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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 0 - 99

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 0 through 99. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[0] FDR0: An introduction to Freedomain Radio
Length: 15:25
0:00: Stef says he is on 187 doing podcast 0.
10:00: Stef says he has a graduated degree in history.
[1] FDR1 The Stateless Society - An Examination of Alternative
Length: 26:44
26:00: Stef says his website is
[2] FDR2 Caging the Devils: The Stateless Society and Violent Crime
Length: 19:37
19:00: Stef gives his email and blog oit. email
[3] FDR3. These Cages are Only for Beasts
Length: 9:06
0:00: Stef reads a article published on
[4] FDR4. Loving the State: Leviathan and Optimism
Length: 7:28
7:00: Stef wants to support state power so it can hurry up and implode.
[5] FDR5. Forget about self-defense...
Length: 33:56
2:00: Stef mentions his family. Stef mentions his father leaving at an early age. His mother and brother both physically abusive. Stef says he never raised a hand in selfdefense.
3:00: Stef says he was 8 when his mom hit him.
4:00: Stef says he has never hung out with violent people. Stef says he never fought anybody. Stef says he sees no need for self defense. Stef says his mother was clever enough to recognized that the UK was turning into a communistic hell so she moved to canada. Stef says he does not like his mom.
5:00: Stef says he elbowed his friend accidentally. Stef says he felt bad for accidental violence which made him cry.
6:00: Stef says he was bullied continually. Stef says he grew up in a bad neighborhood. Stef says his family was violent, his friends were fistacuff kinf of guys. Stef says his childhood friends were emotionally violent. Stef says he does not know anybody who's been in a fight besides his family.
7:00: Stef says he never needed self defence.
8:00: Stef says he's never seen self defense in action. Stef says he's not sure self defence is the way to go.
9:00: Stef says self defense does not work.
18:00: Stef says his mom was clever enough to see england was turning socialist therefore she fled to canada in 1977.
23:00: Stef says he was managed when he was 11 by another kid for his lunch money. Stef says he's never been in a fight and does not know anybody who's been in a fight.
24:00: Stef says he grew up in a bad neighborhood with a bad family. Stef says cops do not like to use violence.
25:00: Stef says soldiers are sociopaths.
27:00: Stef says he works out. Stef says he does not care for self defence.
28:00: Stef says self defence is indefensible. Stef says you can live your whole life with no violence.
[6] FDR6. Morality Is Not Easy - Surviving the Cynics
Length: 37:37
0:00: Stef says these podcasts are a little different than the prepared articles.
7:00: Stef says freedom movement has failed.
8:00: Stef says the world runs on morality and not economic efficiency which is why this world is so bad.
20:00: Stef says his wife tells him about her patients and how they forgive their family which stef disagrees with. Stef says he has been a libertarian for over 20 years. Stef says over 5 or 6 years ago he's been really living his beliefs.
22:00: Stef says he was in business with his brother and another person. Stef says he stopped seeing his family. Stef says he broke up with his then girlfriend who he'd been seeing for 7 years and living with for 2. Stef says he has now 2 friends and his wife.
23:00: Stef says he is willing to listen to people who correct him.
27:00: Stef says the same thing that has happened to him has happened to his wife as well. Stef says his wife does not see her parents, her sister, or her extended family. Stef says all of her friends have rejected her.
[7] FDR7 The Argument From Morality (or, how we will win!)
Length: 21:11
0:00: Stef reads article from
[9] FDR9. Understanding the Stock Market: Speculation versus Investment
Length: 33:50
Note: Stefan goes into depth as to why the stock market is bad.
0:00: Stef says he had a demo at work.
1:00: Stef says he escaped stock market corruption.
2:00: Stef says he and his brother and a friend in 1995 started a business together. Stef says the company grew to 4 million in revenue then we sold the company in 2000 and it was sold again in 2001. Stef says his company is a environmental software company. Stef says he sold the company in 2000 to expand in the U.S..
3:00: Stef says the company that bought us sold us to another company.
4:00: Stef says the stock of the company shot up then crashed. Stef says he owned escrow stock in the company when it crashed.
5:00: Stef says it was a tough time. Stef says during this time the management ceased to exists. No decisions were being made.
7:00: Stef says we were partly bought because we were a green company. Stef says all the managers stopped managing and were doing pump and dumps.
8:00: Stef says stock price screws up a company.
10:00: Stef says if you are a CEO and tell the truth the board will kick them out because it lowers the stock price and you will never be hired anywhere else as a CEO. This is why business are corrupt.
11:00: Stef says he has spent 10 years in upper IT management.
32:00: Stef says there is nothing wrong with the stock market at all.
[10] FDR10. Putting a man on the moon - the initial successes of state programs
Length: 35:07
4:00: Stef says look at old films in america. The americans were thin now their fat.
8:00: Stef says he use to listen to Harry Brown. Stef then recites a harry Brown thought on NASA which are thoughts against NASA.
11:00: Stef says him and his wife wrote a book together based on her experience within the mental health field in the public sector. Stef says the book is having trouble getting a publisher.
15:00: Stef says he did not take advice from a psychologist however he did go to a therapist.
16:00: Stef says he was 38 before he met anybody who could teach him anything in business.
34:00: Stef says he's speaking at a conference.
[11] FDR11. Nagging the State
Length: 29:57
2:00: Stf says you use to think writing to your politician will do something but not so much anymore.
11:00: Stef says like the state his wife said this is a simular between a relationship with our parents.
29:00: Stef says he has to sign out because housekeeping is here.
[12] FDR12: The Imbalance of Power
Length: Time 25:38
0:00: Stef says he is at the washington convention center.
5:00: Stef says he was a smoker for a time. Stef says when he is older he wants to take a lot of drugs.
25:00: Stef says he has to start getting ready for his presentation.
[13] FDR13: Proof, Disproof and Deities
Length: 53:43
0:00: Stef says he is in washington D.C. in a food court.
2:00: Stef says it does not matter if a religion is good or not it matters if it's true.
25:00: Stef says he wrote a poem called "The wood" and begins to recite the poem.
33:00: Stef says a cult cut their testicles off to join a comet.
[14] FDR14. The State and God - Part 1
Length: 43:12
0:00: Stef says he drove to kings ville to do a presentation and washington to do a conference.
15:00: Stef says there is no such thing as canada/U.S.
[15] 0015-Liberty_and_Religion_Part_2
8:00: Stef says he was religious when he was younger and went to boarding school. Stef says he went to church pretty regularly when he was younger.
17:00: Stef says he's been talking about this to people for 20-25 years.
19:00: Stef says he is into sports but does not like to watch them.
22:00: Stef says socrates and aristotle are good and plato is mentally corrupt.
28:00: Stef says he remembers being a student at Glendin university which is a campus on York university.
47:00: Stef says christians actively promote Stefan's death, Stefan's murder. Stef says these people would have nowhere to hide for their beliefs.
[16] FDR16. Dealing with Non-Libertarians Part 1
Length: 32:15
0:00: Stef says he's going into work but thought he would not have to thinking there would be a snow day.
1:00: Stef says liberty is not a destination like the free state project.
2:00: Stef says he does not think he will see the end of the state at his lifetime and he's 39 years old.
3:00: Stef says he has studied mostly history of philosophy at a graduate level but not liberty.
11:00: Stef says watch the kennedy and Nixon debate if you think presidential debates have changed in 30 to 40 years.
18:00: Stef says if someone gave me a fix income he'd do more podcasts and not work. Stef says he likes his job but it's not his calling in life. Stef says his job is something to do for work while doing something else.
22:00: Stef says companies have expense accounts because if you give them a blank check people tend to spend more.
31:00: Stef says he had a roommate at Mcgill who is a biologist.
[17] FDR17. Dealing with Non-Libertarians Part 2
Length: 39:11
12:00: Stef says as they say in the army "grow a pair!!!".
13:00: Stef says keeping quiet at a turkey dinner is hell. Stef says draw your sword.Setf says go big or go home.
14:00: Stef says it will cost you to speak your mind like losing friends. Stef says he started his course 7-8 years ago. Stef says he broke up with his girlfriend whom he'd been going out with for 7 years. Stef says he broke up with his brother who we were in business for 7 years. Stef says he broke up with his friends who he has known for 20 years or would stop seeing them.
15:00: Stef says he stopped backing down to people who insulted his beliefs. Stef says he lost friends in 12 minutes.
16:00: Stef says he kept one friend out of all of that who is brilliant guy who is named John who was way ahead of me for a time.
17:00: Stef says his wife has defooed or been defooed by family, friends, etc... Stef says his wife was thrown out.
18:00: Stef talks about his mother in law and what she said to his wife when the wife offered her advice. The mother in law was offended.
21:00: Stef says the mother in law could not say you're wrong etc... Stef says the mother in law froze us out. She's a destructive human being.
23:00: Stef says the next time we met the mother in law she gave 3 criticisms about the wife and the wife said she did not like the criticisms the mother in law gave.
25:00: Stef says in a couple more meetings his wife and her parents do not meet anymore.
26:00: Stef says he broke up with his girlfriend. Stef says he no longer sees his brother been 6 years now. Stef says he could not see his nieces thought he wanted to but Stef's brother turned them against him. Stef says he does not see his mom or his father. Stef says his mom is a crazy evil woman. Stef says he does not see his father. Stef says his dad left his family when he was 6 months old. Stef says his dad is persistent and sense him insane ramblings on metaphysics.
27:00: Stef says he broke up with his long term girlfriend.
28:00: Stef says if they insult his issues then lets rumble because that's what they want.
29:00: Stef says you will listen to his beliefs and stop mocking him.
30:00: Stef says do not let ad-homs fly.
31:00: Stef says go to the wall with this in a good clean fight.
33:00: Stef says fun and games stop because you hit on something hard. Stop and talk later and if they hit you hard again then hit them hard.
[18] FDR18. Health Care Part 1
Length: 48:36
15:00: Stef says he's never been sick but got some stitches. Stef says he's 39 and he works out at the gym 4 times a week.
27:00: Stef says a friend of his fathers is a wonderful man died because of a misdiagnosis. Stef says this happens in socialized medicine.
30:00: Stef says his mom is on disability for 2 decades now.
[19] FDR19. Voodoo Economists
Length: 33:17
15:00: Stef says modern economists are horrible to get the message about the free market out.
16:00: Stef says he left academia and did not get his PHD because it would do nothing. Stef says he's not afraid to do battle he has nothing to lose.
24:00: Stef says he took 2 years off to write 4 novels during the tech boom.
26:00: Stef says he knew a woman who owned a psychological clinics and proceeds to talk in detail about how her clinic operates.
[20] FDR20: The State and Sports
Length: 44:24
0:00: Stef says he grew up in england and in africa with his father. Stef says he's been into sports. Stef says he's weight lifted, cricket, etc...
1:00: Stef says he grew up in a project in england. Stef says where he grew up was not bad.
3:00: Stef says he grew up on a little street called hermitage road near crystal palace near crown point. Stef says his soccer team was the crystal palace. Stef says some kid said west ham rules and crystal palace drools.
5:00: Stef says soccer team crystal palace is full of jamaicans.
12:00: Stef says as a student he rented a room for a month. Stef says you can get by in toronto by $800.00 a month.
16:00: Stef says his high school is in Dons Mill ontario. Tef says crystal palace soccer team when he was a kid sucked they could not even pass the ball.
18:00: Stef says in 1981 he was 14 and working. Stef says to his mom he does not understand this recession and his mom said well that's because she still has her job. Stef says he was working in a hardware store making $2.50 an hour.
35:00: Stef says he has that do or die mentality in sports.
37:00: Stef says people who are into sports teams are highly patriotic. Stef says he's not making this stuff up, it's based on very solid evidence. Stef says he based his thoughts on people he knows and go from there.
[21] FDR21. They hate us because we're good (Part 1)
Length: 31:58
2:00: Stef says his wife would call people sick and they would call us sick. Stef says we have no contact with the family of origin, which stef says his wife calls the family of origin the foo or what he calls it the ABC the accidental biological cage.
3:00: Stef says there was a reunion at his company to whom him and his brother attended.
4:00: Stef says he's not seen or spoken to his mom in 7 or 8 years.
5:00: Stef says he was abused by 1 person who was his mom.
18:00: Stef says the military is a murder machine.
19:00 - 20:00: Stef says if she knew the military was about murder then she would of did what any sane person would of did and drug your kid take him to canada chain him to a bed and get him deprogrammed and make sure he never goes back to america. You would do this for 2 reasons 1 you don't want him to dies and 2 you don't want him to become a murder a devourer of human souls.
26:00: Stef talks about 9/11 then proceeds to say "I just wish that, well I'll get to that another day."
[22] FDR22. They hate us because we're good (Part 2)
Length: 1:01:53
11:00: Stef says osama bin laden is a CIA operative.
15:00: Stef says osama bin laden was created and funded by the U.S. government.
16:00: Stef says if they catch osama bin laden then it's over that's why the government is in no hurry.
32:00: Stef says his brothers world is say no mean yes and yes means no. Do you want me to hurt you?
34:00: Stef says he hated the really pretty people because he wanted to be pretty.
35:00: Stef says he resented people who had money. Stef says he wanted to go to Russia but could not afford it as a kid. Stef says he resented people with a good singing voice.
37:00: Stef says he makes corrupt people feel uncomfortable.
38:00: Stef says he stopped associating with corrupt people.
39:00: Stef says he values his wife, friends, boss opinions.
40:00: Stef says someone who is better than him he is curious about.
42:00: Stef says he should forgive his family? Why? Stop repeating things without thinking.
43:00: Stef says he hates morale pomponius.
45:00: Stef says he hates Marines who preach honor and integrity.
52:00: Stef says cultures do not like to deal with other cultures.
55:00: Stef says he hates pompous people. Stef says he told him that he did not like his wife. Stef explains to his friend what will happen if they divorce his wife.
57:00: Stef says his friend told his wife that stef thought she was a bitch. Stef says he did not talk to the guy anymore. Stef says he was embarrassed that his friend told his wife.
[23] FDR23. Health Care Part 2 - A 'right' to heath care?
Length: 38:42
0:00: Stef says he was chatting with his wife about a dream she had and they both were analysing her dream to see what it means.
1:00: Stef says he is closing a $340,000 deal at work.
24:00: Stef says he came up with DRO's which in absence of the state how social problems are handled.
[24] FDR24. Health Care Part 3 - A 'right' to heath care?
Length: 39:22
9:00: Stef says he does not require a doctor to dose himself.
12:00: Stef says it's a socialistic venus fly trap.
13:00: Stef says he went over executive insurance for his company.
17:00: Stef says he's always been slightly obsessed with working out..
22:00: Stef says he is picking up his wife's gift.
24:00: Stef says he lost his hair at 17 years of age.
25:00: Stef says his family is horrible. Stef says his mom was institutionalized and his brother is a saddists. Stef says his dad is a wretched specimen of a human being. Stef says we had no money. Stef says his mom was institutionalized. Stef says in england we got eviction notices.
26:00: Stef says he was 14 or 15 when this was happening.
28:00: Stef says he uses the company compute to record his podcasts.
32:00: Stef says there is no such thing as fairness and begins to recite a poem.
37:00: Stef says he is at a mall shopping for his wife's gift.
[25] FDR25. Validating the Senses
Length: 39:34
33:00: Stef says scientists are bureaucrats.
[26] FDR26. The Drug Wars Part 1
Length: 37:05
0:00: Stef says he's going to work at 8:00 am in the morning. Stef says he woke up too early so he's going to work.
1:00: Stef says he does a lot of software demo's as part of his job.
3:00: Stef says he does not think people should be overweight.
4:00: Stef says he likes to hear gossip.
8:00: Stef says smoking is not really that bad for you.
35:00: Stef says he's been to many government offices.
36:00: Stef says he's been at his work parking lot for several minutes podcast recording.
[27] FDR27. The Drug Wars Part 2
Length: 39:34
0:00: Stef says he closed a $95,000.000 deal.
9:00: Stef says he could report the company to BBB (better business bureau).
35:00: Stef says he's been working since he was 11. Stef says his first jobs sucked. Stef says he did not get a real job until his late 20's. Stef says he worked at a bookstore.
[28] FDR28: The Economics of Spirituality
Length: 38:07
5:00: Stef says he first read the fountain at 16.
15:00: Stef says him and his wife did a podcast about problems within their family. Stef says he may release the podcast later.
26:00: Stef says no one gives back to the community that statement sounds like you stole something.
32:00: Stef says up until 6 or 7 years ago he use to have lunch with his mom and if he did not his brother would get mad at him.
33:00: Stef says he sat and listen to his mom saying she is going to get her vengeance on the world. Stef says his brother would manipulate him to see his mom.
35:00: Stef says his brother tried to convince stef to see his mom by saying that if you don't see your mom then you're running away from your problems.
37:00: Stef says some excellent christmas cheer.
[29] FDR29. Ten Questions To Ask Religious Friends
Length: 1:11:45
Note: Stef reads crazy things within the christian bible.
13:00: Stef says he views christians as like KKK members.
49:00: Stef says he does these podcasts for free.
71:00: Stef says he may have made a decent preacher.
[30] FDR30. Why State Violence Always Grows
Length: 51:40
0:00: Stef says he goes to sleep listening to his own podcasts.
4:00: Stef says a guy said cultures like to stay with each other. Stef says academia is worthless.
5:00: Stef explains how much time it took to get a thesis advisor to look at his master thesis.
7:00: Stef says he decided to ditch getting a phd to go into the private sector.
12:00: Stef says farmers think they should be treated differently from the rest of society.
17:00: (editor's note Stef is rubbing something. Stef annoying slurps and sips his coffee throughout the podcast.).
[31] The Billion dollar proposition
Length: 51:41
10:00: Stef says his family is worse than most. Stef says his brother said our mom is doing the best she could.
11:00: Stef says his mom is evil but stef says his mom hypothetically if given 1 million dollars to not beat us for 2 days she would of been able to withhold beating us for 2 days to get the 2 million dollars.
12:00: Stef says his question to his brother is she never hit us in public therefore our mom was able to control herself.
14:00: Stef says people like his dad did not know the abuse his mom was doing to her kids.
15:00: Stef says his mom would yell at her kids then be perfectly normal when the phone rang in case it was her boyfriend.
20:00: Stef says he has a girlfriend who claimed she was a psychic.
26:00: Stef says there is a difference between not knowing something and knowing something and doing it anyways. Stef says in the 1950's we can forgive people who smoked and did not know versus in the 90's smoking and actively deny yourself information to find out if it's bad or good for you because they choose not to.
49:00: Stef says he believes in universal absolutes.
51:00: Stef says people with false absolutes will get you killed.
[32] Liberty under the lash
Length: 1:08:43
1:00: Stef says he broke from his friends, relatives 5-6 years ago. Stef says then 6 months ago he lost more friends when he turned into a anarchists. Stef says he's been working as a anarchists for 1 ½ years. Stef says as a kid he was a socialist, then a friend told him to read the fountainhead, and atlas shrug. Stef says he went to a few conferences.
2:00: Stef says he got into Nathanial Branden, then Hayek, and Mises.
3:00: Stef says he got into Rothbard.
4:00: Stef says his wife has been a supported in his journey and we have did a podcast together at which he'll snip up and post later today.
5:00: Stef says people have not been able to follow him in his journey.
9:00: Stef says he would argue with teachers and professors throughout his school. Stef says he took a course on the rise of capitalism in college argues with the professor btu what did it get me I got a C+ or B- in the class.
10:00: Stef says he came top ten debater on a canadian debate team.
13:00: Stef says he will not make a better website as
17:00: Stef says he is 39.
22:00: Stef says his boss is Russian.
26:00: Stef says the collapse will happen within 10 - 20 years and when t does it will collapse.
40:00: Stef says he was engaged to a woman and broke it off because we could not agree on things. She would not define responsibility and he would had to break it off.
41:00: Stef says another woman he dated wanted a old fashion style marriage which stef did not like.
42:00: Stef says he is not a spender. Stef says he grew up poor. Stef says his mom was institutionalized while his brother was living in england at the time. Stef says he was 12-13 years old doing odd jobs. Stef says he did not know how he did it.
44:00: Stef says his wife kept saying to get new clothes for his new job. Stef resisted but eventually gave in.
45:00: Stef says his wife is a cognitive psychologist. Stef says early in our marriage his wife would hurt him by saying something stef thought was negative to him.
46:00: Stef says it does not matter if his wife did not hurt him intentionally it matters that she hurt me.
50:00: Stef says you have relatives in your life who do not agree with you then ditch them.
54:00: Stef says his brother would say "o, stef you're getting defensive.". Stef says that's when he stopped seeing his brother.
53:00: Stef says socrates is his christ.
61:00: Stef says he uses the scientific method in his arguments and in his life.
65:00: Stef says he will take off the gloves if someone is aggressive towards him.
67:00: Stef says academics/religious people just say things to keep their jobs but thet don't believe in what they say.
[33] Arguments against morality
Length: 1:00:29
0:00: Stef says his wife is seeing patients at his house.
16:00: Stef says softer sciences have physics envy.
38:00: Stef says he has a masters degree mostly in the history of philosophy.
[34] Moral Responsibility and Social security
Length: 57:09
0:00: Stef says he turned 40 in 2006
6:00: Stef says he was beaten as a child.
11:00: Stef says why did he turn into dr phil?
13:00: Stef says people will email me saying they had a wonderful time in sunday school. Stef says let me tell you, you did not have a wonderful time in sunday school.
14:00: Stef says he was 19. Stef says he lived in england till 11 and we were not that poor in england. Stef says his mom was a secretary in england then moved to canada when Margaret Thatcher got voted in.
15:00: Stef says then when we moved to canada stef says his mom had a mental break down. Stef says we had no money throughout his teenage years. Stef says we got jobs and struggled through. Stef says at 18 he took a job as a gold panner, claim staking at which he read the bible at this time. Stef says why did he read the bible? Because he wanted to know a belief he was criticizing more.
16:00: Stef says his wife believed in a higher power when we first married. Sadly the higher power was not me. Stef says he knows the bible somewhat well.
19:00: Stef says christians are responsible for looking at opposing positions of their beliefs because the information is so easily accessible out there.
24:00: Stef says people who support communism are evil because the information out there suggests it does not work.
30:00: Stef says it took him 20 years to arrive at this point.
43:00: Stef says as a movement we suck we are abysmal failure.
45:00: Stef says you have to call family members corrupt.
[35] Race and the state (Part 1)
Length: 56:56
7:00: Stef says his wife and he would see her parents every few weeks even though we really did not want to see them.
11:00: Stef says his mom beat him up when he was a kid however when Stef grew bigger she stopped hitting him. Stef says he never hit his mom but if he did she would of called the police.
15:00: Stef says he had lunch with his mom every week, gave her money because he thought that's what a good son would do.
17:00: Stef says he has been accused of lorded over those who are of lesser intelligence. Stef says intelligence is an unjust benefit you kind of have to pay back. Stef says he was jealous of rich people.
34:00: Stef says he has had 10 years of crap jobs before he got a good one.
35:00: Stef says his first job was when he was 11 working for a book store then. Stef says he was a waiter, temp, then his computer skills got good he worked at a bank as a computer programmer. Then stef says he was 27 or 28 he started his own company. Stef says there is a long channel before you get the good jobs.
[36] Race and the state (Part 2)
Length: 45:38
12:00: Stef says when he graduated with his masters one of the things that kept him from getting a phd was during his time there was a big drive to treat minorities fairly which pissed him off.
25:00: Stef says people who have facial piercings have low self esteem and so far he's been right.
27:00: Stef talks about IQ.
30:00: Stef says he prefers economics and philosophy.
32:00: Stef says he took a course in race relations in university.
35:00: Stef says when they report a crime at a club you assume a black guy did it and it's usually the case. They should say a black guy did it.
39:00: Stef says black community leaders ignore black statistics.
[38] The death cult of narnia
Length: 28:50
0:00: Stef says he was on vacation.
14:00: Stef says a friend is a overweight bachelor saying he has got to date a supermodel is fantasy.
15:00: Stef says he has a pan european accent.
20:00: Stef says he disagrees with specialness.
[39] the_economics_of_conformity
Length: 38:28
0:00: Stef says he's heading to the gym and his wife is seeing a patient at our house.
33:00: Stef says he and his wife agree on a fundamental levels.
36:00: Stef says he survived by getting along with everybody even if they disagreed with him fundamentally and that was a good strategy as he would of never of met his wife however he does not need to do that now.
[40] fleeing_eden
Length: 33:43
0:00: Stef says his wife had an interesting dream and it's not too important to get to work on time he'll tell you more on that later.
2:00: Stef says he was put into boarding school at 6 and his mom had a secretary job so he had some money growing up.
3:00: Stef says his dad went to boarding school and therefore him and his brother went as well. Stef says he as a kid always went to church.
5:00: Stef says he read Luthor in graduate school.
25:00: Stef says he was not raised rationally. Stef says no one is raised rationally. Stef says his parents are evil.
[41] 0041-power_or_virtue_a_love_story
Length: 46:21
0:00: Stef sings
17:00: Stef says his mom beat him as a kid till Stef stopped her when he was bigger.
18:00: Stef says his wife's parents would withdraw from a conversation if they disagreed with her.
19:00: Stef says his mom yelled at my brother in public instead of being beat because his brother did not like to get yelled at in public. Stef says his wife's parents would withdraw yet when his wife stopped talking to them they got upset. Stef says what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
26:00: Stef says he likes nice things.
28:00: Stef says it was the lord who put him in a crazy family...
[42] Unions - Or types of clubs
Length: 32:22
7:00: Stef says he got all his janitorial experience from scrubs.
9:00: Stef says he took off from the work force for 1 ½ years and came back and took a pay cut of 25% and was a CTO at his last job.
11:00: Stef says he's run a company.
14:00: Stef says scabs or replacement labor.
[43] Unions_Part_2
Length: 34:59
3:00: Stef says capitalists can exploit the workers hence unions start.
18:00: Stef says he had no training or took a course in computer programming.
22:00: Stef says he did not have much in common with the people he was working with in manual labor type of job.
27:00: Stef says there is a reason he can do these podcasts because he's not in academics.
31:00: Stef says someone he knew was required by a union to get an electrician to come in to plug in his calculator. Stef says the guy sat around all day waiting for a electrician.
[44] knowledge_and_moral_responsibility
Length: 39:04
25:00: stef says he does not like to wear pants.
32:00: Stef says 3 ½ years ago he thought waar was a good thing. Stef says 2 years ago he thought there was a roll for the state 6 months ago he did not know if christianity was good for kids or not.
33:00: Stef says he had lunch with his mom for years because he was afraid of his brother's disapproval.
35:00: Stef says he talked to a student who was a christian and worked at his job. Stef talked with the student and blew his mind to the extent that he quit school and left his job.
[45] Rando drives through tangent city
Length: 30:22
0:00: Stef says he likes skiing and his wife hates the cold. Stef says he has a skylight in the bathroom.
2:00: Stef says his wife said we don't see family and not many friends here. Stef says him and his wife are thinking of moving to the U.S.
4:00: Stef says we are thinking of immigrating to the states.
5:00: Stef says he went to the national theater school for 2 years and Mcgill university to finish his history degree. Stef says he started his english lit degree then he started acting. Stef says he applied at the national theater school and got in. Stef says he went to the national theater school for a variety of reason and found he did not like it.
6:00: Stef says the art in national theater school was horrible gutter art. Stef says the art world was not for me and the art world is horribly subsidized.
7:00: Stef says there is not a lot of rejection in the art world.
9:00: Stef says he was in china for 3 weeks in 2000 for business.
10:00: Stef says him and his wife wrote a novel together called "Public Lives" about someone working in the mental health field in the public sector. ( (editor's note based on his wife's time in the public sector in the mental health field.).
22:00: Stef says he has an aversion to chocolate.
23:00: Stef says he's not been hit on by another woman since he's been married and it's because he's so happily married.
32:00: Stef says this podcast is nothing but tangents.
[46] voting
Length: 36:27
0:00: Stef sings.
11:00: Stef says when he was younger and now he has no luck manipulating anyone.
12:00: Stef says it struck him at the gym one time lifting pretty heavy weights. Stef says he could take out the prime minister of canada I'm young and vital male.
26:00: Stef says a santor his friend knew was blackmailed to not run in a political race so he dropped out. Stef says he will not reveal who the politician is.
27:00: Stef says he's not short tempered.
[47] Emails of the week!
Length: 23:40
2:00: Stef says he's a big fan of queen. Stef says artists who take drugs go into a enhanced phase of creativity for 10-15 years. So drugs are good that way.
4:00: Stef says he will do heroin when he's very old.
5:00: Stef says his family has mental health issues. Stef says his mom and dad have been institutionalized. Stef says his brother is crazy and sadistic. Stef says their is a strong family history of mental instability. Stef says do to my genetic history I am very wary of drugs.
8:00: Stef says he published on Sted says he did not know there were a lot of relious people on there.
[48] Freedom and the great depression
Length: 51:20
8:00: Stef says he worked in manual labor as a gold panner etc...
23:00: Stef says he made just under $135,000 a year and he was a contractor so he did other side jobs as well. Stef says this was in the 90's in the 2000. Then he took 2 years off to write a novel and came back . Stef says he could only find a job that was around $100,000 job.
[49] Artists_Capitalism_and_Intolerance_Part_1
Length: 31:01
0:00: Stef says he's meeting a engineer to talk about something for london ontario.
1:00: Stef says he has to close a deal with a hospital for sick children. Stef says he's not sure we can promise we we claimed we could.
4:00: Stef says artists do not like the free market.
5:00: Stef says artists do not like the free market because the vast majority get rejected.
6:00: Stef says art should be a hobby. No media outlet would carry him they would be crazy.
7:00: Stef says he produced a film that made it to the hollywood film festival.
9:00: Stef says people who make it in the art world are mostly lucky.
10:00: Stef says the vast majority of people in the art world will not make it. As he realized he was not going to make it as an actor, playwright, and to continue down the path he's miss other opportunities.
12:00: Stef says the art world is highly corrupt. Stef says when you have a lot of artists and only a few jobs there will be corruption.
15:00: Stef says he worked on a union contract as temp for the ministry of education.
16:00: Stef says only just now and he closing deals. Stef says you could get or lose millions of dollars.
28:00: Stef says his dad was pretty mean to his mom and my mom was pretty mean to us.
[50] Artists_Capitalism_and_Intolerance_Part_2
Length: 28:59
0:00: Stef says artists have a bad view of the free market.
3:00: Stef says he was considering getting a phd.
8:00: Stef says he left the software company he founded and took 1 ½ years off to write novels. Stef says his income during that time was nonexistent.
12:00: Stef says he took time off to write books but it was not good from an economic standpoint but a like standpoint.
17:00: Stef says he could not get hired as a waiter because the company knew he would not stick around because he had a master's degree.
22:00: Stef says he knew a guy who was raised in a commune.
[51] 0051-Welfare_And_The_Argument_From_Morality
Length: 0:00
Note: Stef reads a article for
[52] war_part_1
Length: 34:34
0:00: Stef says dec 11 is his 3rd wedding anniversary. Stef says wedding anniversaries is before christmas. Stef says he met his wife on a volleyball team. Stef says he dated his wife for 10 months before we got married.
1:00: Stef says other than business trips though stef says his wife does join him on some since our 2nd date we've never been apart.
15:00: Stef says do not get me wrong he's no fan of germans his mom is a german.
22:00: Stef says his mom was born in 1937 in germany and is jewish. Stef says he is sympathetic for his mom as a child but that does not excuse her for his horrible childhood and the evil woman she became. Stef says his mom was in a orphanages as a kid.
23:00: Stef says his mom spent days searching for water. Stef says his mom last saw her mom in Dresden. Stef says in 1949 there was a airplane raid in Dresden and his grandmother was vaporized. Stef says his uncle on his dad's side had flown a plane to drop the bombs in that disaster. Stef says 2 to 3 people died in that fire bomb.
24:00: Stef says 3 of his closest father's relatives died in WWI. Stef ays in WWII his relatives were wiped out in that war.
25:00: Stef says soldiers are human beings that are paid to murder.
31:00: Stef says his education about the military started 3 years ago when he worked at a company that had done work for the canadian military so it was not that bad but they were sociopathic.
33:00: Stef says the military is paid murders.
[53] 0053-war_part_2
Length: 45:53
0:00: Stef says hi family suffered in war.
1:00: Stef says he is a big fan of passion in communication.
6:00: Stef says he's experienced domestic violence from the hands of his mom and brother.
11:00: Stef says one of his mom's dementia is paranoia.
25:00: Stef says Bill Clinton is getting a hummer therefore people are dying that's ridiculous.
[54] economic_choices_and_911
Length: 28:45
0:00: Stef says the company he worked at is going down like the titanic *Stef giggles.* Stef says he's known it was going down for about 6 months now. Stef says he's sticking around though. Stef says there is enormous value in a company going under. Stef says you can buy the company get its customer base to build a new company. Stef says he's been promoted to CTO of the new titanic.
1:00: Stef says his wife is a vegetarian and lactose intolerant. Stef says he is mostly vegetarian with some meat.
3:00: Stef says he was on his wedding anniversary meal.
4:00: Stef says we had a bad time at the restaurant we 1st met at so we're not going back.
6:00: Stef goes into big 9/11 conspiracy theory rant.
8:00: Stef says he believes that the events of 9/11 are not what was reported by the government.
11:00: Stef recites a 9/11 conspiracy that he believes in.
12:00: Stef says he can go more in depth on 9/11 conspiracy theory he believes in.
14:00: Stef says he's watched a number of conspiracy theory videos on 9/11.
17:00: Stef says 9/11 is under investigation. Stef says he believes the government could kill thousands of it's own people.
20:00: Stef says losing someone in 9/11 you love do to state violence is horrible.
[55] Unnatural Spiritualism
Length: Time; 50:53
1:00: Stef says he finds saduka a living hell to do.
7:00: Stef says he believes in freewill.
22:00: Stef says he went out with a couple of dozen woman before he met his wife.
23:00: Stef says he welcomes you to spend some time around his mom. Stef says he invited you to spend time with him, his brother, wife, and mom.
24:00: Stef says his brother is morally corrupt we are different. Stef says his brother threw "Fountain Head" aside.
33:00: Stef says his mom is evil.
34:00: Stef says if he would've confronted his mom in his early 20s is she beat me she would've said she did.
40:00: Stef says he got a email from his wife's sister where she broke up with her boyfriend. Stef says she should of broke up with her boyfriend long ago.
44:00: Stef says he lived a lie without almost no regret. Stef says he's made errors but he did the best he could with the information he had at the time. Stef says as an entrepreneur he was swallowed up by greed. Stef says he's paid penance like returning money etc..
46:00: Stef says he got a call from his brother where he left a company because they were doing illegal things. Stef says he found out his brother was working 3 years for no pay because he got nothing in writing. Stef says do not do handshake deals with people who tell you to do things that are illegal.
47:00: Stef says his brother should of kicked himself he's going to make the same mistake again.
49:00Stef says he read a book of Buddhism years ago.:
[56] Emails of the week - and free will
Length: 38:24
12:00: Stef says he's talking to a gentleman about 9/11
20:00: Stef says he's never had his wisdom teeth out.
21:00: Stef says his wife makes her patients feel bad before they feel good.
25:00: Stef says it is determined that there can be no free market when the government is in control but that is obvious and does not support determinists cause.
29:00: Stef says he worked largely in sales at his job. Stef says he's a chief information officer.
[57] free_will_part_2
Length: 57:09
Note: stef on free will
4:00: Stef talks about smokers and health.
7:00: Stef talks about a hypothetical of becoming a professor.
14:00: Stef says he's 39 years old.
16:00: Stef says to his boss that his brother has no practical skills in the workplace but lives a lifestyle that consumes a large sum of money. Stef says his brother has become a lawyer or something.
22:00: Stef says as a salesman you put yourself in the shoes of another person and find out what makes them tick.
23:00: Stef says it's important to look good. To look attractive, to be able to move better.
35:00: Stef says his wife does not want to go to the gym.
43:00: Stef says virtue is a way to achieve happiness. Stef says he does not take heroin because it's an addictive and harmful however if there was no negative side affects of heroin he'd consider doing it.
48:00: Stef says you need to make people panic to change like radical shock therapy. Bring short term pain to people from morality.
49:00: Stef says he went to lunch with his mom every weekend. Stef says he hated it thought it was the moral thing to do.
52:00: Stef says when he talked about argument from morality he means showing people the pain like a psychologist does.
[58] poverty_part_1
Length: 34:58
2:00: Stef says there is nothing wrong to be poor.
3:00: Stef says he grew up poor. Stef says he's had more exposure to poverty than most people listening to this.
4:00: Stef says his mom and dad separated when Stef was 6 months old. Stef says his dad is a geologist and moved back to africa. Stef says his dad got his PHD in africa. Stef says being a geologist is like being a lawyer you can't just flip countire. Stef says geology is different in different countries. Stef says his dad's experience in geology is gold mining. Stef says his dad also moved to africa because his mom was threatening to sue his dad. Stef says his mom is irrational and crazy.
5:00: Stef says his mom said that she supported his father while he got his PHD and now he's left her to make a fortune now. Stef says his mom created a story. Stef says life in England was not so bad his mom was a secretary and we lived in a subsidized housing estate. Stef says his apartment was no hole in the wall. It had a great view of London. Stef says we did not have a car etc.. Stef says his mom had a fear that socialism was getting worse so we moved to canada.
6:00: Stef says as a kid we moved to canada for a new start. Stef says we really moved because we had relatives in London and the abuse she committed on me and his brother she feared would be found out so she moved to canada to continue the abuse and have no relatives to fall back on. Stef says no relatives, family, etc.. no one to tell the abuse she was doing to us.
7:00: Stef says by the age of 13 we moved around to six or 7 schools. Stef says his mom flew back to germany for more recreational surgery where as a citizen of germany she could get the surgery done for free. Stef says his brother went to england and stayed with a friend of his grandparents for a summer. Stef says when his mom came back she fell into a great depression. Stef says it was because of all the years she was a bad person.
8:00: Stef says he got jobs working a paper route, a waiter, etc.. To keep us going. Stef says he was on a swim team for one summer. Stef says he could not get $17.00 for the swim team. Stef says the poverty was not the problem.
9:00: Stef says her mom went to a doctor, probably not the best doctor but he got her committed. Stef says he went to visit his mom in the asylum,. Stef says no one asked how her kids were. Stef says they knew everything about him and did nothing.
10:00: Stef says in his teens he had other kids living in the apartment with him to help pay the bills etc.. We were wold kids.
11:00: Stef says his mom left them to meet some guy in Houston that she met in a personal ad. She left stef and his brother $30. Stef says no one asked what was going on with the kids.
12:00: Stef says his mom was suing 3 doctors. Stef says there was a 6 to 7 year period where we were on our own as kids. Stef says his brother came back a couple of years later.
13:00: Stef says he was overworked as a kid.
14:00: Stef says he showed up with the same clothes everyday. Stef says a friends father who is a doctor sat Stef down and told him to use deodorant.
15:00: Stef says he was ridiculously poor in his teens then got a job gold panning and was making some money.
16:00: Stef says he went to school. Stef says he took government loans and he's glad he did take the government loans.
17:00: Stef says he got his masters and paid his own way but when he graduated he was broke. Stef says he got a job at a bank programming. Stef says he never trained to be a programmer. Stef says he then founded his own company.
18:00: Stef says when he got older him and his brother gave his mom a lot of money. Stef says his mom turned her apartment into a trash heap where she studied her lawsuits against her doctors.
19:00: Stef says the money we gave her she gave to lawyers. Stef says the wolf kids he keeps in contact with have similar experience as well with their family.
26:00: Stef says the people who did gold panning with him and other low rent job did were not the noble poor you see in the movies.
30:00: Stef says he accepted poverty in his early to mid 20s because he knew he would make more later on. Stef says he was richer in his 20s then his teens. Stef says his dad left to africa leaving him behind to deal with this crazy lady.
31:00: Stef says his mom had a mental collapse because she was to far gone. Stef says him and his brother gave her money and it did not help his mom at all.
[59] poverty_part_2
Length: 46:03
0:00: Stef says he had the most fascinating meeting he has had in his career but can't say anything about it just yet.
1:00: Stef says he got nothing but fights/headaches from professors at his university. Stef says his credentials did help him in IT.
2:00: Stef says his mom is the undeserving poor.She had a short temper which has made her unhirable. Stef says he gave her money and she would waste it on lawyers on frivolous lawsuits.
8:00: Stef says children are always deserving poor.
9:00: Stef says there are parents who hold their children hostage to get charity.
13:00: Stef says he worked in a daycare when he was younger.
15:00: Stef says his wife in therapy and says she typically asks a person in therapy, "So did he display any of those signs while you were dating?"
19:00: Stef says we should use the government more so it explodes faster.
21:00: Stef says do not enable people with charity.
23:00: Stef says pain is a good thing it helps people to change.
26:00: Stef says he bounced a check one time when he had a lot of money. Stef says he fixed the problem.
27:00: Stef says he borrowed money for 2 months. Stef says he gave a girl money he could not get back for a year.
32:00: Stef says his brother said you should see your mom because she is controlling you by you not seeing her. Stef says this is crazy.
36:00: Stef says giving charity for poor people is bad.
37:00: Stef says he enjoys his job not all of it. Stef says he does coding, presentations, sales, etc.. Stef says he does not love every minute of work.
43:00: Stef says 1965 was when he was born. Stef says he hired 30 people for 8 years when he started his company. Stef says he did more for the poor than charity.
[60] Loving the lefties
Length: 39:42
21:00: Stef says he's been doing this for 20 years.
[61] The fallacy of the left and right
Length: 37:00
Note: left/right explained
0:00: Stef has to do a presentation to a company wanting to buy their company and is going into a job interview.
13:00: Stef says the system will end in 10 years though he guesses this far away just incase he's wrong we will not know till 10 years has past.
[62] Capitalism and profit - common misperceptions.
Length: 34:23
16:00: Stef says he did not start working full time until he was 27 years old. Stef says since high school since 18 to 28 he gave up 10 years of income.
17:00: Stf says he could of made $350,000 in income he gave it up to make more money later. Stef says it took him 5 years to graduate college 1 year as a gold panner, 2 years in theater school, then gathering money for his masters.
18:00: Stef says his life is a dice roll. Stef says he could of graduated when it was a tech bust. Stef says the field you're in could not be needed in the market place.
19:00: Stef says he's 39 and 2nd year of paying off his house mortgage.
23:00: Stef says he chatted with a abercrombie model.
26:00: Stef says he helps people for free even when people turn on him.
28:00: Stef says he does not get off in helping people in charities stef says he likes to help people by starting businesses etc..
29:00: Stef says he helped people through podcasts and being a entrepreneur.
30:00: Stef says he's hired 100's of people and interviewed 100's of people.
[63] War, profit and the state
Length: 22:38
0:00: Stef reads a article he hopes will get on
[64] Roads (part 1)
Length: 34:35
0:00: Stef says he's going into work earlier than normal in the morning.
2:00: Stef says he knew a guy when stef was best man at his wedding whose father was great. Stef says his friends dad is persian. Stef says his family had great discussions at the kitchen table.
3:00: Stef says he was pro british empire when he was a kid.
4:00: Stef says he remembers his mom disagree with him on private hospitals.
7:00: Stef says if he can talk to someone older or younger he choose to talk to someone younger because they are more apt to change their mind.
8:00: Stef says it makes him happy to try to save the world.
20:00: Stef says his wife bought a condo and for a time was able to get to work faster.
21:00: Stef says he pays $150.00 a month on private roads and there is never any slow downs.
[65] Roads (Part 2)
Length: 33:24
0:00: Stef says he's heading to the gym and then he's going to vote.
1:00: Stef says his wife's vote and that's the reason he votes to have something to talk about to her.
2:00: Stef says he votes because canadians say if you don't vote you can not complain.
15:00: Stef says he's moved jobs a couple of times because business went out of business.
16:00: Stef says he worked up north as a teen.
26:00: Stef says in 1991 graduating with a degree it was really hard to get a job.
[66] Evil doing overtime at walmart
Length: 42:35
4:00: Stef says he's been wrong many times and made corrections many times. Stef says he's happy to be corrected.
7:00: Stef says his wife said she had an opinion but did not know why she had a opinion.
12:00: Stef says he worked at a hardware store and had to do inventory. Stef says he was bad at inventory.
17:00: Stef says when he sold his company he stayed on a little while but did not like the new management and quit. Stef says he wanted to quit to take a break from software. Stef says the management were in the process of selling the company to another group. Stef says this new company came on board and offered him $150,000 a year for 3 days of labor.
18:00: Stef says he did not like it they were offering too much money that it did not make sense they would of made bad business deals.
33:00: Stef says people at walmart who do not want to do overtime are no good.
36:00: Stef says there was one salesman at his company that was suppose to do 2 million but did $180,000.
37:00: Stef says he;s been working for 3 months in sales and has sold $900,000 worth.
38:00: Stef says he has learned a lot of the sales process in a year or 2.
[67] property rights
Length: 41:03
26:00: Stef says he's 6ft tall in his analogy.
[68] Helping the poor
Length: 41:30
8:00: Stef says he's made lots of errors in thinking.
15:00: Stef says he has fired people for being mean.
16:00: Stef says people in the public sector can be mean versus the private sector. Stef says him and his wife wrote whole novel on this.
[69] Emails of the week - jan 25 2006
Length: 38:10
12:00: Stef reads a 9/11 article about the fallen buildings and agrees and finds it interesting.
15:00: Stef says the way the planes crashed into the pentagon looks like a expert pilot.
22:00: Stef reads an article that has the word truncated in it.
29:00: Stef says you can't put 75 IQ's on one side and high IQ's on another side.
[70] How to control a human soul
Length: 1:00:11
1:00: Stef jokingly says he kind of wanted to start a cult. Stef says we are going to study how other allow others to think negative about themselves.
3:00: Stef says he is not sane by any means.
6:00: Stef says we live in a 1984 universe intellectually.
20:00: Stef says he is at the dentist and that his dentist s a oriental.
30:00: Stef gives the apple speech.
42:00: Stef says noam chomsky is a crazy lefty.
47:00: Stef says his wife was told greeks are the best. Stef says this is child abuse.
50:00: Stef says your country does not need you FDR needs you!!!
52:00: Stef says the only way he could talk about his wife's parents to his wife and him had to refer to them by their christian names.
[71] Culture how to enslave a human soul
Length: 35:31
1:00: Stef says he was annoyed Einstein for calling his theory "The theory of relativity".
2:00: Stef says he went to boarding school, he went to cub scouts. Stef says he went to church.
15:00: Stef says he knows a lot about greek culture through his wife when greeks say they did this or that it's really bullshit. Stef says he took a class on aristotle in university at 22 years of age.
16:00: Stef says he just came from theater school to this class.
18:00: Stef says a professor marked him down on a paper therefore he is an intellectual bully.
19:00: Stef says he grew up in a british culture.
21:00: Stef says the war was won by the free market in america.
[73] Marriage, homosexuality, and abortion
Length: 34:32
2:00: Stef says he was almost engaged in his 20's. Stef says his parents should of not gotten married
7:00: Stef says he knew a follow actor in his acting school who came out of the closet. Stef says he asked him why he was not attracted to him. Stef says he saw the guy in the producers. Stef says he lived with 4 gays guys and lesbian.
8:00: Stef says his sister in law came over and said the guys made the house look really good she requests his brother become gay. Stef says his sister in law was funny but it was less funny when he found out how corrupt the couple was. Stef says after he broke up with the girlfriend in a long term relationship he lived with another guy in his early 20's. Stef says he choose the nicest place and they happened to be gay.
9:00: Stef says being gay is not a choice. Stef says this is experince with 6 or 8 gay men and 2 lesbians.
11:00: Stef says gay sexuality is crazy.
13:00: Stef says he does not know much about lesbian relationships.
23:00: Stef says a live babe is deader he corrects and says better than abortion.
25:00: Stef says rapists who make babies and babies who will kill the mom if born are the only justification for abortion.
26:00: Stef says if a lady has a alien baby then abortion is ok.
33:00: Stef says christians believe god creates a soul when the sperm wiggles it's way in the egg silly.
[74] Chainsaw surgery: using the state to help the poor
Length: 16:45
0:00: Stef reads an article he wrote about poor people.
[75] The true history of violence (part 1)
Length: 32:21
1:00: Stef says his wife said she knows a person who did welfare and now does not need it anymore therefore that is a success of welfare.
6:00: Stef says his wife is a practicing psychologist.
7:00: Stef talks about a dr phil episode.
10:00: Stef says his family has served in combat.
19:00: Stef says his wife told him how much doctors get away with things. Stef says him and his wife wrote a book about this on her 10 year experience in the public mental health sector.
27:00: Stef says GP's are paid too much.
31:00: Stef says he will talk about his wife's sister's friend who is a success story for getting off welfare. Stef says he will talk more about how he ended up in canada with a abusive mom.
[76] The true history of violence (part 2)
Length: Time:43:51
1:00: Stef says he is an amateur psychologist. Stef says his hostility towards the state is hostility towards his parents is a possibility. Stef says he did not have masculine figures growing up.
2:00: Stef says going to school to school and country to country had no authority in his own life. Stef says he never was exposed to authority figures who were positive.
3:00: Stef says a tough thing he overcome is was is a positive value.
5:00: Stef says his dad abandoned him.
6:00: Stef says when he got power in his late 20s when he founded a business he was kind.
7:00: Stef says he became a manager to help people. Stef says if his hatred of the state is do to his early childhood experience well he does not think so. Stef says if it were the case eehhh so what.
8:00: Stef talks about william molyneux who was good friends with jon locke.
9:00: Stef says his ancestors came over with william the conqueror and fought in the battle of hasting which gave us some title and some lade. Stef says on his mom's side we have a lot of jewish people. Stef says his grandmother is jewish which makes him jewish. Stef says he could care less if he's jewish.
10:00: Stef says being jewish would do nothing for him. Stef says his mom's side of the family full of intellectuals and leftists. Stef says one was history of the unions another wrote a poem that got a national prize. Stef says he got language and rationality from both side of the family. Stef says on his dad's side of the family he would spend summers with aunts and uncles in ireland. Stef says he loved the outdoors. Loved spending time hiking and swimming etc..
11:00: Stef says it's been 30 years since he;s had contact with his relatives. Stef says his great grandfather is not such a bad guy. Stef says his great grandmother on his mom's side lost enormous amounts of relatives in the great war. Stef says apparently he can sue esquire in his name.
12:00: Stef says one thing is true about british culture is they separated the sons from the mom ridiculously early he was sent to boarding school at the age of 6. Stef says the do this to get the kid away from any softening. Maternal influences like that could happen with his mother. Stef says boarding school is like lord of the flies with little ties.
13:00: Stef says lots of my family died. Stes says his great great grandfather was a womanizer and a drunk, and squandered the family fortune.
14:00: Stef says his grandfather sold off all the lands and invested in his children. Stef says his dad grew up with 4 sisters. Stef says his father and sister were well educated with the remaining family fortune and were sent out to the wide world. Stef says his family lived off of state violence not exactly the free market in action.
15:00: Stef says his uncles were bombs pilots in WWII. The bomb a place in german called Dresden that caused a firestorm where his mom's mother died. Stef says his mom was born in 1937 in Berlin. Stef says his mom had a nightmare existence for 10-15 years of her life. Stef says his dad's side it's a warrior race big on military, death, murder. Stef says on his mom's side you have intellectuals more lefty. Stef says his mom's side get the crap bombed out of them in WWII.
16:00: Stef says his mom's side joined the resistance movemt to kill the nazi's. Stef says his mom and dad met in africa. Stef says they probably made a beeline to each other when they 1st met. Stef says his mom and dad are 20 pounds of crazy in a 2 pound bag. Stef says when things went bad in their relationship his mom threaten lawsuits on his dad over and over again. Stef says his dad was out of the company by his moms use of the state power. Stef says his mom wanted alimony and child support his mom was very greedy.
17:00: Stef says his mom was a very beautiful woman so she could sway lots of lawyers to do pro bono work for her. Stef says his mom thought she could get all of this money from his dad. Stef says this would be a lot tougher to do in a stateless society. Stef says his dad is a geologist. Stef says his dad has taught a number of times in universities. Stef says his dad got his geology phd in africa.
18:00: Stef says his dad fled to africa because his om kept hounding him. Stef says the reason we were poor is because since his dad fled to africa he was unable to send money to his mom, brother or me. From africa at least you could not send money to england in the 70's. Stef says assuming it's true you cannot send money from south africa to london. Stef says his mom used the power of the state and because his dad could not find work in london to help us financially we can say the state power helped breakup his family.
19:00: Stef says the brutalities of war did not give his parents the capacity to relate to other humanbeings. Stef says the state power developed his parents personality to a significant degree. Stef says the state power caused his dad to flee and gave access to his mom to the legal system. Stef says his mom when he was 6 months old she should of found another man to take care of the kids.
21:00: Stef says his mom used subsidized housing, subsidized busing, and worked at a legal firm as a secretary because of all of the subsidization she never had to improve herself.
22:00: Stef says his mom had a series of dumb boyfriends. Stef says guys were mostly attracted to his mom's physical beauty.
23:00: Stef says he moved to canada. Stef says we get subsidized housing. Stef says his mom had a mental collapse so she was put into a mental institution. Stef says his mom was put through a battery of tests by the state. Stef says his mom is not a victim she had choices all the way.
25:00: Stef says his mom used state sponsored legal aid to sue these doctors. Stef says his mom had a fantasy that these lawyers were going to get his mom a large sum of money. Stef says he got disability pension in a rent controlled apartment. Free courses, legal ad and disability pensions, and subsidized apartments.
26:00: Stef says because of the subsidization She's not able to face her demons. Stef says his brother and him have no control over he to force her to do anything. Stef says we want to have some control over their behavior. Stef says his mom's suing doctors etc... Stef says if he and his brother were paying her bills she'd be more adapt to listen to us or she would be on the streets.
27:00: Stef says his mom is shielded from reality do to the state power.
30:00: Stef says his family ran by war and state violence which crippled his family. Stef says war and subsidies = mental instability. it's his mom's fault.
40:00: Stef says he looks at his mom as a will less person who's taken care of by the state. Stef says his mom is mentally unstable.
[77] Scratching foreign backs
Length: 36:59
1:00: Stef says his wife's cousin in greece is a activists.
12:00: Stef says he wrote a foreign exchange trading system for RBC Dominion security which is a trading company.
[78] Running to lions for safety
Length: 36:24
17:00: Stef says there was almost no wars in the 19th century but in the 20th century we had many wars.
35:00: Stef says the iran institute seems to be pretty pro israel.
[79] The industrial revolution
Length: 43:26
0:00: Stef says he has to wake up early to give a 3 hour presentation to the BC administers of education.
36:00: Stef says child labor in the 1800's you either have kids working or die.
[80] Advice to the young at heart
Length: 35:44
0:00: Stef says he went a libertarian function when he was younger and they were quite made back 20 years ago libertarians were quite mad.
4:00: Stef says a emailer asks for a successful libertarian society. Stef says you are a successful libertarian society.
6:00: Stef says he does not know people who use violence in their life.
7:00: Stef says he does not know people who use violence in their life who are adults.
9:00: Stef says this is like training for a black belt when talking to people about libertarianism.
10:00: Stef says it's not everybody's fault they are raised in error.
11:00: Stef says nobody knows they are sick.
13:00: Stef says he knows someone who was getting unwanted backrubs in the office.
15:00: Stef says read your plato.
16:00: Stef says be the sensei of communication. Stef says he's not there yet maybe a fraction of the way there.
17:00: Stef does colombo impression.
19:00: Stef says to explain it to him like he's 3 years old.
23:00: Stef says to a salesman to explain your thoughts like I'm a idiot.
26:00: Stef says to call people frauds if they claim to know but don't really know.
28:00: Stef says it took him 20 years to talking to people to see what works when talking about libertarianism.
33:00: Stef says half of his ideas come from his wife. Stef says he is in his late 30's
[82] Public schools (part 1)
Length: 33:33
0:00: Stef says he's going to work at a aristocrat hour.
1:00: Stef's wife says She's not sure when Stef's podcasts are exactly close to being done or not.
9:00: Stef says with his lack of a math brain it takes him decade to grasp the theory of relativity from a mathematical perspective.
11:00: Stef says you can't be a libertarian and religious because you'll end up mucking up everything philosophically.
12:00 -13:00: Stef says if your religious and in the libertarian movement you should get out of the movement or fix your ideas. Stef says he hopes the later is done because religion is a cancer on the soul that destroys rationality.
14:00: Stef says communism is atheistic not do to rationality but because communism does not want competition from religion.
15:00: Stef says he read a book waiting for his wife to come home from work.
18:00: Stef says religion and state are generational cults.
21:00: Stef says his niece had to do a search on the mary Queen of Scots. Stef says the search was a waste of brain cells. Stef says this was a good private school.
23:00: Stef imitates a canadian being nice.
27:00: Stef says he started with Anne Rhan in philosophy. Stef says he really did not exists as far as having a personality before philosophy. Stef says he was a manipulative wind bag with nio virtues.
[83] Public schools (part 2)
Length: 41:06
1:00: Stef says his commute to work is 20-30 minutes a day.
2:00: Stef says he listens to a lot of writing test to speech from
11:00: Stef says in university he took a course on law.
21:00: Stef sings.
22:00: Stef says he does not need a purpose of life he's happy.
23:00: Stef says if you ask for a purpose of life you're not happy.
24:00: Stef says girls are made of sugar and spice and boys are made of puppy dog tails.
26:00: Stef says he tried to reference Anne Rhand in his education and it was no good. Stef says this cold war paper he helped him understand why his mom and brother were fighting.
27:00: Stef goes through what he learned in primary school.
28:00: Stef says teachers are life's losers.
30:00: Stef says a teacher told him "Mr. Molyneux if effort matched ability you would be a A+.". Stef says he could not do homework when his home life was so chaotic.
31:00: Stef says he would get a "A" in english, Bs in history and 50s to 60s in math. Stef says he was never good at math.
32:00: Stef says teachers need to motivate to think. Stef says he's trying to within FDR to motivate people.
34:00: Stef says at the age of 6 he was writing short stories.
35:00: Stef says when he was at university he worked in a class as a teacher's aid for gifted children.
41:00: Stef says your participation in the conversation is just by listening.
[84] Public schools (part 3 - vouchers)
Length: 41:02
16:00: Stef says Harry Brown helped get over my addiction to war.
17:00: Stef says Harry Brown is wrong on getting government smaller.
19:00: Stef says supporting vouchers is chicken crap.
21:00: Stef says if you listen to their podcasts from the start you are now responsible of what is corrosion and what is not.
22:00: Stef says he enjoyed Steve martin the comedian as a kid.
35:00: Stef says in a way schools are a free market you either pay twice or not.
[85] Public schools (part 4 - alternatives)
Length: 31:10
2:00: Stef says when he was younger he coached and when he was older he mentored. Stef says this may be good way to educate people.
4:00: Stef says he;s drawing upon being a day care aid and teachers aid to gifted kids.
22:00: Stef says he married a financial genius.
23:00: Stef goes into detail on what he has done within IT as far as programming. Stef says he has been into programming since he was 11 . Stef says he only took one course in programming which was a punch card course and he failed that course.
24:00: Stef says at the age of 6 he was not good at math.
25:00: Stef says you gotta roll the dice when it comes to education. You could graduate with a degree that's not good in the job market.
26:00: Stef says he's never taken any course in business, management, computer science, sales, marketing, yet he has overseen all these positions.
27:00: Stef says his first job at 11 was at a bookstore, then at a convenience store, then a waiter, then worked at a hardware store, All the jobs above he worked at in his teens.
28:00: Stef says he could of entered the workforce much earlier than he did.
[86] Top ten myths about libertarianism
Length: 45:13
0:00: Stef says he's a libertarian writer and podcaster.
[87] Cultural blindness
Length: 38:46
12:00: Stef says his middle name is Basil.
14:00: Stef says even if you converted into being jewish to the jewish cult you still not a real jew.
19:00: Stef says his wife was in a greek culture and her parents were great for doing this or that.
30:00: Stef says because Noam chomsky was raised in a cult he can't see things externally.
31:00: Stef says the left is good on foreign policy yet bad in external policy.
32:00: Stef says he does not understand how scientists can believe in a religion.
33:00: Stef hypothesised that because Noam Chomsky has been raised in a cult he has a degree of insanity in his brain as to why he supports welfare. Stef says he was not raised in a cult unless being raised by his mom and brother is considered a cult.
37:00: Stef says Noam chomsky is a crazy lefty who's a victim of a cult.
[88] Human beings - good or evil?
Length: 35:24
0:00: Stef says he has seen extreme evil and extreme good.
1:00: Stef says he grew up in a corrupt environment. Stef says he was good child and when he hit puberty he was a bad child. Stef says he shopped lifted and did under age drinking. Stef says his mom went away to a mental institution.
2:00: Stef says he went through a wild amoral phase.
3:00: Stef says he was born a naturally good child then in his teens became a very bitter.
5:00: Stef says in boarding school he respected authority then in canada he did not respect authority.
11:00: Stef says he's experienced no sympathy within his family. Stef says his brother is a saddists and knew how to hurt him.
12:00: Stef says his mom is crazy. She would yell whenever the mood struck. Stef says his mom called the cops on him because he restrained his mom. Stef says the cops said it was a generational gap.
14:00: Stef says in his teens he entered a amoral phase. Stef says he stole a candy bar, stole a remote control car. Stef says the guy he stole things with got caught and we got dragged into a police station.
26:00: Stef says his family was very violent but we had a lot of resources. Stef says when have parents/siblings beat you down you can't have a win/win situations.
30:00: Stef says after he was born his mom was hospitalized for 2 months. Stef says for a time the nanny who raised him took a real shine to him to the extent of naming her son after him. Stef says his brother never got the chance to be raised by good people.
31:00: Stef says his brother was raised by sadistic parents but he could of stopped his sadism he choose not to. Stef says the nanny raised him for 2 months. Stef says his brother is the mirror evil image of him. Stef says we share a lot of skills.
33:00: Stef says his brother in law is a psychologists.
[89] The state and the family - part 1:babies
Length: 41:52
Note: state and family
1:00: Stef says he's married to a psychologists. Stef says his wife said politics is just an extension of the family.
3:00: Stef says he does not vote. Stef gives times when he last voted.
11:00: Stef says he worked in a daycare and lived with his brother when he had his 2 kids.
19:00: Stef says he had a friend who over cuddled their baby.
24:00: Stef says he has never broken a bone or been hospitalized however he did fracture his arm.
35:00: Stef says he just published a article on on abortion.
[90] The state and the family - part 2: toddlers
Length: 35:48
2:00: Stef says his earliest memory was at 2 years of age.
4:00: Stef says his mom would act irritated when stef was happy.
5:00: Stef says his mom would wait till the kids left to yell at stef but when we got older she would do it in front of Stef's friends.
10:00: Stef says his brother had a rule at which if his brother broke the rule he would double down on the rule he broke.
12:00: Stef says his sister in law claimed to of dated the best guy in the world then broke up with him.
14:00: Stef says political science is the study of violence.
15:00: Stef says libertarianism has failed fundamentally.
16:00: Stef says do to his and his wife's help he was able to come to a conclusion between the state and how that stems within the family.
19:00: Stef says he has a 600 page book he's going through to understand the family. It took Stefan years. Stef says by facing his history he was able to get his wife.
21:00: Stef says he was arrested once but has never been to jail.
25:00: Stef says he can't even imagine the type of parents who are politicians conduct themselves toward their kid but I bet you it's pretty singular.
27:00: Stef says his mom was wonderful when he was sick however if he had a thought of his own there was hell to pay other times not so much.
29:00: Stef says you cannot accept abuse if you still contact the abusers which are your parents. Stef says he thought it was all about politics but it's not it's about the family.
32:00: Stef says he was raised in a non free environment. Stef says he learned from his wife's parents that parents can be rational but brutale.
34:00: Stef says people like to talk about the gold standard but not their mommy or daddy's.
[91] The state and the family - part 3: latency
Length: 33:46
0:00: Stef sings a little bit.
1:00: Stef says he was in africa at 6, then back to africa at 16 for 6 months.
2:00: Stef says in school he has war fever which did not wear off for 30 years. Stef says he went to a school with his cousin in Tentawin. Stef says his uncle of his father's sisters uncle was in a bomber raid. Stef says he had a blackout when landing his plane therefore he became a ambulance driver.
3:00: Stef says in kindergarden he remembers lots of pictures of war. Stef says he spelled his name as a kid Stephany. Stef says he does not know where he did that.
5:00: Stef says in grade 6 he had a angry teacher who was not that bad. Stef says in canada he lived with his mother's uncle for a bit in widpee. Stef says he was in grade 8 and when he was in toronto they put him back to grade 6 which was based mostly on Stefan's math skills. Stef says he would've preferred to be a bit further ahead intellectually.
6:00: Stef says grade 8 he was taking a grade 13 english course. Stef says he was very bad at math and science. Stef says even though he was taking a english course that was 6 years above his level he was not able to ditch math or science and focus at what he was good at. Stef says of course if he was able to focus on writing he could of got out of school much earlier.
7:00: Stef says he remembers his english teacher who was a druggy.
9:00: Stef says professors are stuck up and angry teachers are upset because they did not become professors.
10:00: Stef says most adults in the modern world are brutalized infants.
12:00: Stef calls himself math challenged.
12:01: Stef says his wife does not like it when he calls himself math challenges. Stef says he was not able to do quadratic equations to solve the situations he was in.
15:00: Stef says he took 2 years of english lit at york university before he went to the national theater school. Stef says he did not feel he was getting a good education and that's why he left York.
17:00: Stef says he worked to build and sell a software within the private sector.
22:00: Stef says he was caned as a boy.
[92] The state and the family - part 4:adolescence
Length: 52:54
1:00: Stef says he has noticed verbal ticks in his podcasts.
5:00: Stef gives advice to a coworker on how to talk to her daughter about her not doing her homework.
6:00: Stef remembers his mom get into fight matches with her boyfriend/s of the time in the apartment building we lived in.
7:00: Stef says he's dated dozens of woman. Stef says he has had a shorter temper when he was younger.
9:00: Stef says him and his wife have very few conflicts.
13:00: Stef begins to give advice to coworkers about her daughter not doing her homework.
17:00: Stef says it will be a much more corrupt world when Stefan's kids grow up. Stef says he has Christians as neighbors.
21:00: Stef says his nieces are terrible at not able to communicate and it's not their fault it's the fault of the parents. Stef says his brother has a terrible habit of making fun of his daughters.
25:00: Stef says you need 10X more good actions to every 1 bad action hence why Stefan does not see his brother. Stef says he'd have to live 300 years before he could forgive his brother.
26:00: Stef says his expenses are not being paid for at his company. Stef says money for his company has been tight.
27:00: Stef says he will not demo the software till they pay the expense report.
30:00: Stef says when he was younger his mom was physically violent. Stef says when he got older his mom stopped hitting him because he got bigger.
32:00: Stef says when he got big and his mom stopped hitting him. Stef says relationship will never be the same if the reason they stopped was because you got bigger.Stef says if the company does not fix his expense report he will have to do something they will not like and that will forever change the relationship with this company.
38:00: Stef says his wife's parents would say trust us we know what's best for you but they don't because they do not know their daughter.
40:00: Stef says he grew up without a father.
44:00: Stef says after he got married he needed a job after he took a couple of years off from his last company.
45:00: Stef says he wants skepticism in every generation of teenagers.
50:00: Stef says there is no genetic difference between a Nazi and me or anyone else.
52:00: Stef says he had a grandfather who lived till 97.
[93] Emails of the week - feb 9 2005
Length: 44:14
3:00: Stef says he can be a tad defensive. Stef says he worked in a daycare, been a uncle for 10 years and learned a lot from his wife who is a psychologist.
13:00: Stef says divorce and absence of childhood is something he knows very well.
14:00: Stef says before he met his wife he had no plans to ever getting married.
21:00: Stef says nerds are the best specimens of manhood.
26:00: Stef says a emailer works for a tax place.
31:00: Stef says he does not say he is wrong either prove he has psychological block which will be hard or you are wrong.
36:00: Stef says he took a course on communist called what is communism and the socialist response.
41:00: Stef says if you do not like university consider leaving if you can't stand it but realize you have to parrot back what they say if you want to succeed in university.
[96] Concepts part 2: here is the master...
Length: 33:10
0:00: Stef does not turn on the heater to his car so it does not pick up on his podcast.
8:00: Stef says you should not keep corrupt people in your life like your parents.
16:00: Stef says Noam Chomsky if he was an anarchist would never have gotten any media attention. Stef says Noam being jewish is blinding him of the real problems.
23:00: Stef says the government is perfectly happy with Noam chomsky.
[97] concepts part 3: the effects
Length: 30:42
0:00: Stef says he bought a new house a year ago.
[98] Decadence and empathy
Length: 38:12
9:00 - 25:00: Stef says it will take generations for the world to change. The reason Stefan says he podcasts is to get the ideas out there in a portable form for others to hear.
21:00: Stef gets emotional about role playing as a american bomber pilot in Iraq.
[99] Taking back from the state
Length: 33:42
0:00: Stef says his wife has a patient so he can't go home to early tonight.
1:00: Stef says he took government subsidies for going to college because he was so poor growing up. Stef recommends if you have a problem with government subsides I would take it to spite the government. Stef says the rightful owners can not be identified and why let bad people use it all.
7:00: Stef says we are a generation from economic, morale collapse.
8:00: Stef says if the government offers money take it. Stef says he's not had to take unemployment insurance but if he was unemployed he'd take it.
10:00: Stef says he was in McGil and was involved in theater there. Stef says he knew a guy in theater who went to McGil who got a massive amount of state subsidies to fly around doing theater. Stef says he was disgusted by this guy.
12:00: Stef says take the money and do some good or the money goes to some communist.
16:00: Stef says take the money from the government and enjoy it.
18:00: Stef says his wife worked as a psychologist in a hospital that's owned by the state.
24:00: Stef says if the government offers free serves then he would ask for 10 because it's either him or a state communist hippie.
26:00: Stef says his life he's paid 100's of thousands of dollars to the state.
30:00: Stef says he does not want to see a crazy lefty get the money he'd rather see a libertarian get the government money because they will do more good with it.