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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 15

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page fifteen of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

[Gerald Celente]
How could people be so stupid and gullible to believe a bunch of political people?

I ask myself the same question when watching these movies. Typical of conspiracy theorists, they seem to believe the best way to win people over is to call them stupid.

[Webster Tarpley]
So people who voted for Obama were trying to express I think, first of all, something worthwhile, the hatred for Bush, Cheney, the neocons, the desire to punish the Republicans for their adventures, their police state, and their economic depression. The second question was, on the economy, people felt that Bush was selling them down the river into a world depression. He is, of course, the new Herbert Hoover in that regard, so they were trying to get something different from that. The tragedy, of course, is and this is really why Obama was groomed and prepared over a period of almost 30 years now, that Obama is there to frustrate and to deceive all of those hopes. Obama is a cruel hoax. He's a bogus sham. He's an absolute denial of everything that you'd expect from an American president.

Obama is a conspiracy 30 years in the making? That's really incredible that they had all that foresight.

[Alex Jones]
It is very disturbing to see well-meaning people falling for high tech propaganda over and over again. 

Yeah, I don't think Alex Jones would know anything about exploiting well-meaning people with high tech propaganda...over and over again.

It happened after 9/11. 

Many times, with many movies and products for sale.

The American people en masse were swept into a mob psychology, irrationally throwing their common sense to the wind and doing whatever the administration told them to. The general public eventually caught on to the fact that George W. Bush was a deceitful thug and that the economy was in freefall. In the midst of it all, Barack Obama was there speaking out against the abuse of the people at the hands of the establishment. With the election of Barack Obama, the world rejoiced that the United States was no longer in the hands of mad men. But unfortunately for humanity, this was another vicious fraud.

Why then didn't they setup their big, overwhelming, fascist regime then? Just like before, they didn't take advantage of the situation at all, and instead just put a new guy into office.

[George Humphrey]
I want to like the guy. He speaks gently. He's intelligent. He is, he seems to be a man of peace. He is just as charismatic as they come. But you know what: Is that a tree is really, really measured by the quality of its fruit. And when you, kind of, put away all the flowery words, when you put away all the rhetoric, when you put away all the rock and roll music, what he does is what's important for the people of this country, starting with the truth.

[Webster Tarpley]
Obama is notoriously a liar. He promised that he would get out of Iraq, I think, within 16 months at some point. We had Samantha Power telling The Scotsman that he wouldn't be bound by those promises and sure enough, he's now not gonna be bound by those promises.

This film was released n March 15, 2009[26], 54 days after Obama took office, and yet Webster Tarpley is speaking like it's already 2011 - in fact it's likely this interview was done prior to Obama taking office, as I noted previously, that outside the building he's in, there are Christmas decorations up. Interestingly enough at the time of writing this six (not 16) months after Obama began his term, he has already began to pull soldiers out of Iraq, and in fact they've already left the urban areas and the exit strategy is currently underway[27]. 

It's amazing how Webster Tarpley was able to see into the future weeks after Obama began his term and was able to see what the world would be like in 16 months.

Nor did Samantha Power say any of that to The Scotsman, it was on BBC's Hardtalk[283]. What Power actually said was that Obama wanted to "have all U.S. combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months" but that it was a "best case scenario" and he would have to "revisit when he becomes president."[284][285]

I was against the Iraq war, but I can't imagine I'm the only person who thinks an overnight withdrawal from an unstable country would be beneficial to anyone.

[Alex Jones]
Obama pledged in hundreds of speeches and interviews that within six months of being elected, he was going to bring our troops home from Iraq. But after he was inaugurated, the story changed. Now he said that they would "look" at bringing "some" of the troops home in 16 months. Two weeks later, his story had changed again. Now the administration would "look" at bringing the troops home in 23 months.

[Jesse Ventura]
Well, Obama's already fudging. He has fudged since day one in this election where he first said we're getting out. Well, now it's a timetable and now it's da, da. 'Cause they're getting to him. They're understanding that he ain't gonna be able to get them out because people more powerful than him got us in.

[Gerald Celente]
When he first ran, remember, he was gonna take the troops out. I get in here, troops come home, day one.

Alex Jones would know a lot about changing stories - especially from movie to movie. 

Noting the quote above, what he said makes more sense and wasn't a promise, it was a best case scenario and this was during the campaign. So his story didn't change afterwards except then he set a time table.

[Barack Obama]
There is no military solution in Iraq and there never was. I will begin to remove our troops from Iraq immediately.

And he pretty much did as I showed. "Beginning" doesn't mean "overnight."

[Gerald Celente]
And then that went to 16 months. And now he's going to add, they're saying, another 30,000 or more troops to Afghanistan.

I didn't realize Afghanistan and Iraq were the same country or that something said about one place applied to another.

[Alex Jones]
Next, he sent 30,000 more marines to Afghanistan, doubling the total number of forces in the crosshairs. Barack then announced that he was going to move missile systems into Eastern Europe to encircle Russia. But after all, what should we expect, after he kept Bush's Secretary of Defense Robert Gates?

Obama pledged to send "two additional brigades" to Afghanistan, which is about 10,000 troops[286]. However, he sent 17,000, not 30,000[287], then in March he sent 4,000 more to train Afghanistan Security Forces[288], totaling 21,000 troops, which still isn't 30,000.

The original plan was for limited anti-ballistic missiles in Eastern Europe, by George W Bush, not "encircling Russia", however Obama has spoke with Russian president Medvedev and is attempting to turn the entire situation into a joint effort to monitor missile threats everywhere[289].

You weren't expecting Alex Jones to tell the truth about what really happened, were you?

[Webster Tarpley]
The outcome of this policy is if you're constantly meddling near the Russian borders with these fascist creeps, IMF-NATO agents like Yushchenko of Ukraine, or Sakashvilli of Georgia, or these Kachinsky twins in Poland, or various collections of people in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, you're tied to these gangsters and if they decide to start a war, that rapidly escalates into thermonuclear World War III. This is worse than the neocons. Bush and Cheney never got as far as Brzezinski, Soros and the other people running Obama.

That might be the case if they were nuclear warheads, but they're not and the situation is much different than Jones or Tarpley would have you believe.

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