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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 31

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page thirty-one of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

This is the center of endurance, and endurance is what wins wars. Not how many people you kill, but how long can you endure. George Washington lost almost every battle he had, but he endured! He out-endured the British. And that's how the battle was won: endurance.

George Washington was also fighting a real enemy, not an imaginary one - in any case Washington more or less broke even[486b].

[George Humphrey]
And each and every one of you watching this, every single one of you, is just as important as the people who were our founding fathers. As, that you are just as important as the Sons of Liberty who met in the 1770s to-to philosophize about freedom, to philosophize about a republic, to philosophize about a truly free country with a republic.

This is why it's so attractive, because then people who watch this can play revolutionary, feel special, and that kind of thing, but never really accomplish any goals.

That is, if any real goals were established.

There's a billion people on the planet. It only take one to change it. Are you the one? There may be everybody in your classroom bugging out. Your whole school may be on fire, with kids, wild and bringing guns there. But are you the one? Nature has a way of abundance. Nature puts out a lot of stuff, looking for the one. So, if you're gonna go along with the trend of, "Let's just kill each other, let's disrespect each other," then you're part of nature's plan, as well, to be part of, just the, the, the, the excess. But if you think more of yourself than just being the excess, you'll do more for yourself. Are you the one? Everybody's not gonna make it, but you have an opportunity to save yourself.

I think KRS better rethink that math, considering there's around 6.778 billion (almost 7 billion) people on earth[487] This also reiterates what I said above about people feeling special.

[George Humphrey]
Well, we don't have to look back thousands or even hundreds of years to see how dangerous this present-day situation is. We can look back to Bolshevik Russia. We can see the takeover by the Bolsheviks, talking about the people's revolution, talking about the positive change. And Lenin came in and then Stalin. The fact is, is that over forty million Russians, between 1925 and 1940, good Russians, people who were Christians, people who had, who had their own businesses, people who were educated; they were exterminated, because they had their own business, because they were educated, because they believed, believed in God's law. 

Talk about revisionist history. There were roughly 181 million Russians out of those 87 million were Russian Orthodox (Christians), as well as other religions and denominations, and the non-religious was about 300,000[488]. Most of the population was in dire poverty, there was an extremely large peasant class which did not own any property until shortly before the revolution. There was also a large working class who worked 12 hour days (sometimes longer) in highly dangerous industrial factories. Almost no one owned businesses; Russia was an absolute Monarchy; education was also not free, most people in Russia could not read and it was actually revolutionaries that went out and taught the largest class (the peasants) to read[489].

The USSR was an atheist state, and in the 1930s began destroying organized religion. Minority religions suffered the most, but for the most part the Russian Orthodox Church was left alone after World War II and was even allowed to print some works[376].

In short, there was no extermination program for Christians, or people who "believed in God's law", this is a total lie.

We can look over at Germany. Germany was in a very, very terrible economic situation and this very charismatic leader called Adolf Hitler comes in. He, he, he makes the roads good and he promises a better life for the people, and within 10 years, you see a completely nationalized, centralized, dictatorial situation, where millions and millions of people were exterminated. 

So any politician who says he can help the situation is really just another Hitler? 

Ghandi = Hitler

And what exactly would it take to want to do good, but not be associated with Hitler? It seems as though they would be suspicious of anyone that isn't part of their small conspiracy clique.

And then we can go to Maoist China. Mao came in. He, he, promised change, he promised a better life, and within five years, sixty million Chinese were exterminated. They don't teach that, they don't teach that in the schools these days, and it wasn't that long ago.

They weren't "exterminated", they starved to death. He seems to be confusing starvation with a program to annihilate people off the face of the planet, not that it makes Mao any better of a person. I find it pretty hard to believe that these things aren't taught in school. 

 And even if there are crappy schools that aren't teaching these things, these things are not secrets. Take a trip to any bookstore, turn on the History Channel (when they aren't showing Modern Marvels for the billionth time), or do some research on the Internet. 

And I pray, pray, pray to God that this will not happen in the United States. And the way it won't happen is if you, and your friends, and all of us together, take action to say, "No". This country is too precious. It's too wonderful. It-it's too good of a place to lay down as a victim.

You can pray all you want, send Alex Jones films to as many people are you want, but you can't defeat an enemy that doesn't exist.

[Gerald Celente]
Greatness could arise, once we break the shackles of the government that's holding us back. One thing America has more than any other country is an entrepreneurial spirit. One thing we have more than any other country is the ability to be innovators. You know, if I was born in Italy, I wouldn't be the trend forecaster I am today because I would've been locked into a culture of thinking one way. We have that freedom of expression and freedom of thought that could free us to create greatness again, if, if Big Brother doesn't come down on us harder.

Is he saying that if he was born in Italy he wouldn't make a pseudoscientific forecasting journal? Or that Italians or Europeans in general are just too "close minded" for these things? I don't even know, but it's sounds stupid and offensive. So, is the United States the land of free thinkers? I don't know, but Celente didn't have a very high opinion of himself throughout the movie calling people stupid. 

[Alex Jones]
Humankind is at a historic crossroads. The forces of globalism are marching towards absolute despotism. Look in the mirror. Count the cost. And decide: are you going to let history repeat itself? Or, will you stand tall with freedom lovers everywhere and stop the completion of a world dictatorship?

"And buy my movies!"

Well, this was definitely one of the craziest Alex Jones films I've ever done, and (to date) has more citations than any two movies I've done before. I haven't published this yet, but I have a feeling a lot of people won't believe it; they'll probably say I'm some shill for Obama. The truth of the matter is, I didn't vote for Obama - but just because I didn't vote for him doesn't mean that I'm going to believe in complete lies about him, or that when Alex Jones makes things up it becomes true.

I wish luck to anyone trying to get people away from this crazy film. It's definitely one of the most garbage things I've ever debunked.

In the end, this isn't about supporting Obama or not, it's just about pointing out the incorrect information Alex pushes sandwiched between conspiracy theories. While there are legitimate promises broken and reasons to be disappointed with Obama's work on some issues, in the end, he is just a politician. It's fine to have a beef with Obama, but do it for the right reasons, not because he's an "NWO puppet hand picked by masons to come put your grandma in a concentration camp."

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