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Alex Jones - The Order of Death - Page 5

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 31st, 2009

This is page five of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Order of Death. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

If you haven't read my article on the first film, please do it now! If you haven't, don't contact me and complain when you claim I haven't debunked anything in this article, because almost all of it is covered in the first film and barely touched on here.

The Grove is dominated by Republicans, the supposed party of Christian conservatives and family values. But the Grove has its share of high-powered Democrats as well. 

Two of the people shown in the images on video have never been confirmed members, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton was once invited, but never attended. 

It's also important to note that the Grove was founded in 1872 by west coast journalists and that the National Press Club adopted the iconography of the Grove for its great seal.

In the first film he kept saying it was founded in 1873, glad to see he corrected that error without anyone noticing. The National Press Club uses the owl for the same reasons the Bohemian Club does, because it's a symbol of knowledge as I explained in the fist article.

There are three major icons used in the Cremation of Care ritual. Moloch, the owl idol, the curved staff carried by the high priest, and the eternal flame lamp, the Arabian style lamp which the priest uses to ignite his torch, which he then uses to burn the human effigy: Care. Here are video still of the effigy after it has been burned on the alter in the morning.

Alex Jones may have learned the club actually started in 1872, not 1873, but he's yet to learn (or admit at least) that Moloch is not an owl, and the owl does not represent Moloch. It represents knowledge and has been associated with the goddess Athena in Greek culture[22][23]. The name Moloch is not only never mentioned by anyone during the Cremation of Care, but also it's not correctly represented at all. Alex Jones has stuck to his guns on this one, and I guess he doesn't realize just because you say something over and over, doesn't make it fact.  Moloch is represented by a bull, not an owl. The cultures that did worship Moloch did not worship any deities represented by owls[21].

The effigy isn't of a human being, it's of an idea, the idea of throwing your cares away to relax for the next two weeks at this wooded retreat. This is fairly clear in the dialogue of the ritual itself, what these things represent and why they're doing it that way. Pages 17, 18, and 19 of the first article contain my analysis of the ritual, as well as layout exactly what I'm talking about.

The pictures of the effigy are interesting, because it's obvious that it was some kind of dummy, as I said, but it doesn't match up at all with the claim Alex Jones made. I'm sure he'll ignore the fact that he had an entire analysis on page 16 of the first article regarding this effigy that doesn't match up with what's being seen now.

He talked all about how it was obviously the proportions of a child and how he's "shown it to people who are experts in anatomy, actual doctors, and they say that the anatomical size is that of a baby or small child" yet inexplicably it's the proportions of a large person with really long legs.

Many researchers of the global elite believe that real sacrifices are going on at the Grove. When I filmed the ceremony in 2000, I saw no evidence of this. 

He mentions this an awful lot like he actually believes it but doesn't want to say something that may push people away from him. I'd bet Ameros to doughnuts he actually believes it, but that's just my opinion.

It looked like an effigy and the druid priest was easily able to pick it up and take it up the stairs to the platform. Our inside source informs us that there are actually four effigies used in the ceremony. One brought in on the back of a wagon, another that's used behind the trees, another that's brought across by the Grim Reaper to the steps of the idol and still, another effigy that is placed on a black alter before Moloch, the demon god, and burned.

I guess it's easier for them to deal with four than the move the same one around. As I explained on page 17 of the first article, the boat man almost certainly represents Charon from Greek mythology (this fits well with the fact their symbol is an owl). He was the ferryman who carried the souls of the recently deceased in his boat across the river that separated the world of the living from the world of the dead[24]. You can learn more about that on page 17 of my first article.

Again, for probably the 20th time, the owl is a symbol of knowledge, not Moloch, nor does it represent any god, demon, or otherwise. Pages 17, 18, and 19 of the first article contain my analysis of the ritual and explain it fairly clearly.

And this is the first and only time that video has ever been shot inside of the owl idol. We can now confirm that the owl is metal with a stone facing. 

This isn't really that incriminating, it looks like a stage closet with a bunch of lighting controls and stage equipment.

Leaning up against a wall is the metal skeletal remains of Care. Care, or the conscience of the group, is symbolized by a human body. All that remains is the metal skeleton. Our source informs us that the final effigy that is burned is made of a highly flammable material, and that the local fire department for Monte Rio oversees this part of the ritual.

So, here Alex Jones admits, as I explained in my analysis, that it isn't a human, but rather represents an idea, a concept, yet he'll turn around and claim the opposite, he'll say that it represents a human being sacrificed to a demon god. This makes no sense at all, other than the large logical gap of Moloch not being worshipped in the first place and not being an owl.

That was an important piece of the puzzle, because in 2003 we traveled back to the Grove and talked to a lot of the locals who were mainly friendly. But when we talked to a couple of local fire fighters, who were with the Monte Rio fire department, and asked them about the Bohemian Grove, they got very upset and told us to turn our cameras off.

[Alex Jones]
Well, he was telling me about, it's like, where the president goes and stuff...and so we were going to, like, talk to him and then he's all...

[Off Camera]
Hey man, shut the camera off, huh?

Two guys and a white pickup truck with giant wheels and I'm supposed to just trust that they're two people from the fire department? This proves nothing other than a man, off screen, asked him to calmly turn off the camera.

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