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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 25

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page twenty-five of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

[Webster Tarpley]
The notion of anthropogenic global warming is a fraud. In other words, the idea that the planet is getting warmer, and that human activity is somehow responsible, is a pseudoscientific fraud. It's a big lie. It's a monstrosity. 

I wouldn't call it a fraud or a lie. There's definitely a certain level of bandwagon involving it. I was curious about global warming so I investigated it myself. You can read about it on my Global Warming page.

Remember the Nazis, they had race science, race hygiene. They said Aryan blood is different from any other kind of blood. This was, of course, idiocy, a fantastic piece of nonsense. Today, we've got something similar. Global warming caused by human activity. And the answer to that is carbon tax, plus cap-and-trade, according to the wishes of Al Gore, Prince Charles, and basically the entire world banking community, the world oligarchy. 

Comparing global warming to Nazi racial hygiene politics is the most asinine thing I have ever heard and it really trivializes Nazism's effect on the world and people and turns global warming into just some kind of hysteria. Almost everything Webster Tarpley said in this movie was completely wrong, and so it's really no surprise he's stupid enough to compare genocide of millions of people to a boring movie made by Al Gore and overpriced green products sold by S. C. Johnson & Son.

What they're trying to do with that is to perpetuate the current system where bankers rule the world, financiers rule the world, and the rest of us get the crumbs from the table. 

That makes total sense, considering throughout the 400 years the Bank of England has existed, there was no global warming "hysteria" then, and nor was there until the latter 20th century. 

But remember, if you try to put on cap-and-trade and a global warming carbon tax with the idea that you're gonna save the polar bears, what you're gonna do is destroy human society. 

How alarmist can this guy get? Next thing you'll know he'll say that carbon taxes and cap-and-trade will be genocide.

You're gonna cause genocide on a massive scale. The deaths will be measured in the hundreds of millions, and indeed, in the billions. 

Total idiot.

Just the idea of global warming means that there'll be no development for Africa, no development for the poorer parts of South-East Asia, and no world economic recovery of any kind, ever, in our entire lifetime. 

I discuss, in my global warming article, developing nations and their roll in global warming, as well as the effects of alternatives fuels on the third world. Interestingly enough, while I do oppose huge restrictions upon developing nations, I never believed that doing so would kill billions of people.

So, it's important to expose and fight the pseudoscientific fraud of global warming. One more point about this. You don't need a climatologist to know that this stuff is a fraud. I'm a historian. I can tell you, in the last thousand years, we had a period of very warm temperatures called the Medieval Warm Period, where all kinds of grapes, and, uh, semi-tropical stuff were growing very far into the Northern Hemisphere. That was about 1100, 1200. It happened to correspond with an all-time maximum of sunspots. Right now, we can say that we're going into another maximum period, where there'll be some warming, but we're well within the limits of the Medieval Warm Period. About 1600 to 1650, there was an ice age in Northern Europe. The North Sea was filled with ice. The German and Dutch ports and the English ports were filled with ice. That corresponds to an all-time minimum of sunspot activity, the Spörer Minimum and the Maunder Minimum. So, this has largely got to do with solar activity. We can see that other planets, not just the Earth, are warming slightly as a result of increased solar activity. But we're well within the minimum. So, what the oligarchs claim to be an open and shut scientific case is a piece of pseudoscientific nonsense and it should be rejected.

True there are cycles, but nobody denies that; again see my article on global warming, I talk about all this stuff. Also it was called the "little ice age" and was not a full on ice age; snowing in July isn't the same as glaciers the size of continents[435]. Just a heads up, it isn't pseudoscientific, but the world isn't coming to an end either.

Further, this guy isn't a "historian", he knows absolutely nothing about history that most regular people do, other than what he makes up himself or fits into his world view: "Robots in World War II"?

[Alex Jones]
Number two: The social engineers are fully aware the Obama craze will wear off quickly, so they are racing to put in place, the most oppressive police state control grid in human history. 20,000 battle-hardened, regular army troops are now being deployed to patrol the streets of the United States. FEMA is now building giant camps in every region of the country and the Congress has introduced bills like the National Emergency Centers Act, HR 645, which merges local governments and the police, under federal control.

You can read about the supposed "troops patrolling" in the Alex Jones Police State 2000 article. You can learn more about FEMA camps as well as my on going analysis of all FEMA camps in existence on my FEMA page.

The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act does a few different things; the primary purpose is to establish at least six centers on military installations (because they're already federally controlled) for temporary housing, medical care, and humanitarian assistance in the event of a major disaster. Locations for training first responders to emergency situations, i.e. disasters[438]. 

[Gerald Celente]
And as we all know, that have watched these things, they're ready for the riots. With these detention centers that are being opened up around the country, with state police training for riot control in the event of economic calamity and food riots, they know what's going on and they're prepared for it. So, people better also prepare for it themselves. Anyone that's not prepared for what's going to happen, they deserve what they get, because there's enough information out there pointing to the problems. And they should take all precautionary actions.

What kind of precautions? I take it Gerald Celente is loading up with guns, food and women so he can be ready when the end finally comes.

[Alex Jones]
Next, Obama ordered the Defense Department to issue DOD Directive 1404.10, establishing a one million person civilian army, under his control. Simultaneously, Obama launched The new web site deceptively masquerades as a federal agency but in reality, is a recruiting tool, building a separate, completely private army, outside of government that takes orders directly from Obama's controllers. Barack Obama has refused to rescind Presidential Decision Directive 51, signed by George W. Bush. The directive plainly states: The President is a dictator and that Congress is ceremonial.

My question is, what the hell does it matter if he did establish a civilian army? You'd think he'd use the 1.5 million people currently on active duty and the nearly 900,000 on reserve[439]. DOD Directive 1404.10 covers establishing a work force for a varity of uses, as the document says "provide essential capabilities and, where appropriate for civilians to do so, support mission requirements such as combat, contingencies, emergency operations; humanitarian and civic assistance activities; disaster relief; restoration of order; drug interdiction; and stability operations of the Department of Defense."[440]

A web site encouraging people to work in their communities, for the Red Cross and in the Peace Corps is to create a personal army? Well, I guess they'll be as well trained as Alex Jones' cadre of fanatics.

The president is a dictator? I thought he was a puppet.

Congress is ceremonial? Then why do people like Ron Paul matter at all? How did congress block things, as Alex Jones said previously in the film?

National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive #51 occurs when "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions." It basically states that when the incident happens, "Enduring Constitutional Government" will be created comprising "a cooperative effort among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government, coordinated by the President."[441]

The last time a presidential directives were initiated was on September 11th[442].

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