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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 28

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page twenty-eight of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

[Alex Jones]
Number four: Massive restrictions on the First Amendment guarantee of free speech. The President, Congress and the FCC, have announced plans to not only curtail speech on talk radio and newspapers, but to also regulate speech on the Internet, through the Orwellian named Fairness Doctrine. The Obama machine is also pressuring Congress to pass draconian hate speech laws that will eviscerate the First Amendment.

Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the FCC that was originally introduced in 1949, but was abolished in 1987. It was basically a policy that required equal time for opposing political discussions[455] and had absolutely nothing to do with the Internet, ever. There have been several bills since 2007 to completely ban the FCC from ever implementing the fairness doctrine again but all of failed to make it to the floor of either house of congress for voting. S-34/HR-226 has been introduced to ban any future attempts at creating a fairness doctrine[456][457]. By all accounts, Obama has no intention of reimposing the doctrine[458].

The "hate speech" rumor has been made up by the religious right. It's related to hate crime legislation being expanded to include a victim's perceived or actual gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability[462]. Some idiots believe that this means, once beating a gay person to death in the street becomes a hate crime, they can no longer speak out against gay marriage, sodomy, and so forth because then they'll go to jail. This is obviously not true, as one can easily find examples of Neo-Nazis talk about race mixing and things like that, yet they don't go to prison for it. It's a hate crime to beat up a black guy, but it's not a hate crime to say "I hate niggers", so why would this be any different? It's because the religious right has a tremendous victim complex and so does Alex Jones, that's why it's draconian to him.

Number five: They plan to further federalize healthcare so that the government can dictate what kind of care citizens receive. Modeled after the British system, this includes  rationing care and restricting what procedures the handicapped and elderly are eligible for.

This is simple hysteria. I imagine a decent amount of Alex Jones followers have no health insurance at all. Further, the British system does not ration health care (usually it doesn't, sometimes it does) and restrict people (except with dentistry), nor is Britain the model, Steven Hawking is a good example that the National Health Service in Britain isn't complete garbage - Germany has a far better national health care system.

With 50,000,000 people without health care, you'd think someone like Alex Jones who cares about the people would be in favor for it, but instead he'd rather people just die. Anyone who says "have a government bureaucrat between you and your health care" obviously hasn't given the thought of a "corporate bureaucrat" being between them and their health care, and rejecting their coverage as a pre-existing condition as soon as they get very sick. 

The proposed health care legislation does not contain anything like what Alex Jones is saying, it's conservative hysteria. Let's say for example public schooling did not exist and there was going to be legislation passed to do it. Well, you'd have the same people saying "do you want a government bureaucrat between your kid and his or her learning?" And there'd be all kinds of talk about cost, and so on. In fact, however, many libertarians hate the idea of public schools - and think we should go back to a time when there wasn't public school and most people were illiterate - that's not how they say it, but it's true.

What does it matter anyway if Obama's health plan isn't actually going to pass?[462b]

This is a hot button issue, and I don't want to touch on it too much. If you're interested in learning more, read about Health care reform, Medical bankruptcies, and about being uninsured in the United States.

Number six: Obama is already pushing to expand the Department of Defense budget and to station more US troops overseas to encircle Russia, China, Iran; as well as setting up bases in Africa, under the pretext of humanitarian aid, and dominate and occupy Africa through AFRICOM.

There's no encircling of Russia, as I explained towards the beginning of this film. He adds China and Iran because it's more dramatic, but he has absolutely no evidence at all for that. AFRICOM does not setup bases in Africa at all. Established in October 2007 (under President Bush)[461], the US Air Force component of AFRICOM is based out of Sembach Air Base in Germany[459].  The US Army and US Navy components of AFRICOM are out of Italy[460]. The purpose of AFRICOM is to help promote safety for the US foreign policy and US allies in Africa.

[Alex Jones]
So we're taking your phone calls, seeing what you think of Barack H. Obama. Is he a Judas goat, is he a front man, is he a betrayer? Let's go to Anthony in Georgia. Anthony, what's your take on Barack Obama?

Uh, they put the face of Barack Obama as part of their public relations because it's like the old folk tales about vampires. A vampire cannot force his way into somebody's house. It's against some kind of metaphysical law. So, the vampire has to persuade the resident of the household to open the door and invite him in. So, they're gonna look at the people, at Barack Obama, which looks like them and appears to be on their side. They're gonna say, "Okay, here's my ally, let me open the door and let me let, uh, this person in." And then, Barack Obama, who's just, of course, a front man for the American Empire, where he's gonna have the entire US Navy, the entire US Army, and the entire US Marines, under AFRICOM Command. And, of course, he's gonna turn it into a new Iraq and he's gonna turn it into a new Afghanistan. Everything, every operation that you see going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, is going to propagate to the poor countries of Africa. And, it's a shame.

So, Obama could only do what he wants if he was voted? But he's a puppet, so he's not really doing anything anyway. And the entire military is going to be under AFRICOM command even though there's not going to be any bases there?

Jones says that our leaders are already picked for us so what does an election mean at all in this? Not a damn thing. 

Campaigning and trying to appeal to people != vampirism.

[Alex Jones]
Well sir, sir, I agree with you. Sir, I agree with you. They're looking to the people, they see a handsome, smiling African face. You know, he's all, "Hey, I'm from Kenya." And then, it's a total bait-and-switch. But it's the same thing here in the United States, where they would get sellout, uh, Native American chiefs to sell out their people. This is the oldest trick in the book.

Alex Jones loves to promote Andrew Jackson, who also committed all kinds of horrendous acts against Native Americans, including ethnic clensing[463], the Indian Removal Act signed into law by Andrew Jackson himself[464], and then there's the ever popular Trail of Tears[465], and breaking countless treaties with the natives as well, but at least he got rid of that central bank! What a saint!


[Alex Jones]
And he can also pacify the most downtrodden, minority groups in the United States. So he's saying, "Hey, get ready for sacrifice. Get ready to lose your standard of living." They're like, "Yay, I love Obama." They could never get away with this with a John McCain.

I'm not sure which speech he's referring to, my guess would be the one about tightening our belts during this economic period, which everyone has to do - it honestly doesn't sound like a terrible idea.

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