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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 10

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page ten of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

[Alex Jones - On Phone]
George, we're sitting here in the room. As the phone rings, when your producer Tom Danheiser put me on, the fire alarm goes off, so everybody is exiting the building, I know this is a set up, they timed it exactly when this happened. Open the door, I want him to hear the fire alarm, open the door, I want people to hear this live, to the 16 million people listening. George can you hear that?

It doesn't take a genius to realize that staying inside when you hear a fire alarm is an incredibly dangerous thing to do. Even if this were all a conspiracy against him, what's the point of pulling the fire alarm? Are the Bilderbergers comprised of 12-year-old pranksters?

I'm a little perplexed as to why they're using the hotel phone. I mean, don't most people have cell phones in 2008? Plus, wouldn't the hotel phone be bugged? But of course it is bugged, because that's how they heard Alex and pulled the fire alarm!

Now, now, now, they're gonna use this as an excuse, the Westfields Marriott, right outside DC in Chantilly, they want to use this to flush us out rs Bilderberg was detained 2 years ago, interrogated, screamed at, they said Bilderberg was upset about me wanted to stop us, uh, this is guaranteed, everywhere we're go we're followed. 

Why does it matter? If they're going to be kicked out "tomorrow" anyway, why do they want to run the risk of their vast conspiracy against Alex Jones being revealed with their clever use of fire alarms?

I like how their clever plan to stop Alex is a fire alarm; not only that, but Alex said he's giving briefings all week long, I wonder if "they" followed him to his other hotel all week long and pulled fire alarms.

We have another hotel across town as a base of operations, they were there, questioning us, getting in our faces, we're being followed everywhere. I need everybody's support right now. I pray to god they don't try to set me up. They may have tried to concoct this as some way to say, you know, "Look they didn't leave during a fire drill" assessing me, knowing I was staying through the interview. 

As usual, none of this is on tape.

But again, the moment the phone rang, with Tom Danheiser, uh, the moment the phone rang the guys answered it, I'm standing there, the alarm goes off, uh, it's going off right now, the guests are exiting the hotel out there, of course there's no fire, this is just absolutely insane. I noticed too, that there was over 100 security people here today, but tonight we got back and it was a total ghost town and this is what's insane. 

He just assumes there's no fire, which is a dangerous assumption. I wonder if his smoke alarm goes off in his house he'll do the same thing. The security people were probably doing a dry run and seeing what the grounds were like - they don't go into situations naked and unknowing, that's the worst way to do anything.

We have a security guy walk up to us 30 minutes ago, 'bout 25 minutes ago, before this happened. He said, "What are you guys doing?" We said just walking around checking out the artwork in the hotel, which we were actually all admiring but we were also going around getting some footage. And uh, he said well no cameras allowed. We said fine. They said, "Yeah we had somebody pull a fire alarm a few weeks ago," and me and Rob my camera guy were, "Why's he telling us about a fire alarm?" I forgot that part George, these bastards have done this I don't know how, they're planning to try to set us up or something but this is incredible. We are here in the middle of this right now George.

Assuming Alex Jones isn't lying about this security guard, then if someone pulled a fire alarm a week ago, then why is it all of a sudden a setup for Jones now?

As with all exciting events in Alex Jones' life, there is no camera footage of the security guy and no footage of the fire alarm going off the moment Alex talks to them on the phone.

There is a brief glimpse of a painting. Is it their footage? We don't now. But is there any footage of the guard? 

Nope - which is usually the case, but made all the more interesting by the fact that in the follow up Coast to Coast AM show, he claims not one but two security guards came up to him. He then claims after the fire alarm went off, he and his camera man rob went downstairs and the guards told them "we're going to fuck you up!", and they knew Alex and Rob's names too[231b]. Why isn't this mentioned in the film? Did Alex forget he lied about it on Coast to Coast AM? He goes on to talk about all of the people they filmed coming in, but of course none of that footage is in this movie. He goes on to talk about the "chase", but I'll talk about that below.

The Next Morning

[Alex Jones]
All right, stay there, keep it locked. Let's go. Let's get out of here now, Richard. 

[In car]
We got out of here in exactly the right time. Is this the way out?


[Alex Jones]
Yeah we got a car right behind us. Made about what, five turns and six turns and this same car's following us. Now looks like he's following us into uh...he-he came out of Bilderberg, he came out of the Westfields.

They're being a little bit subtle but not too. See, there he is, that's him over there in that blue car.

What kind of secret agent follows someone alone, in a charger, with a suit hanging in the back seat? While it's possible this could have been some security person, he didn't seem to have his ear piece in, a gun, or anything else like that. It could be possible that he was going to get some Moe's Southwest Grill.

In the Coast to Coast AM show I mention above, Alex Jones says this man follows them for about 30 minutes, into parking lots, etc, but then when they get out of the car he speeds off - even though they have him on film parking, getting out of the car, and going into Moe's Southwest Grill - is that speeding off?[231b]

He then goes on to say that he doesn't understand why they're following him, because he's "non-violent", even though on his own show he's said that when "We're gonna put hundreds of thousands of them in prison, tens of thousands are going to be executed." Non-violent?

[Alex Jones]
We're headed back to the Marriott here in Chantilly, Virginia, the scene of Bilderberg 2008. We've successfully infiltrated the last day and a half inside, got out with some great stuff. We've been tailed. And now we're going back to uh, cover the dignitaries, the elitists, as they arrive. And right now is the prime time for them to start arriving for the next three or four hours. We took about a 30-minute break, I'm sure we missed a few but it doesn't matter. We've got scores of people that just organically are listeners, info warriors that are just out here taking action.

I sure hope they got footage worthy of the cost of staying there, considering they don't show it to us, nor do they show us them getting kicked out.

*Cheering for Alex Jones*

[Alex Jones]
And we're gonna be out here, for the next three days while you try to chart the future of our destiny. We're taking our destiny back, you're not our gods, or masters!

I really doubt they can even hear him. If they can, it's probably just a bunch of noise. Is this really what Alex Jones considers fighting back?

[Alex Jones]
We witnessed at least seven convoys of armed Secret Service entering the Westfields Marriott. And internal sources confirmed that both candidates did attend at least one meeting inside the conference. While the Bilderberg Group was 100% successful in 2008 at keeping their name out of the mainstream media, they did not fare as well when it came to the exploding independent press. During the entire 2 day event, anti New World Order protestors and alternative media circled the hotel.

Funny how convenient it is that they were able to catch so many important people in attendance...except the presidential candidates. In the previous scene Alex says they'll be out there for three days. But in this scene he says the even is 2 days. So which is it?

The thing is, though, that most people don't give a damn about the "independent press", especially not those on par with grocery store tabloids.

[Luke Rudkowski]
You're being exposed everywhere! From David Rockefeller, from John Edwards, from Bill Clinton, your game of secrecy is over!

None other than the Alex Jones protégé himself.

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