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Alex Jones - The Order of Death - Page 3

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 31st, 2009

This is page three of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Order of Death. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

If you haven't read my article on the first film, please do it now! If you haven't, don't contact me and complain  when you claim I haven't debunked anything in this article, because almost all of it is covered in the first film and barely touched on here.

But, a disturbing theme ran through the body of the reportage. "Okay it's true, the elite meet behind closed doors and there's gay porn stars, gay prostitutes being shipped in like beluga caviar. What's the big deal? Let's just let them have their privacy. So they have lakeside chats calling for world government? Really, they're not bad people. The people we should watch are those that are exposing it, they're really dangerous weirdoes." 

There's no evidence of gay porn stars outside of the New York Post in the gossip column. There's also no evidence at all, in the previous movie or this one that there's "lakeside chats calling for world government" - not a damn thing.

Of all the hit pieces we've been victims of, the worst was conducted on national television by Brian Lamb, the director of C-SPAN and some shifty eyed professor they dug up, who appeared to be flashing Masonic hand signs while he tried to eviscerate our character by implying that there wasn't even a ritual at all. 

Flashing Masonic hand signs? Interesting how anyone Alex Jones considers an enemy is automatically a part of Freemasonry, Illuminati, the New World Order movement, and so forth. He never says there wasn't a ritual, he was implying that the ritual Alex Jones says is happening, is not actually happening and he's absolutely correct about that as I showed in the first film.

Meanwhile, the Bohemian Grove has gone public with newspapers, admitting they conduct rituals.

As I showed earlier there are news stories, publications, etc from at least the early 1980s where this is made perfectly clear.

[Brian Lamb]
They, overnight they had a gentleman on by the name of Alex Jones who has a-a talk show in Texas, I think, and it's heard in communities around the United States. And he was talking about the Bohemian Grove Club, as if that's where it all happens, that's where all the decisions are made. Thousands of people go there and there's some kind of a ceremony surrounding an owl or something like that. Have you followed this at all?

[Shifty eyed professor]
Yes I have, even though the show is on past my bedtime. But uh, Alex Jones has been talking about this for uh, quite awhile. The Bohemian Grove is, of course, a privately owned redwood grove up in Sonoma County north of San Francisco where every summer there is a get together of uh, the wealthy and uh, well placed all male, uh, who uh, get together for general cavorting, socializing, lecture, symposia and so on in an atmosphere that is completely removed from public scrutiny. Uh, Alex Jones and some others have uh, suggested for a long time that there are all sorts of nefarious rituals that go on. Human sacrifices that were uh, being committed by the elite who attend these gatherings.

So by showing this is Alex Jones implying that there really are human sacrifices happening there? Nice touch putting the Jolly Roger right over the professor's face, that's Grade A journalism.

[Brian Lamb]
Lot of things people feel are organized behind the scenes with the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the Masons, you can keep going down the list, the Illuminati, one world government, New World Order, Skull and Bones, you've got more information on that than I do, so call us at the top of the hour and talk to our guest about that and we'll try to sort it out.

As I stated in the first article, Alex Jones and others make it pretty clear that there's a massive overhead when planning world domination by creating so many organizations to plan and execute it despite the fact they've yet to really succeed in the last century.

[Brian Lamb]
Define the Illuminati.

[Shifty eyed professor]
The Illuminati were a small quazi-Masonic group founded in central Europe in 1776--

I'm not sure why Alex Jones interrupted him, as if simply admitting an organization existed at one time proves there's a world wide conspiracy. As I stated in the first article the original Order of the Illuminati originates like many secret societies of the day. It was an organization started for free thinkers to be able to discuss anything they wanted without fear of prosecution or persecution. It may be hard for some to imagine, but prior to the last few hundred years there were really no places in the west that had freedom of speech. Slight infractions against the state could easily get you imprisoned or executed. This was especially a problem for individuals with wealth, who had the money to buy literature, and really wanted to discuss it. They had to start secret societies to do this, because despite the Enlightenment movement, there was no freedom of speech[9][10].

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