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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 20

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page twenty of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

[Alex Jones]
Instead of our economy being about goods and services and real products and manufacturing, it's all about these guys, the private Federal Reserve that masquerades as a government entity, who controls the issuance of currency and credit. They're the ones that have cut off the liquidity in the market. They told us to have a debt-based economy, then they cut it off, once they get us under their thumb and implode the economy so they can consolidate it. That's what they're doing right now. I mean, it-it's in their own documents. It's in their own statements. They claim, "Give us unlimited power. Give us trillions of dollars of the banker bailout bill." That's already five trillion dollars, not $850 billion as they say. And, and, "We'll get the economy going." But they're hoarding the money and buying up other banks that aren't part of the Federal Reserve, buying up insurance companies, buying up roads, infrastructures, media empires, defense contractors. What the banks do is they implode an economy by cutting off, uh, credit and then once things really fall to a low, and they know the low because then they buy everything up, and start then putting more money back into the economy, and then they build it back up. So they build us up and then shear us, build us up and shear us, and they're getting ready... all over the world they're always shearing some country, imploding it. Comes out in their own IMF and World Bank documents. That's just the foreign arm of the same cartel.

And he has absolutely no evidence of any of those. I'm not sure why he's talking about manufacturing and services. The reasons for the lowering of that are completely independent from the Federal Reserve, as up until the 1970s and 1980s the US still had a very large industries. It just became cheaper to ship them overseas. He's always talking about "in documents" but he almost never shows them and when he does, he almost always misrepresents everything and sees it how he wants. You can find examples of this in this movie as well as other movies on my site.

This rally was held just over a month (November, 2008) [264c] after the first bailout bill was passed under Bush[264b] - the money had barely began circulating and already to Jones $700 billion has morphed into 5 trillion with absolutely no documentation anywhere to say this - unless one counts Prison Planet as proof of anything.

[Webster Tarpley]
And these are the people who claim to be the saviors of the economy, the people who have created every important crisis in the past hundred years, the Federal Reserve. So, it's illegal, it's unconstitutional, and it's a failure. And I think the failure is what everybody can see right now.

How does Tarpley account for crises before the Federal Reserve? Did the Federal Reserve build a time machine and go screw up the economy in the past as well? Or is this all a part of the business cycle and inevitable in the exploitation machine that is capitalism? I often see people cite the Federal Reserve as unconstitutional, but fail to show how that is - it apparently, just is.

[Alex Jones]
Yeah, what they do is, they make you think Clinton's evil in running things. Then, oh, Bush'll save us, and then, oh, Bush was evil. Now, we'll be saved by Barack Obama. But he's just a puppet. But as we get deeper into this phase, when they implode the economy, they have all the money and all the control, and then, but they also like to pose as the savior. So, Obama is meant to be the savior during the depression and he'll save us with a million person, he said as big or bigger than our military, domestic spy force. A three million person environmental spy force. So giving people these jobs to be government bureaucrats and spies to go out and manage, uh, the other, 290 something million Americans. And so this is classical fascism. The Communist also do it. Any vertically-integrated, command-and-control authoritarian system does this.

These issues were addressed at the beginning of this movie and here Alex Jones is simply saying things like the Peace Corps and programs for civil defense and so forth that have existed for many, many decades are now a part of this fascist, communist regime out to destroy us all; yet before it wasn't important to mention, only now that Obama talks about it.

So, they're openly following what the same group of banks did in Germany, Russia. You know, it's in the Communist Manifesto to have a private central bank, because the private central bankers actually wrote the ideas that they had Marx and Engels put out. People go, "Well, why would the banks want communism?" It doesn't exist. They rape us. They consolidate us. They put us into work brigades. They make us slaves. And they say, "It's a people's paradise! Look at it! Boy, you're really doing good!" And then, they transfer all the wealth of the nation offshore. The globalists are outside all the nations.

Central Banking has existed for over 400 years, and only up until the time of the Federal Reserve has it been a part of a vast conspiracy. The Communist Manifesto actually says that a central bank should be nationalized, interestingly both Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley say they want it to be nationalized above[365], so it seems Jones and Tarpley want exactly what the Communist Manifesto says.

The idea that central bankers wrote the ideas in the Communist Manifesto is so unbelievably stupid I cannot communicate with words what I'm thinking.

My question is, if Russia and such were a part of this big NWO system then why did the USSR collapse? Why didn't communism spread globally? It would have worked much better in their favor that way, instead they just break things and make possible winners fail just for the hell of it. It seems as though they are purposely wanting their evil plan to fail.

That gives them safety, and they play countries off against each other. And so that's what we're facing and dealing with. And so they're bringing in classical hardcore tyranny in the US. But we have the Internet. We've grown our numbers. The alternative media's exploded. That's why they're trying to move in to shut down and regulate and tax the web. But it's too late for them. They're, they're playing in the 19th century, 20th century rules. It's the 21st century, this, the century of resistance to tyranny. And so it's gonna be one hell of a fight, with the people and free humanity on one side and the New World Order on the other.

15 years down for Alex Jones and nothing to show for it other than more people downloading his movies and lining his pockets. What piece of legislation has Alex Jones stopped? What constitutional amendment? What anything?

And every one of you out there counts, needs to be involved in this fight like nothing you've been involved with before, because this is life and death. Everything depends on exposing these people. Everything depends on showing the people that this is the New World Order, this is the criminals. We're dealing with the king rats here, the people that are carrying out tyranny worldwide. And, either they fall or we fall. Either worldwide darkness and a new age of tyranny and oppression with a scientific overlay, or a new age of liberty and freedom and a new renaissance.

I sure can't wait to return to the heroic capitalist paradise of the 19th century where paleoconservative politics reigned and decentralized banking caused the economy to crash every few years.

"With a scientific overlay"? Boy, that statement just reeks of anti-intellectualism.

Well, I guess it's possible, the renaissance really flourished under the oppressive boot of anti-intellectualist crazies, paranoid about everyone around them.

The choice, the choice is the people's out there. Okay, we can tell you what's going on. You can check out for yourself and find out it's true. But don't wait. Investigate now. Get involved now. Go out there and reach out now. We don't have time. If you're looking for the solution, look in the mirror. Look right into the mirror because you out there men, women, old, young, black, white, it doesn't matter. It's going to be up to you if they win or if liberty succeeds and the people have a chance of having any future. These are cold-blooded eugenicists. These are cold-blooded people who think they're God, think that they're our masters, that think that we're animals. These are the guys that funded Lenin and Stalin, and Hitler and Mao. These are the guys; it's all on record, that bankroll this stuff. They are hardcore vicious, and they must be resisted.

But again, where's the evidence?

It always seemed to me that he says things about investigating for yourself as a cover, to make himself sound open to ideas that disagree with his, but we all know that's absolutely not true. I mean, really, he might as well be saying, "Investigate [my other movies] now."

[Webster Tarpley]
Up until about the Kennedy assassination and the beginning of the war in Viet Nam, the United States is a very powerful engine for world progress. It's the assassinations, the Kennedy assassination and the others in the 1960s, the beginning of the Viet Nam War, and the beginning of the absolute domination of the Wall Street group over every other interest. Nobody else counts except the Wall Street money masters. That has now made the United States into, no longer a force for progress, but something very different; often a force for destruction in the world. That doesn't need to remain that way. The interest of the American people is to fight, take your government back from Wall Street, and make the United States a force for progress in the world, which we easily could do if we could just break the power of the people behind Obama.

This is from the beginning of the movie with a little bit added on the end; here's what I said:

When he says "other assassinations", I have a feeling he's referring to Robert Kennedy, not Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr, or anyone else, just rich, white guys. Since when was the Kennedy family immune from money? Maybe Webster Tarpley forgot that the conflict in Viet Nam started under the Kennedy administration. While initially Kennedy opposed entrance, by early 1963 there were 16,000 American troops in Viet Nam[45][46].

[George Humphrey]
The main banks of Europe, which were started by Adam Weishaupt and, and Rothschild, the Banque Nationale de Paris, The Bank of England, The Bank of Italy, have all financed the messianic and, and war leaders of the last 200 years. Napoleon. Lenin. Stalin. They backed Adolf Hitler. They backed Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And they are backing, right now, Barack Obama.

Adam Weishaupt was the founder of a fraternity called the Order of the Illuminati[366], so I can understand the desire for conspiracy theorists to want to connect him to central banks, but he had nothing to do with any of them. He was just a lawyer[367].

The Banque Nationale de Paris was founded in 1869[368], 33 years after Nathan Mayer Rothschild was dead[369], and the founders were actually Adrien Delahante, Henri Cernuschi, and Edmond Joubert[368]. The Bank of England was founded in 1694 by act of Parliament, 83 years before Nathan Mayer Rothschild was even born[370]. The Bank of Italy was founded by the merger of 4 banks in 1893, 57 years after Nathan Mayer Rothschild had died[371]. There's absolutely no evidence of any Freemason or "war leader" involvement with any of these banks. 

Napoleon got extremely lucky and overthrew French Directory in November 1799 because the British had left the area. Sort of an ironic situation because the English believed him to be a little threat due to his constant losing[372].

Lenin did not receive funding from any of the above banks. There's some evidence to say he did get a small amount money to return to Russia from the Germans; they believed that Lenin could further impair national unity in Russia by stirring things up in the working class sectors of society[373]. Lenin came from a well off family and steadily received money up until the revolution from property his family owned[374][375].

Stalin didn't need to get money from anywhere after the revolution (before it he robbed banks and such for money), he was already a powerful official in the USSR. By appointing his friends to positions lower then him, they slowly rose through the ranks and he was able to garner their support during his bid for power[376].

Hitler was voted for, simple as that[377]. A lot of his initial support came from conservatives who were afraid of communist and liberal influence in Germany (sound familiar?)[378].

I'm not sure how the banks backed FDR and Obama, is it because they knew people involved in banking? Did banks pay for all of their campaigning?

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