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Alex Jones - The Order of Death - Page 2

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 31st, 2009

This is page two of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Order of Death. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

If you haven't read my article on the first film, please do it now! If you haven't, don't contact me and complain  when you claim I haven't debunked anything in this article, because almost all of it is covered in the first film and barely touched on here.

Our infiltration is chronicled in my film Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove. A British documentary company, World of Wonder, also covered our investigation.

[Jon Ronson]
In the weeks that followed, Alex streamed his footage on his website and released it as a self-through[?] video. Everywhere I looked, the internet was aflame with news of the daring raid.

The documentary covered by Channel 4 was actually documenting the paranoid people who believe in the New World Order. The producer who tagged along with Alex Jones said in his book Them: Adventures with Extremists, that it was a startling, immature, and bizarre way for leaders to spend their summer vacations, but he did not see any evidence of Satanism. He went on to say that it was nothing more than a fraternity-esque ritual, and the only way someone could see it as Satanic was if they were looking for something Satanic to begin with[3].

[Alex Jones]
As the news spread across the planet, that the Bohemian Grove had been blown wide open and that their secrets were public, the people were amazed. They were amazed to learn that many US presidents and British prime ministers, German chancellors, the Hollywood elite, the heads of business and academia, Federal Reserve chairmen were traveling to the Grove each year. And that presidents had been going there since the turn of the last century in 1900. They were shocked by each new revelation of ritualistic depravity. This film is about what we've learned in the five years since we've infiltrated the Grove. And it's about the response that we've gotten from Grove members, the press, and even local activists in the area who've been protesting the Grove for over 25 years.

Does he really consider showing a picture of a news article from his own web site as "the people were amazed"? Also, as I showed in in the first article, there's absolutely no record of anyone from the Federal Reserve ever going to the Bohemian Grove, except Alan Greenspan, who conspiracy theorists claim has gone there at least once. I was never able to verify that he went.

Finally, we learned the Grove was only one chapter in a larger, worldwide secret society hell-bent on bringing in a one-world government. 

He didn't "learn" that, it was very obvious from his other films and from the first film that he was already convinced of NWO planners meeting at Bohemian Grove long before his "infiltration." He also did not prove there was anything regarding a "New World Order" happening at Bohemian Grove.

What would the people do if they knew that the majority of the leaders in the corporate world, as well as government, were deep occultists? 

Alex failed to prove they were "occultists" in the first movie, he simply presented a fraternity ritual designed as a way to begin a vacation and turned it into something it wasn't. He mixed up aspects of ancient history and molded it how he wanted.

Before the year 2000, and our successful penetration of the Grove, the mainstream media denied that rituals were indeed taking place there and said that elite from all over the world were simply meeting in secret to have a good time. 

They did not deny this, various articles and television news casts talk about the ritual in great detail[1][2].

After the footage we had shot of the Cremation of Care ritual aired first in England and then in the United States on national TV, the mainstream media changed their tune. The San Francisco Chronicle had previously refused to report on the Grove. After our infiltration, they wrote as many as five articles a year, detailing the bizarre activities that were taking place inside the Grove, including the fact that top presidential advisor Karl Rove had tapped Arnold Schwarzenegger inside the Grove, to run for governor on California's recall ballot. Even the vaunted New York Times reported on the Bohemian Grove, but attacked us for sneaking in.

The article from he shows on screen really doesn't say anything incriminating about the club[4]. As per the allegation that Karl Rove "tapped" Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for governor, that's not exactly what happened. There was a lot of talk already about Pete Wilson favoring Schwarzenegger to run, and the gossip came to a head after Karl Rove and several other GOP members attended the Bohemian Club[5]. I'm not sure why this matters at all to Alex, would he make a big stink if they decided it in an office some place? Do regular activities become sinister when they're done at Bohemian Grove "just because"? The article he shows on screen, implying it's from the New York Times, is actually just a printable version of the article[6].

On a side note, I couldn't find any evidence the San Francisco Chronicle refused to carry articles about the Bohemian Grove prior to Alex Jones' film.

The New York Post was one of many national publications to report on all of the homosexual activities going on at the Grove. The Post reported in its Page Six gossip column that Chad Savage, gay porno star, was, "servicing the moguls of the Grove."

It's very interesting how Alex Jones claims that the media is a tool of the NWO, except when it works in his favor. Not only is the New York Post considered to be one of the most gossip ridden, sensationalist news papers in the country, he took it a step further by taking from the gossip section of the New York Post[7]. I couldn't find the original Page Six article - so I am not sure of all the exact content, but it's from the gossip column at the New York Post

It took a decent amount of time to find, but I did manage to find a full copy of the 1989 Washington Times article in the film[8]. It seems as though the article is referring to a gay prostitution ring investigation where some clients were Washington DC "elite", not anyone most of us are familiar with, primarily aids and so forth. Beyond that I can find no other references to the investigation outside this article. I'm not sure what that's supposed to imply, I'll have to investigate this further in the future. If you know anything about it, please contact me.

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