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Alex Jones - The Order of Death - Page 14

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 31st, 2009

This is page 14 of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Order of Death. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

If you haven't read my article on the first film, please do it now! If you haven't, don't contact me and complain when you claim I haven't debunked anything in this article, because almost all of it is covered in the first film and barely touched on here.

This page is the conclusion of the film and my conclusion. If you haven't read the rest, please do so - this page doesn't have many sources because I don't need to source things I've already explained before.


Where did this dark thinking start? This black spirituality? The central thread goes back to ancient Egypt and Babylon with the mystery schools. 

No, it doesn't. Mystery schools connecting Egypt, Babylon, Canaan, and so forth are something made up by modern conspiracy theorists. Again, Alex Jones does not use the "Canaanite, Luciferian, Babylon mystery" he changes it to Egypt and Babylon.

They knew that knowledge is power, and so secret societies were formed to guard the secrets of medicine, architecture, government, agriculture. Secret societies are nothing more than the first intelligence agencies. Knowledge had to be guarded, but over time elites abused their control of the knowledge and used it to dominate their populations. 

The original organizations he is referring to were things like Mason guilds. Back in the day there weren't patents, unions, contracts, and so forth. Organizations had to keep their work and skills very secret. Freemasonry extends from this, but originates from the Enlightenment. Many secret societies originated because of the desire to communicate off the record and connect with like minded individuals.

And these same sciences of control are being used today. That's why the elite today relish in secrecy. They know that it is the fountain of their power. They seek to dumb down the population, not just to horde their secret knowledge, but to make us even more mindless, more domesticated, like braying sheep to the slaughter. 

He never says what secret knowledge they may have. Surely he doesn't believe they have some kind of car that runs on water.

Their religion is the science of sophistry, the science of the con- artist, the science of the despot, the dictator, the tyrant, the controller, the charlatan, the liar. They come to kill, steal, and destroy. They are parasites. They are anthemia to free, dynamic human societies. Know your enemies, stand up for love and life and family and resist the new world order and the Babylonian slave state our enemies are attempting to construct.

Sophistry is the idea of using a specious argument to deceive someone. Alex Jones should probably look into that.

I want to tell everybody out in TV land how they can come to the Grove, where their elected leaders along with the big bankers and heads of media meet, along with some European royalty, every year to decide how to run the country. Fly to San Francisco, fly to Santa Rosa, you could even fly to Sacramento. Then you just drive out to highway 101, you take uh, highway 12, out west towards the coast, take it about 10 miles out from the coast, right out the little town Monte Rio. And the town of Monte Rio, off the main drag, then you'll take the Bohemian Avenue. And it dead ends right here, the 2,700 acre redwood grove entrance where your world leaders um...among other things, set policy for much of the planet and dress in black and red robes and worshiping the god Moloch.

There's no evidence to say they make policy there and I've proven they do not worship the god "Moloch".

This movie was sure an adventure. It was basically billed as a follow up to the first movie, and did reference it quite a bit. The problem is Alex Jones didn't correct any of the 80 or so mistakes he made in the first film and instead made about 80 more here in about three quarters of the time.

Alex Jones really has no clue what he's talking about when it comes to the occult - in this film or the first one.

Alex Jones sees what he believes and not the other way around.

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