or Greece, Rome, and I think you're going to see sort of, the roots of the Bohemian Grove.

I see more similarities with Greece, and possibly Rome, than anything else. This is likely due to the fact that Greece and Rome are seen as cultural Meccas for literature, art, culture, and overall knowledge.

But particularly in the Illuminati era, originating during the French revolutionary days, you know, there we have the actual Illuminati, with Adam Weishaupt and all of his evil "philosophers", let's just call 'em.

The original Order of the Illuminati originates like many secret societies of the day. It was an organization started for free thinkers to be able to discuss anything they wanted without fear of prosecution or persecution. It may be hard for some to imagine, but prior to the last few hundred years there were really no places in the west that had freedom of speech. Slight infractions against the state could easily get you imprisoned or executed. This was especially a problem for individuals with wealth, who had the money to buy literature, and really wanted to discuss it. They had to start secret societies to do this, because despite the Enlightenment movement, there was no freedom of speech[39][40].

Voltaire and the others and that has come up all the way to today.

Voltaire was a large contributor to the Enlightenment, and wasn't initiated into Freemasonry until one month before his death, likely just to please his friend Benjamin Franklin[41][42][43].

Hitler, of course, was a Bohemian.

This is obviously an attempt to associate Hitler with the Bohemian Club. This is hardly a proper link, considering bohemian is a broad term referring to various untraditional lifestyles, typically those of artists and writers[44]. For a little over 5 years, he was essentially a wandering artist who was twice rejected from a prominent art school[45].

I think it's more Babylon mystery religion. All of the elements are there. Of course, even the owl was a symbol of ancient mystery Babylon. The owl was worshipped  by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians.

The owl was not a symbol of ancient Babylon, this belief only exists in conspiracy circles. Neither the Egyptians or Babylonians worshipped the owl, they preferred the falcon or bull, respectively[46]. 

And it's interesting to me that many of the members of the Bohemian Grove have in their homes, as I understand it, small figurines of owls.

Even if it's true some members do have owls in their home, it's likely to remind them of their membership. Gang members keep around symbols of their gangs, for instance. Come to think of it, my grandmother has a lot of owl stuff in her house, I wonder if she's also a member of the Bohemian Club, or perhaps she just worships one of these imaginary goddesses Alex and Texe believe the club members worship.

And I believe they actually worship those owls as a symbol of the deity, the great goddess of Babylon.

There was no "great goddess of Babylon" that was represented by an owl -- not even close. There was a very popular deity in Babylon - Marduk[47]. As I stated before, the owl was not used in ancient Babylonian religion.

And of course here again you have the counterfeit of Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

I'm not even sure what he's referring to in this.

I think all of those things, there had to be, in my belief, an occultist, a deep occultist who designed each of the elements of this ceremony. It wasn't just a bunch of guys sittin' together in a bar, and said, 'Hey, let's have a good time with the Cremation of Care, and why don't we do this or that?" I believe it was purposely designed, each element in its turn for what they did. No doubt about it.

Actually, I doubt that hypothesis very much. The founders of Bohemian Grove were very well educated, bohemian journalists who fancied art and culture, likely Greek and Roman culture. The owl is in Greek and Roman culture, it represents the goddess Athena and knowledge[9]. It wouldn't be hard for a bunch of drunken bohemians to come up with these symbols and rituals.

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