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Alex Jones - The Obama Deception - Page 18

Author: Edward L Winston
Added: August 18th, 2009

This is page eighteen of my discussion on the Alex Jones film The Obama Deception. If you were linked here by mistake, please refer to page one of this article, which contains the introduction.

Obama said that he had signed an executive order capping the CEO salaries of those who had taken the bailout money. There was just two problems: All the major banks and brokerage firms were exempt, and the new order only dealt with any future bailouts, and those were to be on the honor system.

 This was not an executive order, but new rules based on the bailout plan of 2008, enforced by the President and Secretary of the Treasury[348].

[Barack Obama]
What gets people upset, and rightfully so, are executives being rewarded for failure.

[News anchor]
AIG, Bank of America, and CitiGroup, which have received billions in bailout money don't fall under this plan. Only banks negotiating future agreements with the government will be restricted. But this appears to be built on an honor system, and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had a hard time explaining how enforcement would work.

[Robert Gibbs]
Well, let, let, let me get... I-I will get clarification from Treasury on that.

When has a politician ever known how any plan would work?

All joking aside, the banks above have received threats of firings and some have been fired - or in some cases received heavy taxes on their bonuses, that goes for: AIG[348b-d], Bank of America[348e-f], and CitiGroup[348g].

[Webster Tarpley]
Generally speaking, this is already the biggest liar and the biggest disappointment that we've seen in recent history. And again, qualitatively beyond the rather low standard set by Bush the Elder and Clinton, in terms of delivering on promises.

I don't know if Webster Tarpley should be calling other people liars, considering almost every sentence he's said since the beginning of the movie has had at least one lie in it, not to mention the lies he puts in his various other media, saying things like robots were used to bomb London during World War II.

[Alex Jones]
Bottom line: Obama is a fantastic actor and an even better liar. His track record is clear. He has done the opposite of everything he told the people he would do.

Well all politicians are great liars, but his track record isn't that clear, at least not the one Alex Jones presents.

[Gerald Celente]
They'll make up one lie after another. And if you believe these people, knock yourself out. I don't believe a word they say.

I'm thinking the same thing while watching this.

[Alex Jones]
Within one month of the passage of the first banker bailout bill, the press reported that over five trillion dollars had just disappeared out of the US Treasury. By December, the amount of money that had been stolen had reached $8.5 trillion. The leadership of both political parties circled the wagons and would not discuss where the money had gone.

It's important to note, due to context, that the bailout bill was passed in October 2008, before Obama was in office[349]. These numbers come from how much money the bailout has reached (at the time they researched this, I imagine). The money hasn't disappeared, and in fact as of writing this, 10 banks have already began to pay back their stimulus money[350].

Why would the "corporate owned media" as he calls them in this very film report the missing funds? Could it be because nothing was actually missing/stolen?

[Alex Jones and his cadre of fanatics]
End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed!

[Alex Jones]
Informed Americans protested the private Federal Reserve System at all 38 of their regional governorship offices.

[Alex Jones]
Arrest Bernacke [sic] and Paulson! Arrest all the criminals that stole the banker bailout money!


And the entire system came crashing down due to the overwhelming influence of Alex Jones!

[Alex Jones]
It was refreshing to see people standing up against the real power structure, not being distracted by the elite's front men like George W. Bush and Barack Obama. We traveled to Dallas, Texas, to cover "We, the people," taking on the real enemy.

[Alex Jones]
Hey, I want to talk to the workers up there on the parapet, the ones smoking cigarettes that just jumped back. You-You're with the American people, we know that. But understand; ask the workers inside, you're not in a federal government building. You're in a private Federal Reserve that uses that name as a fraud. That'd be like if my first name was Federal Reserve Jones. I'm still not the Federal Government. I'm not a federal agency. But, if I said my name was Federal Reserve, I could go out and pay off politicians and get them to allow me to get into power so I could issue the currency and credit and then I could buy up the world. That's what these criminals have done!

 This is an incredibly stupid and childish way of looking at it; you can read more about the Federal Reserve in my NWO section.

[Webster Tarpley]
A lot of people think that the Federal Reserve is already part of the government. They're not. It's controlled by cliques of unelected, unaccountable bankers meeting in secret. Most of these people have never even been through the formality of a Senate hearing or a Senate confirmation. They claim that they're part of the US government. They masquerade as if they were part of the US government. But in reality, this is a purely private operation. Jackals, hyenas, raptors, all of them loyal, not to the American people, but to the Wall Street banks, which is where most of them come from.

That's also completely incorrect. The Federal Reserve is a public bank, with individuals appointed by congress (keep in mind we have a republic) and the president, and while the business is public, the assets are private. They do go through senate confirmations and are limited to 4 year terms[351].

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