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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

Due to the size and scale of this project, I am (The Burger King) am looking for editors for the Google Doc and for spelling corrections. If you have any corrections or questions please contact me on Discord.

I would appreciate if you were using material from here to give credit back by referencing the original source with material being used which is:

You are welcome to vet the timestamps, just make sure to reference.

If you are unfamilair with this website, please read the about page.

In this section you will find a list of podcast numbs, or names, and a timestamp, as well as a summary of what Stefan said. As things change, I will add them to the updates page.

Just a heads up I have 21 notebooks I have handwritten the FDR timestamps into, therefore I am typing those typestamps into google docs which Google docs is connected to which autoupdates this page every 5 minutes. These timestamps are not verbatim of what Stefan says but more of a summary of what he said. The timestamp times are not exact time, it's within a minute from when he said it usually. This is by far not perfect but the best way I can come up with to go through thousands of hours of podcasts. Also I rushed through the fdrpodcasts but am going to take my time typing up the FDR timestamps as I tend to want to enjoy my life.

This took me about a year and a half to complete. I have done other projects on, but nothing of this magnitude before. My intention for this project is to get people to know who Stefan Molyneux is. This project is by no means intended to libel or slander Stefan Molyneux.

I came into this project in support of Stefan and towards the end of this project I think he's a fraud. Don't let my thoughts on Stefan influence your thinking though.


Philosopher King, Gold, Silver, Bronze
The podcasts under the category of Philosopher King, Gold, Silver, and Bronze are premium podcast meaning you have to pay to get them. However you can also find those podcast free of charge on
Ask a therapist
The podcasts under the category of Ask a therapist
Deleted podcasts
Deleted podcasts are podcast you cannot find anywhere on the Internet. These podcasts of been taken down by Stefan and cannot be found on If a person wants a particular podcast join and contact me and I'll give them what podcasts they request.
Audio Books
The Audio Books category are books that have been turned to audio and are written and read by Stefan Molyneux.
Sound Off
This category will be a storage for things I want to add to FDR Timestamps as well as my thoughts on FDR as of right now.
0 - 99, 100 - 199, 200 - 299, 300 - 399, 400 - 499, 500 - 599, 600 - 699,
700 - 799, 800 - 899, 900 - 999, 1000 - 1099, 1100 - 1199, 1200 - 1299,
1300 - 1399, 1400 - 1499, 1500 - 1599, 1600 - 1699, 1700 - 1799, 1800 - 1899,
1900 - 1999, 2000 - 2099, 2100 - 2199, 2200 - 2299, 2900 - 2999, 3000 - 3099,
3100 - 3199, 3200 - 3299
These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at
The All FDR timestamps category encompasses all the FDR timestamps above into one one area. Mainly done for people wanting to do a all in one shot massive searching on the fdr timestamps.

Thanks and Credit

I'm going to give credit to a few people:

  • Edward L. Winston who started and wrote the best and widely referenced debunks on the Internet of The Zeitgeist Movie and Zeitgeist: Addendum.
  • To my good Estonian friend Rax who has fine tuned my skepticism, scientific thinking, intellectual curiosity, philosophical thinking, and probably a lot more.
  • To all the skepticproject members.
  • Jim Jesus and Justin Templer for fine tuning my skepticism as well as got me into economics type of thinking.
  • Special thanks to The Real Roxette who is an admin on and has always helped me out in my skepticism.
  • in that special thanks for Kaz. This site has a wealth of knowledge on FDR.
  • I'm going to give thanks to Without me timestamping the FDR premium podcats would of not happened at all. At that there website is by far the best organized and in depth on learning about FDR. I don't think I would of had the type of understanding I did without the aid of
  • To anybody I left out and needs to be here.