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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 8

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page eight of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

[Alex Jones]
In June of 2006 our team traveled to Ottawa, Canada to gather intelligence on the shadow government's agenda for the coming years.

[Alex Jones]
I think that's the queen!

[Alex Jones]
Investigative journalist and best selling author Daniel Estulin had been tracking the Bilderberg Group for more than 16 years. His moles inside Bilderberg informed him that the elite were planning to first run the price of gas up to $150 a barrel, unimaginable in 2006. He also reported that after suckering the middle class back into the stock market, the group was going to implode the sub prime mortgage market and destroy public confidence.

Apparently this interview wasn't important enough to include in Endgame, but it was in Endgame 1.5.

[Daniel Estulin, Investigative Journalist]
Well one of the things, that, you know, we're getting from this morning's, this afternoon's conference this morning's conference, was the uh, the uh, the energy crisis, the price of oil. This, the afternoon conference, which started about 4 o'clock, 4:00 or 4:30. They were talking about, uh, one of the American delegates I-I wasn't told who exactly it was, was talking about the, uh, the concern that the American citizens have had with the, you know, with the housing prices going down. So they're not investing that money. So what they needed to do is they needed to create the illusion that everything is going well. So what they're going to do over the next year, year and a half, is to bring the market back up to 1998, 1999 levels. They're gonna get all the suckers to invest whatever little money they have left over, and that's when they're going to make the economy's bottom drop out. They need to destroy the economy because, as we're running out of oil, when people don't travel, at least that's what they're saying. When people don't travel, when people don't have money they don't travel, they don't spend any money, which means you don't waste a lot of oil and natural gas. That's the afternoon's conversation...

Warnings of the housing and credit bubble originate as early as 2002 when the White House issued a report about it, and in 2003 warning about the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, saying that the impending crisis could spread beyond the housing sector[219]. Even Alan Greenspan as spoke early on about the crisis and attempts to avoid it as early as 2002[219b]. As the bubble was peaking in 2005 - 2006 there were countless warnings of the market crashing, especially the housing market[220][221]. This interview with Daniel Estulin is undated, but because it was in Endgame 1.5, and not the first film, I assume it was filmed probably when the first Endgame was, which was probably in mid 2006, well after many warnings, even from President Bush[222], had been issued. He predicted absolutely nothing at all; anyone who kept up with economic journals, news releases, and so forth could have said the exact same thing and probably actually more detailed.

[Alex Jones]
How did this source, I mean just ballpark me, so how does he have this source, is it...

[Daniel Estulin]
Well actually two people who are members of the Bilderberg club...

[Alex Jones]
It's actual members?

[Daniel Estulin]
They are members of the Bilderberg club for years and years and years have been going, participating in all their conversations. They've always been around, always. And last year they said the oil prices are gonna go up to $150, by the time it was 39. It went up to 76, basically doubled, if it doubles again it's gonna be back to where these people say it is going.

As for the energy, oil and natural gas prices, these too have been in sight decline at least 2003, and in fact in late 2008 the prices dropped again; I'm not sure how Daniel can account for that though[223][224][225]. The price peaked in September, 2008 at $130, but dropped down to $120.92 shortly after[226]. I guess even the Bilderbergers can't get it right. Frankly, the entire notion that they're making oil more expensive because they don't want people to travel and thus not use gas is absurd, considering prices are now back down, as I showed above.

[Alex Jones]
If they attack Iran it will hit 150.

[Alex Jones]
Year after year, Estulin and other reporters like Jim Tucker are able to report on future events with stunning accuracy, all because they know the agenda of the Bilderberg Group. 

They didn't report anything with "stunning accuracy." In fact, Alex Jones says, "He also reported that after suckering the middle class back into the stock market, the group was going to implode the sub prime mortgage market and destroy public confidence," which is not what Estulin says. He states that people (doesn't say middle class) will invest because they think everything is going well (even though when this movie was being made, many people saw the opposite) and he never says "implode the sub prime mortgage market", he simply says that they're going to "make the economy's bottom drop out", which happens about every decade and any prediction of such would come true. That is, if many other people didn't already predict it up to 5 years before Estulin said any of this. Plus Estulin also says that they're going to make the market go up to 98-99 levels "in the next year, year and a half", which would have been mid to late 2007, even into 2008, well after the market was already crashing. Again, I guess even the Bilderbergers can't get it right.

[Alex Jones]
The Bilderberg Group sits at the top of the world power structure. 125 of the richest and most influential individuals on the globe make up its membership. From Istanbul, Turkey to Chantilly, Virginia, we have tracked the elusive Bilderberg Group. 

Bilderberg always insist on a media blackout. By June of 2008 we already figured out that Barack Obama was the elite's puppet of choice. The national media claimed that during the weekend the Bilderberg Group was scheduled to meet, that Obama had speaking engagements set for Chicago and the Midwest. We knew better. In a classic bait and switch, the Obama campaign told the press corpse to get on Obama's campaign plane and that Obama would join them on the flight to Chicago. Campaign staff then slammed the door shut. The fawning press had been shanghaied as Obama's campaign aircraft lifted off without Obama.

Interestingly enough in Endgame, released in October, 2007 Jim Tucker and Alex Jones both talk about how Texas Governor Rick Perry was potentially going to be president. It's important to note that Perry didn't even run, but rather backed Rudy Giuliani, then John McCain[227][228]. If Alex Jones knew Obama was going to be president, he sure didn't tell anyone else.

I'm not so sure Alex Jones' investigative work is all that great. Considering he claims "by June of 2008 we had already figured out that Barack Obama was the elite's puppet of choice." Let's consider that Obama announced he was running in February of 2007, and on June 4th, 2008 he was announced as presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. This is hardly evidence of anything, other than Alex Jones can read[228b].

What does Jones mean by "we knew better"? Was he on that play with the press corps? Somehow I doubt it, and even if he was, he apparently did not "know better" enough to avoid getting on the plane.

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