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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 5

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page five of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

So I know how unpopular it is to be seen as helping banks right now, especially when everyone is suffering in part from their bad decisions. I promise you, I get it.

[Webster Tarpley]
Up until about the Kennedy assassination and the beginning of the war in Viet Nam, the United States is a very powerful engine for world progress. It's the assassinations, the Kennedy assassination, and the others in the 1960s, the beginning of the Viet Nam War, and the beginning of the absolute domination of the Wall Street group over every other interest. Nobody else counts except the Wall Street money masters. That has now made the United States into, uh, no longer a force for progress but something very different, often a force for destruction of the whole world.

When he says "other assassinations" I have a feeling he's referring to Robert Kennedy, not Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr, or anyone else, just rich, white guys. Since when was the Kennedy family immune from money? Maybe Webster Tarpley forgot that the conflict in Viet Nam started under the Kennedy administration. While initially Kennedy opposed entrance, by early 1963 there were 16,000 American troops in Viet Nam[45][46].

[Gerald Celente]
The military industrial complex has taken over the country along with the Wall Street gang.

The idea that America was a "military-industrial complex" and full of wall street gangs existed prior to the 1960s and the Kennedy Administration, in fact even President Dwight Eisenhower said it in his farewell speech[47]. In fact, Eisenhower gave the term popularity, and originally was going to say "military-industrial-congressional complex", but at the last moment removed "congressional" as to not offend any other branch of government[48].

[Webster Tarpley]
If you look also at the people that Obama has put on his appointments list, it's all Wall Street, it's government of Wall Street, by Wall Street and for Wall Street. There's nobody from heavy industry. There's nobody from the auto sector, nobody from Silicon Valley, nobody from big oil, nobody from defense, no labor, no women, no retirees, no small business, nothing. It's pure Wall Street. The only people who have a voice in Obama's councils are Wall Street finance oligarchs. That's all there is. Nobody else counts for anything under Obama. It's the most extreme Wall Street administration we've ever had.

Is he sure about that? 


Let's look at Obama's cabinet and what each individual did prior to being appointed:

Name Office Past Sources
Joe Biden Vice President Lawyer: Public defender; also tried corporate law and criminal law; managed properties; City council (1970 to 1972); US Senate (seven terms 1973 - 2008). [49][50][51][52]
Steven Chu Secretary of Energy Postdoctoral researcher at Berkeley; Bell Labs (laser studies); Professor of Physics at Stanford; Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; earned Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997 [53][54][55]
Hillary Clinton Secretary of State Lawyer; Attorney for Children's Defense Fund; Member of impeachment inquiry staff for Watergate (ironic); Teacher at School of Law at University of Arkansas; Patent infringement and intellectual property lawyer; pro-bono cases with children; co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families; board of Legal Services Corporation; Rural health Advisory Committee; Investments in Cattle Futures (1978 and 1979); Chair of Arkansas Educational Standards Committee; New World Foundation; Board member of TCBY, Wal-Mart Stores, and Lafarge; First Lady [56][57][58][59]
Shaun Donovan Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing at HUD; FHA commissioner; Commissioner of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development [67][68]
Arne Duncan Secretary of Education Professional Basketball Player; Directory of Ariel Education Initiative; Deputy Chief of Staff for Chicago Public Schools CEO; CEO of Chicago Public Schools [69][70][71][72]
Rahm Emanuel Chief of Staff Arby's burger flipper; Illinois Public Action (public interest group); Fundraising staffer for various Illinois and national campaigns; Campaign director for Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (1988); Finance committee for Bill Clinton's presidential campaign; Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy (Clinton); Investment banker at Wasserstein Perella; Director for Freddie Mac; US House of Representatives for 5th District of Illinois; Financial Services Committee; Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman [73][74][75][76]
Robert Gates Secretary of Defense Business manager for William and Mary Review (literature and art magazine); Recruited by CIA in 1966; US Air Force 1967 - 1969; National Security Council; Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; Deputy National Security Adviser; Interim Dean of the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University; Board of trustees of Fidelity Investments; Board of Directors of: NACCO Industries, Inc., Brinker International, Inc., Parker Drilling Company, Science Applications International Corporation, and VoteHere; Council on Foreign Relations (Relations with Iran); Secretary of Defense under George W Bush [80][81][82][83]
Timothy Geithner Secretary of Treasury Kissinger and Associates; International Affairs division of the U.S. Treasury Department; Attaché at the US Embassy in Tokyo; Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs; Council on Foreign Relations (Policy Development and Review Department); International Monetary Fund; President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Group of Thirty [87][88][89][90]
Eric Holder Attorney General Lawyer; Public Integrity Section of US Justice Department; Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia; US Attorney for the District of Columbia; The George Washington University's Board of Trustees; Deputy Attorney General; Temporary Attorney General under President George W. Bush; Attorney at Covington & Burling; Senior legal advisor to Barack Obama during his presidential campaign [91][92][93][94]
Lisa Jackson Administrator of the EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency (DC); United States Environmental Protection Agency (NY); New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Chief of staff to the Governor of New Jersey [96][97]
James L. Jones National Security Advisor Marine Corps; Institute for 21st Century Energy; Atlantic Council; Project on National Security Reform; The Boeing Company; Cross Match Technologies; Chevron Corporation [97b][97c][97d]
Ron Kirk United States Trade Representative Lawyer; Attorney at Law; Office of Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen; Secretary of State of Texas under Governor Ann Richards; Mayor of Dallas, Texas; Attorney with Vinson and Elkins [98][99]
Ray LaHood Secretary of Transportation School Teacher; Director of the Rock Island County Youth Services Bureau; Aide to Representatives Tom Railsback and Robert Michel; Illinois House of Representatives [100][101]
Gary Locke Secretary of Commerce Lawyer; Washington House of Representatives; Attorney at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP; Co-chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign [102][103]
Janet Napolitano Secretary of Homeland Security Lawyer; Law Clerk for Judge Mary M. Schroeder of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit; Law firm Lewis and Roca; United States Attorney for the District of Arizona; Governor of Arizona [104][105][106]
Peter Orszag Director of the Office of Management and Budget Member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science; Deputy Director of Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution; Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy; Senior Economist and Senior Adviser on the Council of Economic Advisers; Sebago Associates; Consultant for McKinsey and Company; Director of the Congressional Budget Office [107][108]
Susan Rice Ambassador to the United Nations Foreign policy aide to Michael Dukakis during his presidential campaign; Management consultant at McKinsey & Company; National Security Council; Director for International Organizations and Peacekeeping; Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs; Managing director and principal at Intellibridge [109][110][111]
Ken Salazar Secretary of the Interior Lawyer; Attorney at law; Chief legal counsel to Colorado Governor Roy Romer; Director of Colorado Department of Natural Resources; Attorney General; US Senate (CO) [112]
Kathleen Sebelius Secretary of Health and Human Services Insurance Executive; Kansas Trial Lawyers Association; Kansas House of Representatives; Insurance Commissioner; Kansas Governor [113]
Eric Shinseki Secretary of Veterans Affairs Military Service (Army - Four Star General); Army Chief of Staff [114]
Hilda Solis Secretary of Labor White House Office of Hispanic Affairs; Office of Management and Budget; Director of the California Student Opportunity and Access Program; Whittier Union High School District; Board of Trustees of the Rio Hondo Community College District; Commissioner to the Los Angeles County Commission on Insurance; Chief of Staff for State Senator Art Torres; California State Legislature; House of Representatives [115][116][117]
Tom Vilsack Secretary of Agriculture Lawyer; Board of Directors of Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Learning; Mayor of Mount Pleasant, Iowa; Iowa State Senate; Governor of Iowa [121][122]


Now his "czars", which are non-cabinet members that do various tasks.

Name Office Past Sources
Herbert M. Allison TARP czar Navy; President and CEO of Fannie Mae; Merrill Lynch; National Finance Chair for John McCain's first campaign; CEO of the Alliance for Lifelong Learning, Inc; Advisory council for Time Warner Inc., Yale School of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Director of the New York Stock Exchange [123][124][125]
Alan Bersin Border czar Lawyer; Border Representative for Attorney General's Southwest; Superintendent of Public Education in San Diego City Schools; Education Secretary of California [126][127][128]
Dennis C. Blair Intelligence czar Navy; White House Fellow; Director of the Joint Staff; Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support; Board of directors of EDO Corporation [129][130]
Ron Bloom Car czar Civil Servant; President of the United Steel Workers; United States Department of the Treasury [131]
John O. Brennan Terrorism czar CIA; CEO of The Analysis Corporation; Chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance; National Counterterrorism Center [132][133]
Carol Browner Energy czar or Climate czar Lawyer; General Counsel for the Florida House of Representatives Committee on Government Operations; Associate director for the Citizen Action; Chief legislative assistant to Senator Lawton Chiles from Florida; Legal counsel for the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources; Legislative Director for Senator Al Gore; Secretary of Environmental Regulation; Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Environmental Protection Agency; Albright Group; Albright Capital Management; Audubon Society; Advisory board of the Obama-Biden Transition Project [134][135][136]
Adolfo Carrión, Jr. Urban czar New York City Department of City Planning; District Manager for Community Board 5, Bronx, New York; Vice President of Human Services and Community Outreach at Promesa; Chairman of the Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade; Borough President of the Bronx; New York City Council; National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials; County Executives of America; Chair of the Volunteer Leadership Team of the New York Blood Center [143][144][145]
Nancy-Ann DeParle Health care czar Director of Accredo Health Inc., Boston Scientific, Cerner Corp., DaVita, Guidant, Medco Health Solutions, Speciality Laboratories, and Triad Hospitals; Managing Director of CCMP Capital; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Commissioner on the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission; Bass, Berry & Sims [150][151]
Earl E. Devaney Stimulus accountability czar Police officer; Secret Service; Director of Criminal Enforcement for the EPA [152][153]
Joshua DuBois Faith-based czar Pentecostal minister; Aide to Representative Rush D. Holt, Jr.; Fellow in the office of Representative Charles B. Rangel [154][155][156]
Kenneth Feinberg Compensation czar or Pay czar Lawyer; Administrative Assistant and Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy; Prosecutor for the US Attorney General; The Feinberg Group; Kaye Scholer LLP; Lecturer of law at various Universities [158][159][160]
Daniel Fried Guantanamo Base closure czar Foreign Service; Economic Bureau of the State Department; Consulate General in Leningrad; Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs; Special Assistant to the President; Senior Director for European and Eurasian Affairs at the National Security Council; Principal Deputy Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for the New Independent States; Political Officer in the US Embassy in Belgrade; Office of Soviet Affairs; Polish Desk Officer; Political Counselor in the US Embassy in Warsaw; Director and then as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Central and Eastern Europe [161][162][163]
Melissa Hathaway Cyber czar (pending) Senior Advisor to the Director of National Intelligence; Director of the Joint Interagency Cyber Task Force; Evidence Based Research [166][167][168]
John Holdren Science czar Teresa and John Heinz Professor of Environmental Policy; Director of the Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program at the School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; Director of the Woods Hole Research Center; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Association for the Advancement of Science [171]
Van Jones Green-jobs czar Lawyer; Bay Area PoliceWatch; The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights; The Oakland Green Jobs Corps; 1Sky; The National Apollo Alliance; Social Venture Networ; Rainforest Action Network; Bioneers; Julia "Butterfly" Hill's Circle of Life organization; Free Press [172][173][174]
Gil Kerlikowske Drug czar Army; Police; Board chair of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids [176][177][178]
Vivek Kundra Infotech czar CTO for the District of Columbia; Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia; Director of Infrastructure Technology for Arlington County, Virginia; University of Maryland [179][180][181]
Douglas Lute War czar Army; Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan; Teacher of Social Sciences; Deputy National Security Advisor; Joint Staff in the Directorate for Strategic Plans and Policy; Executive assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;  [182][183]
Steve Rattner Car czar (out of office) Morgan Stanley; Private investor [184][185]
Gary Samore Weapons of mass destruction czar
Nonproliferation czar
Arms Control Negotiator under Clinton; Council on Foreign Relations [186]
Cass Sunstein Regulatory czar Lawyer; Law clerk for Mass. Justice Benjamin Kaplan; Law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall; Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department; University of Chicago Law School; Columbia Law School [187][188][189]

The claim that Obama's administration is "all Wall Street" is hardly true.  

Only 3 out of 22 in his cabinet have experience in the Wall Street-Corporate world: Hillary Clinton (made $100,000 with cattle futures)[61]; Rahm Emanuel (Investment Banker at Wasserstein Perella)[77]; and Robert Gates (Board of Trustees of Fidelity Investments)[84]. I believe the Hillary Clinton one is barely technical, considering her involvement was via another entity and not directly with Wall Street and she did not do it for very long at all.

As for "czars" 3 out of 21 have experience in the Wall Street-Corporate World: Herbert M. Allison (Director of the New York Stock Exchange) [124]; Nancy-Ann DeParle (Managing Director of CCMP Capital) [150]; Steve Rattner, who is no longer in office (Morgan Stanley; Private investor) [184][185].

Furthermore, the claim that none have any experience with heavy industry is also incorrect. Hillary Clinton was a board member for Lafarge[65].

According to Webster Tarpley, 6 out of 43 people is "pure Wall Street." 

So much for "no women" as well; there are a total of 9 women in his cabinet and in his "czars".

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