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Alex Jones - Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove - Page 16

This is page 16 of my discussion on the Alex Jones film Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

The occult activities are coming up and then after the actual ritual, we're gonna give you some more of the history surrounding it. But first on, I want to draw your attention to the program that was given out to the spectators or the viewers. I guess an occultist would call them novices who actually watch as the priest, ah, as their supporters engage in this ancient rite. Now you're looking at a little demon called PJ that was on the front of the actual program. It's kind of a Hieronemous Bosch style, it's got a little broom and a dustpan and he's sweeping something up.

I couldn't find anything that said there's a demon named PJ that sweeps things up, or anything close to it. If anyone knows anything about it, please contact me.

Now even more shocking is the figure of a human body burning in the flames, in fact, I've shown it to people who are experts in anatomy, actual doctors, and they say that the anatomical size is that of a baby or small child. Notice how large the cranium is in comparison to the torso, that is, the ribs. Understand, ladies and gentlemen, this is from the program itself given out to the establishment lackeys witnessing the sinister activities. Remember, in Babylon and Tyre, they would throw their children into fiery pits. Look at the size of the hands compared to the rest of the body. Only children show these anatomical details. Now, of course it's been airbrushed in, but it shows the psychology.

Children have very tiny hands, not hands as large as their faces as this "skeleton" is. It sort of looks like it could be a dummy of some kind, but the rib cage is way too large and thick. It could simply be plants or other props that appear to be what Jones is claiming, but without a higher resolution picture, different angle, or anything else it's really difficult to say. If it was airbrushed in, it could just be for effect, again, it's difficult to say with the garbage image provided.

Remember, Babylon and Tyre did not worship Moloch as Alex Jones is claiming, nor has he provided any evidence at all that the owl is supposed to be Moloch.

Now this is the only skull that we actually caught on tape. We've blown it up for you. Over one of the major meeting houses. Of course it's not a real skull, it was extremely oversized up on the signage. The point we're trying to make here is, the entire compound was literally infested with symbols of death, skulls owls.

Since when is an owl a symbol of death? I also discussed that sign earlier. You can find all kinds of clothes, belts, necklaces, signs, etc all over the place with skulls - that doesn't mean it's a part of the occult. This is that hysteria I mentioned earlier that was so prevalent in the 1980s.

At long last, here it is, the Cremation of Care, unveiled. As we sat there in the darkness, not knowing what we were about to see in the gathering crowd, suddenly, across the small lake, we saw a carriage across the lake with men in black and brown cloaks, robes, in front and in back, burying a bound body. Remember, it was a hidden camera and at somewhat of an angle.

You'd think you'd be able to correct the angle a bit in post- production.

Something particularly pleasing was happening for the Bohemian Grovers, but whatever developed with that crowd, ah, of men in black and brown and the bound body on the back of the buggy, they drove behind big, black tarps they had hanging out of the trees. There was lots of smacking of lips in bizarre enjoyment by the crowd. We still haven't made out exactly what was going on, but that a real sacrifice may have been developing, according to some occult experts.

A real sacrifice?! Come on. Are these "occult experts" people like Texe Marrs who know absolutely nothing about history, religion, or the occult - just what fits into their anti-Semitic, conspiratorial, evangelical world view? I discuss Texe Marrs earlier in this article, if you haven't read that, you should go back and read it.

All the time in the darkness across the small lake, the men in black were doing something behind the dark curtains from the redwood trees. But after about 10 more minutes of music, suddenly, all around the owl, activity began. Here is the main central part of the ritual.

For the sake of space, the ritual begins on the next page.

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