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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 9

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page nine of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

[Press conference]

Robert, why were we not told about this meeting and that the senator wouldn't be on our flight until the doors were shut and we were about to taxi to take off?

Again, uh, we had a desire; Senator Obama had a desire to do some meetings. Others had a desire to meet with him tonight, in a private way, and that's what we're doing. [Time lapse] We set up these meetings, they...they're being done tonight, again, I-I'm...

Is there more than one meeting? Is there more than one person?

I'm not gonna get into all the details of the meetings, I-I I don't know that I got a ton more different answers for all of your questions.

Was this guy nervous or what?

[Alex Jones]
Obama wasn't going to Chicago. He had a meeting to attend, a secret meeting.

[News Anchor]
Initially it was believed that the secret meeting took place at Clinton's Washington DC home. Obama spokesmen denied that, but won't confirm where the former rivals met. He also declined to comment on their topics of discussion.

[Alex Jones]
For a day and a half, the mainstream media engaged in a wild goose chase, trying to find out where Hilary and Obama had gone. Three cover stories later, the corporate press had to admit, they had no idea where the two candidates had gone, and to this day, Clinton and Obama aren't talking.

On June 3rd, 2008 the Democratic Party officially nominated Barack Obama, thus ending Hillary Clinton's campaign, as the news anchor says "former rivals", but Alex Jones ignores this and still says "two candidates", implying something sinister is going on if two opposing people meet together, well, they were no longer opposing[229].

The meeting was likely to discuss Clinton being the vice presidential candidate or holding some kind of office in Obama's administration, and also about endorsing Obama, but that'd be a little too logical for this movie[229b].

[Woman news anchor]
Plenty of sources knew about this meeting, uh, told us and others that it was at Hilary Clinton's house, but clearly it wasn't.

If the Bilderberg Group has all this power, why go through the campaign dog and pony show? Why do they need to  (supposedly) threaten Ron Paul if they can just elect whomever they want?

[Alex Jones]
In 2008, the trail led us to the Westfields Marriott Hotel right outside Washington DC.

What trail was that? This was the widely known meeting place for Bilderberg; there's no evidence that Obama and Hillary met there.

[Alex Jones]
We just flew into Washington DC. We're driving to the Westfields Marriott. Tomorrow the hotel's closed throughout the week and the weekend for the Bilderberg Group meeting. We're going to check in the night before, they're gonna kick us out tomorrow. So, we're going directly in the belly of the beast. The hotel will be filled with at least 5 spy agencies, CIA, defense intelligence, MOSSAD, uh, European Union security.

[Alex Jones]
We checked into the Westfields Marriott 48 hours before hotel guests were scheduled to be thrown out ahead of the annual meeting. The building was nestled in the heart of the military industrial complex, with the national reconnaissance office and Raytheon just a stone's throw away.

A Raytheon building right outside Washington, DC is a real shocker, considering they're a defense contractor. I imagine the whole area of Chantilly, Virginia could be the belly of the beast.

From Alex Jones description, it appears as though he checked in at least 24 hours before he arrived, which isn't possible, as you have to be there to check in. First he says that "tomorrow" they're going to be throwing people out and that they just arrived in DC and are heading towards the hotel. He goes on to say in voice over that they checked in 48 hours prior, so which is it?

[Alex Jones]
The plan tonight is to try to not get arrested, dodge the security, get in there, get some footage, of the elite are arriving in the morning. Some arrive before they officially lock it down and then getting out of the building that's our plan. I'm also gonna be, uh, getting a call by a uh, international syndicated radio show, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and all week he's getting briefings from me every night, uh, about things as they develop.

It says a lot that Alex Jones is giving "briefings" to a UFO conspiracy theorist[230]. I even once saw him on a History Channel documentary where he explains that aliens would have had to build things like the pyramids in Egypt because it would have been too difficult for humans to do it[231].

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