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Alex Jones - The Order of Death - Page 9

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 31st, 2009

This is page nine of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Order of Death. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

If you haven't read my article on the first film, please do it now! If you haven't, don't contact me and complain when you claim I haven't debunked anything in this article, because almost all of it is covered in the first film and barely touched on here.

[Alex Jones]
In studying worldwide occult networks, in modern times and throughout history, you always run into the same data:

Compartmentalized pyramidal structures with a bunch of well-meaning dupes at the bottom, managers in the central areas, luciferian adherent death cults at the top. In India it is Kali. The Mayans and Aztecs' greatest gods were the gods of death. It was the same in Egypt and in Babylon as well as Rome and ancient Greece.

So some stupid Wiccan coven out in Nebraska is really a part of a large, super structure of an occult network with managers that wear business suits and worship devils? Kali is considered the goddess of time and change, hardly an evil, death goddess[27]. We wouldn't want anyone to worship death gods, after all it's not like Alex believes his god sent a man to suffer and die.

The Aztecs had a rather large pantheon, over 100 gods and goddesses. There was no large hierarchy, but definitely the most popular god of all was Quetzalcoatl who, interestingly enough, opposed human sacrifice in Aztec mythology and was not a death god, but the creator god and patron of leadership, priests, and merchants[28]. Just like the Aztecs the Mayans were polytheists with many gods and no real hierarchy, but the most popular god was Chac, the god of agriculture, rain, fertility, and lightning[29].

Egyptian mythology isn't much different with respect to Aztecs and Mayans, because there was a complex association of gods and goddesses and changed vastly over time. Primarily the gods associated with the sun, agriculture, and weather were worshipped. Egyptians had an obsession with death, as most cultures and religions do, Christianity included, and their primary focus was living in the afterlife; gods and goddesses of death were often not directly worshipped[30]. The Babylonians were polytheists as well, however the head of their pantheon was Marduk. While his original character is note quite known, he became connected with water, agriculture, judgment, and magic[31]. 

Finally, for the Greeks and Romans, their primary God was Zeus and Jupiter, respectively[32][33], both were the King of Gods and were also the gods of the sky and thunder. Depending on the particular prayer (for example) in question, then a certain god would be worshipped, for example if you wanted a good harvest you'd pray to Cronus[34] / Saturn[35]. It was a bit more complex than that, but I was trying to demonstrate that Alex Jones is incorrect.

So much for those heathen pagans worshiping death gods all the time.

But what about those sweet little Hawaiians? Ah, you guessed it, throwing virgins into that live volcano. The god of death demands it so the rest of us can live. 

Human sacrifice hasn't been practiced in Hawaii since ancient times. It seems like he gets his history from Mad Magazine or something. Also, that the most common sacrifices were prisoners of war, criminals, and other people deemed fitting for sacrifice[36][37]. 

I'm not sure why he has such a tone in his voice, it's not like he's coming from a cultural high horse, being a fat, white, slob radio show host who makes crappy movies.

The Druids would bash their children's brains out and kick them into a peat bog. Noblemen would willingly give themselves up to the Druidic priests to have their throats slit before they were thrown into fiery pits, known as "bonfires" today. 

The stories of child sacrifice originate from a Christian tract nearly 1,000 years after the druids had disappeared from the British Isles, and was largely an attempt to ridicule paganism rather than talk about real history[48].

Bonfire does originate from the words for "bone fire", as Alex claims in the first movie, but this had to do with plague infested bodies during the black death, rather than some kind of sacrificial rite[39]. And most important, the druids were Celts, they did not speak English, at all, so them inventing the word "bonfire" is completely impossible[38]. In fact they were wiped out long before English was spoken in the British Isles, not only that but the druids were gone about 1,700 years before the word "bonfire" was ever said[39][40].

One of the bodies he is showing is of Lindow Man, who was likely murdered and dumped into a peat bog, some have suggested it was a part of a human sacrifice ritual, but that hasn't been proven completely though likely he was a victim of a sacrifice in an attempt to remove the Romans from the south of England[41][42].

The other body that Alex shows several pictures of is of Tollund Man, found in Denmark. There were never any druids or Celts in Denmark[43].

The druids did indeed practice human sacrifice, however it wasn't as wide spread as animal sacrifice was[44]. In the end, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything related to the Bohemian Club.

Since Alex Jones is so obsessed with child sacrifice, I wonder if he's interested in the sacrifices and murder of children in the Bible. One of the most interesting stories is how Jephthah promises to sacrifice his daughter if he wins a war, and when God helps him win, he kills his virgin daughter. What's more, he burns her alive[49]. And no, this man isn't an evil character in the Bible.

Don't forget the European tradition of the Burning Man. Take your strongest man, when times get tough, strap him into a huge wicker effigy of a human and torch him. That will make the gods bring back the fertility. That will make the gods bring life to the tribe. Death brings life. They call it creative destruction. But in reality it is simply a tool of the elite who abuse, subjugate, and dominate their populations for their own good. We're looking at ancient propaganda.

I wonder if Alex Jones realizes he's making himself sound like a pompous jackass. The wicker man was a wicker statue created to fuel the fire to burn a human being alive inside. The account of this, of course, was written by the Romans who were at war with the Celts in Gaul at the time. In fact, the writers of these reports never witnessed the action themselves and it's probably a very large embellishment of real events, embellishment caused by rumors, war propaganda, etc[45][46][47].

Alex Jones wouldn't possibly know about lying to people for his own good.

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