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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 600 - 699

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 600 through 699. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[600] Full Disclosure Mom And Dad
Length: 39:53
25:00: Stef talks about old greek couple. Stef and his wife give non disclosure to their imaginary kids.
[601] Christianity for Slaves and Masters
Length: 27:50
7:00: Stef says Christianity is a cult then proceeds to explain why that is.
[602] My gift par 1
Length: 35:12
9:00: Stef says he does not like to give advice.
[603] My gift part 2
Length: 33:40
10:00E: Stef says there are no pedophiles on FDR. If there are he would be surprised only virtuous people listen to FDR.
[606] coincidence
Length: 33:11
3:00: Stef says he does not like the band Rush.
22:00: Stef says nobody knows about my dysfunctional family except a few close friends. I was embarrassed.
[607] Agnosticism - Part 4
Length: 31:26
3:00: Stef says he was raised without religion when he was a kid and that he was thankful for that. Stef says religion is manipulative.
[608] Agnosticism - Part 5
Length: 24:15
13:00: Stef says evil people hate me. Evil people can't hate me openly.
20:00: Stef says he ditched most friends and all family to live a life on integrity.
[609] anarchistic governments
Length: 27:14
Note: Through podcast Stef explains DRO.
[611] 21 January 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 1:52:11
25:00: Stef attempts to do detective columbo impression.
54:00: Stef says Anne Rhan would kick people out of her circle who like artists that she did not like. She was very dictatorial. She destroyed her own movement. She was a hypocrite.
59:00: Stef says people don't know he's an anarchist in canada they assume he's a libertarian. If they knew I was an anarchist their heads would explode.
61:00: Stef says not to talk about politics at work. I don't you got to eat.
70:00: Stef does weird sounds with his voice.
90:00: Stef says he stayed with his mother and Stef's brother was sent back to England at 11 or 12. Stef says that the reason they split us up is they would talk about what was going on with the people they stayed with. Stef looked at himself as a hostage. Stef says mother was willing to hand her kids over to dangerous lunatics.
[612] freedomain radio
Length: 5:40
Note: Music theme Rave
[615] Coincidence and Love - Part 1
Length: 42:22
0:00: Stef drives a volvo. Stef is teaching his wife how to ski. Stef use to ski a lot till he got married.
38:00: Stef says if he met his wife in his 20s it would of not of worked out.
[616] Coincidence And Love - Part 2
Length: 39:50
17:00: Stef says when he went to his wife's parents house his wife did not say much.
[617] futile words?
Length: 43:39
0:00: Stef sounds weird saying 'are you ready to rumble'.
22:00: Stef says the state will fall when comedians make fun of the state.
[619] Immigration and Empathy - Part 1
Length: 38:25
Note: immigration and empathy
0:00: Stef in support of immigration.
19:00: Stef laughs insanely
20:00: Stef jokingly says the gringoes threaten the U.S.
37:00: Stef says this is a test of humanity to allow immigrants in.
[620] Immigration and Empathy - Part 2
Length: 31:03
Note: Immigrants and empathy
8:00: Stef says if you have a problem with new people in this country than you have a problem with kids who are like new people within this country. They consume resources than produce like immigrants.
[623] 28 January 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 2:19:14
13:00: Stef says a U.S. soldier who goes awol is a hero.
40:00: Stef says he's been unsuccessful to getting people he knows into therapy.
46:00: Stef says he hangs out with people who do not share similar values as him. Stef says he's into music.
[626] Self Protection - Part 2: Practice
Length: 45:25
14:00: Stef says that he believes we're all innate geniuses.
34:00: Stef says socrates was gutless because he supported the state.
[627] saving others part 1
Length: 42:31
24:00: Stef sniffs up sounded like it's cocaine Stef says *sniff*, 'this is the good stuff baby.'.
[628] the die is cast
Length: 40:09
0:00: Stef says he does not like his job it's just a analyzing job. Stef says he's negotiated to do part time work and in the meantime he's considering doing FDR full time.
2:00: Stef says he applied to get a PHD but was rejected do to bad marks he got in his 3rd year of school.
3:00: Stef says he does not want to do FDR fulltime yet he does.
5:00: Stef says he has 2 reasons for not doing FDR 1st years anniversary and 2nd is emotional difficulty where Stef lives in the world where he has to do this.
12:00: Stef talks about his past jobs being mostly good with some bad.
16:00: Stef says he tries something new has some success then that's it.
20:00: Stef says he's afraid to be large. The world reads truth and Stefan is the one to bring it. (while crying).
26:00: Stef says he does not want to be a philosopher.
27:00: Stef says he does not want to be the person that says they will save the world.
29:00: Stef says he does not want to do this. However if you know of anybody please tell them.
30:00: Stef says he can't wait for when someone wears FDR t-shirts and asks about it. Stef says he knows the day will come.
33:00: Stef says the goal for him on FDR is to save the world.
36:00: Stef says he's always been the writing guy not the speaking guy though stef said when he did act the words were made up by writers.
39:00: Stef says he's looking to get off the hook if anybody can find someone doing something similar please tell Stefan.
[630] Farewell, Father - Analyzing A Funeral Poem
Length: 33:14
0:00: Stef says he wrote a poem for a friends father who died. Stef proceeds to read the poem. Stef thought of doing a more poetry on FDR.
[631] 4 February 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 2:17:08
23:00: Stef says he thanks people for support for him to go full time.
27:00: Stef says the idea behind FDR is to have a philosophical discussion with the people.
30:00: Stef says there are 2 aspects to saving the world. 1 being the content.
42:00: Stef says Ann Rhand had a lot of people who surrounded her that never questioned her. This shows her insecurity.
44:00: Stef says he studies people like Ann Rhand, socrates etc.. to see why they failed. stef says he does not want to fail like these people he wants a new reason why he failed.
84:00: Stef's wife said when she met stef he was unemployed for 2 years. She supported him for 2 years.
87:00: Stef said he's not use to taking risks like this because of his poor upbringing and never having enough money when growing up.
97:00: Stef says he got the acting bug at 19 so he went and auditioned for the national school of canada where they take only 1% of applicants, Stef got in. About 1 year in Stef said he left it was to unstable.
99:00: Stef says he went into business and then Stef took 2 years off to write books. Stef says he wrote books 2 of the books were pop up books.
100:00: Stef says why would I not pursue doing FDR when everything else I did ran off a cliff.
101:00: Stef says not putting off plans to have kids because I do FDR full time.
128:00: Stef's wife says when you pull back from your family you soon recognize that you really do not miss these people.
134:00: Stef says that he hopes that each time someone teaches another on defooing that each person onward it shaves 12 seconds off the next person's defoo time.
135:00: Stef says that if his brothers nieces found him and wanted to talk he would do it.
[632] The Magic Gun part 1
Length: 39:13
32:00: Stef says democrats are the only sane people we should be debating.
[633] Questions on Creative Writing
Length: 44:46
5:00: Stef says philosophy is not very meaningful in the 20th century.
17:00: Stef elaborates more on the poem he wrote for a female's friend's dad who dies. (editor note poem reference on podcast 630)
28:00: Stef says he's never really seen anybody die before.
[636] God Versus Atoms
Length: 21:18
0:00: Stef sings who do you love.
[637] Weight (and fat!)
Length: 33:06
2:00: Stef says when he hit puberty he had a tummy.
7:00: Stef says when he was a kid he had hemorrhoids. Stef says the doctor was ridiculously bad that his mom ended up suing him.
8:00: Stef says when he began to fix himself his hair began to fall out. Stef says he has a morbid fear of gaining weight. Stef says he associates gaining weight with being depressed. Stef says his mom was always slender being a consistent 115 her whole life.
11:00: Stef says there were 2 times he gained weight in his life outside of puberty. The 1st time was when he was in business. Just was to tired to exercise. Stef says 2 or 3 years ago he did not exercise. Stef says he gained 10 pounds over 15 years.
12:00: Stef says 1st year he was married to his wife he gained weight.
13:00: Stef says at least once once a day he would check himself out in the mirror.
14:00: Stef says his brother called him fatty when he was in puberty. Stef says he was not fat. Stef says his dad walked all the time because of his job required him too and suffered spurts of depression.
15:00: Stef says his dad would be away from temptation. Stef says recently said his dad has a gut. stef says he use to weigh himself but gave that up 4 years ago. Stef says he has a sweet tooth and does not jog anymore because he's too old.
18:00: Stef says he was a size 36 now he's a size 38. Stef says when he sees someone overweight he wants to ask them how did this happen.
20:00: Stef says it's interesting to watch overweight people eat. Stef says he's almost never seen an obese person over eat. You just know the obese person is overeating. You know they are eating alone.
23:00: Stef says you outgrow weight gain not battle it but through therapy etc..
28:00: Stef says he does not diet. Stef says diet were invented by woman. Stef says it's biologically impossible for woman to lose weight by cutting back on food. Woman can only lose weight by cutting back on food and increasing exercise. Stef has a paranoia of going on a diet.
31:00: Stef says he has skepticism towards body fat weight measurement. Stef says do not fight the affects fight the cause when losing weight.
[640] slugging god
Length: 39:10
8:00: Stef says this is why I fight against religion.
20:00: Stef calls religion primitive and says the criticism the person raises is not seeking truth.
[642] Mercantilism
Length: 32:04
1:00: Stef says him and his good friend John both went gold panning/stake claiming as kids.
[643] 11 February 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:29:44
34:00: Stef says his brother is trying to contact Stef to fix their relationship and because the landmark forums want him to.
73:00: Stef says he had a bit of a tooth ache recently.
76:00: Stef says most men do not think big boobs on a woman attracts.
77:00: Stef says being a billboard model for hooters will probably not bring a person any happiness.
104:00: Stef says the lady who believes in a man who after hypnosis played the piano really good is basing her logic on her say.
121:00: Caller asked where Stef grew up when in Britain. Stef says he lived in London and went to a school near whales in Chelton.
[644] fertility and the state
Length: 40:24
1:00: Stef says he is highly ambivalent to having kids.
8:00: Stef says family life kind of sucks. it takes 2 people to really get ahead or take a vacation. Stef says him and his wife are planning their finances for when Stef starts doing FDR full time.
9:00: Stef says his brother attempted the family life when they were younger.
10:00: Stef says you go through the baby gulag waking up all the time.
11:00: Stef says babies are at most inert puppies.
12:00: Stef says the day of the modern parents is like a slave.
20:00: Stef says this looks like a nightmare to me. Doing the same repetitive task of taking care of the kids day in and day out does not look like any sort of fun for him. To be perfectly blunt it looks like a curse, a burden, a sentence, it's a nightmare.
21:00: Stef says he does not see a point. Stef explains what a friend has to go through it's a nightmare.
24:00: Stef says this vision of being a parent where 2 people are working is a total nightmare.
25:00: Stef says he graduated from high school at 18, then worked a year and a half up north as a gold panner, Stef then went to college and graduated when he was 24. Stef says he's already been sexual mature for a decade. Stef says he did not feel the need to have kids because he was in a protracted state of adolescents with school and work.
26:00: Stef says one of the topics he had with himself in therapy was about children.
27:00: Stef says 2 aspects of the problem of having children is 1st it's a personal level of having doubt and fear of the future, and largest aspect of having kids of being secure and not getting laid off being able to consistently take care of his family.
28:00: Stef says he's not a networker. he feels networking is kind of manipulative. Stef says he's never found a really solid niche that makes him feel secure as far as lay off's, job demands etc... Stef says if you're a lawyer or a doctor maybe it's different but in the software realm it's not that. Stef says he has a strong desire for innovation so naturally he's been in management, sales, and other positions. Stef says he's never felt that any job offers was rock solid.
29:00: Stef says he's never felt financially stable to the point of starting a family. Stef says he's been through 2 recessions etc..
32:00: Stef says he fears he will not make enough money to feed his family. Stef said through one recessions he ended up weeding gardens which is not enough to raise a family on. What type of world is my children going to grow up in. There will be a monstrous crash. Stef said he rather not have kids.
33:00: Stef says if he had kids he certainly will not have time to do FDR. Stef says he won't have time to make the world better for others people's children.
34:00: Stef says if they do have kids stef can stay home and the wife can work. That would be a blissful life.
35:00: Stef says at the age of 13 or 14 his classmates knew the old age pensions would not last.
36:00: Stef says it will be a problem dealing with other parents such as christians.
38:00: Stef says these were possible reason why he does not have kids.
39:00: Stef says part of the reason he wanted to do FDR full time is he is tired of the rat race. Stef says it will not lead to something stable or permanent. Stef says because he's never felt he's ever had economic control this is the reason why he's never had a child.
[645] Heroism
Length: 40:09
0:00: Stef says he's doing a podcast on heroism and that in describing what heroism is you may be surprised to find that he may fall mostly in this category in terms of what he does on FDR.
[647] Jennyism - Part 2
Length: 50:21
35:00: Stef's laughs insanely.
[656] Milking The Taxpayers - Price Controls In Action
Length: 40:08
0:00: Stef is singing
[657] The Scar and the Knife
Length: 55:34
8:00: Stef says he wants to destroy christian teachings.
[658] 25 February 2007 - Call In Show Sunday
Length: 1:39:57
4:00: Stef says he always thought he would be apart of something big and deep.
86:00: Stef says he has not quite made it to the god thing and he doubts he ever will.
95:00: someone gives Stefan a question asking if Stefan will quite out right or work part time when he plans to do FDR full time? Stef says he cannot say as of yet.
97:00: Stef says he does not like his job and he does not think they like him.
98:00: Stef says when him and his wife met he was unemployed for 2 years because he was writing books.
[660] Emotional Skepticism
Length: 23:46
19:00: Stef says when he was a kid he played swords. Someone said are you not a little old to play swords. Stef says these people are joy killers.
[661] Teenage Depression - Part 1: Theory
Length: 37:40
2:00-3:00: Stef says he's never experienced anything extreme in his life however his father has experienced electro shock therapy, suicidality, etc..
[662] Teenage Depression - Part 2: Losing Love
Length: 52:00
14:00: Stef says he would not want to live for at least the first 18 years.
29:00: Stef says his wife's parents were going to call the cops on her. Stef says he was going to run away from home till his mom beat him up against the door. Stef says his brother was hiding in his room and did not come to save Stef.
[663] unlearning
Length: 29:02
0:00: Stef says he was wanting to do part time work while doing FDR full time but they have not got back to him.
1:00: Stef says he got emails that say he's not obligated to do this.
12:00: Stef says talks about a kid he knew in school call Greg Tomson. Greg was the cool guy. Stef says they use to play a game where they would punch girls in the crotch. Stef thought it was horrible. Stef says Greg made him pick up crumbs off the ground at his house. Stef was upset at this.
[665] Be Nice! Part 1: Self Protection
Length: 37:53
0:00: Stef says his boss offered Stef 3 days a week to stay. Stef said he's not going to take it. Stef says he will not pursue a contractional contract to work 3 days a week.
5:00: Stef says his wife is implementing FDR concepts to her patients. Stef says his wife discusses a good deal time talking about her patients with stef.
6:00: Stef says because of FDR his wife's clinic is so successful
10:00: Stef says you do not know if a billionaire is on the board looking to invest in FDR.
[666] Be Nice! Part 2: Freedom From Others
Length: 39:39
1:00: Stef says he will do 60 more days of working and that he's not a sell out. Stef says he's only working weekends and evenings.
24:00: Stef says his brother is on landmark forum. Stef says his brother is offering Stefan $20,000 to see Stef. Stef says he was cheated out of the $20,000 from his brother.
25:00: Stef says he's seen his brother till his 20s then he interacted with his brother again in his late 20's, now it's been a few years since Stefan has seen his brother. Stef says his brother needs to do 10 good things for every one thing he did bad.
[668] How Truth Looks to Others
Length: 47:30
0:00: Stef sings
2:00: Stef says he was making $160,000 per year and he's willing to ditch that to do FDR full time.
[670] Molestation
Length: 40:00
0:00: Stef says his wife will not give advice to a child molester Stef said he will.
5:00: Stef says at 13 he had a older man grab his penis and his mom was sexually inappropriate.
12:00: Stef says at the age of 5 or 7 Stef and his cousin explored each others bodies. Stef said he wanted to explore the parts of his body he could not explore himself.
35:00: Stef says he survived getting his penis grabbed. Stef says he survived his mom's sexual nakedness.
[671] Helping others
Length: 34:17
9:00: Stef says he drives a volvo and hates being judges.
19:00: Stef says he use to smoke occasionally. Stef says him and his brother use to suck their thumbs. Stef says he stopped sucking his thumb when he went to stay with his dad in south africa.
27:00: Stef says his mom asked him to go to a austrian dance club with he. Stef says he agreed to it then had to back out because he had to go to a business meeting.
[673] subjectivism
Length: 40:01
30:00: Stef says he will eventually set up on his website a correction page which will be used for people to correct things said in the podcast.
[675] Strong Atheism - Rebuttals
Length: 39:13
0:00: Stef says he will not be a software executive he will do FDR full time.
[676] Defoo Communique
Length: 47:29
0:00: Stef reads a mail from his brother where he asks for Stef's forgiveness.
4:00: Stef says he only has one brother, parents divorced when Stef was 6 months to a year old. Father moved to South africa and mother is insane. Stef said his family is chaotic.
5:00: Stef says he moved around a lot as a kid. There was violence, sleeplessness, etc.. just a chaotic mess. Stef says his mother grew up in Berlin to jewish parents Berlin was not a good place. Stef says his mom was hiding during the war. She was shipped to a orphanage to orphanage during the war. Stef says she can't image what she went through possible sexual activity with Stef's mom and the orphanage Staff.
6:00: Stef says his brother has a more sadistic streak than his mom. Stef says his brother's focus was on cruelty. Stef says his mom would hit scream throw things while his brother would play cruel games. Stef says his brother is more sadistic than most older siblings. Stef says he ended up going into business with his brother. The business became pretty successful. Stef says he did more for the business than his brother. Stef says there was lying and betrayal that cost Stef money. Stef broke off his relationship with his brother.
7:00: Stef says he sent his brother a letter breaking ties with his brother. Stef says he was 34 or 35 when he did this. Stef says he's not seen his brother for 6-7 years.
8:00: Stef says he had 35 years of unpleasant interactions with his brother. Stef says there were some fun times. Pretty much 35 years of negative interaction.
9:00: Stef says he goes by you need 10 times good times per 1 bad time. That he had 35 years of bad times with his brother therefore his brother needs to spend 350 years to make it up to Stef. Stef says you see my brother can never make it up to me. Stef says he's not planning on living 350 years.
10:00: Setf says no way will he live that long no hope for his brother. This 10 in 1 ratio is more for marriages. The ratio is more 100 to 1 when a child because your more easily influenced as a child than as an adult. Stef says first impressions are important, so maybe id have to live to 3000 years or to 3500 years to regain trust to my brother.
11:00: Stef says most of that 3500 years my brother would have to be perfect. This would have to massively change his brain to make up for the horrible things he did to me. The first years of my life. If his personality totally changed and it reached 350 years we would be at a equilibrium.
12:00: Stef says his brother will not change.
14:00: Stef says he's afraid his brother will screw him over if he forgives him. it's been a pattern he's done with me all my life.
15:00: Stef says his brother is on the landmark forum. Stef says he did 2 courses in the landmark forum and thought they were interesting. Stef says he did those courses 9 or 10 years ago.
15:01: Setf says the landmark forums want your money. Stef says his brother phones his wife every couple of days because he does not have Stef's number.
17:00: Stef says his brother will never listen to this podcast.
18:00: Stef says he has confronted his brother about the problems Stef has with him. Stef says his brother always seems to know what to say.
22:00: Stef says after all this time why does his brother apologize now? it's because the landmark forums people are bullying him to apologize to Stef.
24:00: Stef says his brother is a bully.
25:00: Stef says his brother is a sadist.
26:00: Stef says there is anymore empathy in this letter than any other time.
28:00: Stef says so yeah he feels bad about what he did but so what I have had 2 bullies 1 being his mother and the other being his brother. Stef says he did not become a saddists like them.
28:01: Stef says he kicked a dog one time.
30:00: Stef says his mother had postpartum depression after giving birth to Stefan for 2 to 3 months. Stef says another person watched Stefan while his mom was depressed. Stef says his parents were dissolving as well.
32:00: Stef says he believes a child who does evil things is still responsible for what they did so his brother is still responsible for the things he did to Stefan when he was a kid.
33:00: Stef says he would have his mom baby sit the children until one day mom left the door open and got the dog killed because she was on the phone with some guy.
34:00: Stef says his brother kept all the bad people in his life and expelled all the good people in his life including Stefan.
36:00: Stef says he shed everybody within his family including relatives.
37:00: Stef says that the things his brother wrote in this letter are a lie and his brother knows it. That his brother was cruel to his children.
40:00: Stef says his brother likes to hurt Stefan. Stef says his brother is trying to lure Stef back in to hurt me.
41:00: Stef says you put icing on shit so you eat a shit sandwich again. Stef says his brothers telling me that his breakthroughs are shit and we should have a great relationship.
44:00: Stef says his brother said he wants Stef to love, respect, and admire his brother. Stef says how could I do this after 35 years of eating as shit sandwich. Stef says his brothers learning curve is not the sharpest.
46:00: Stef says his brother wants another hit, wants to lure Stef into hurt with him because his brother is running out of victims.
[677] 11 March 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 1:45:42
0:00: Stef says his studio where he does FDR podcasts is on top of his garage.
4:00: Stef says he graduated college before 1994 and it was around $16,000 for his education.
46:00: Stef says his brother would hit him where no witnesses were. Stef says his brother is totally responsible for his actions to me as a kid.
48:00: Stef says he went through a brief period of shoplifting.
49:00: Stef says he feels sorry for his brother because he went through so much with the family. Stef says his brother hates being humiliated yet he likes to humiliate people.
50:00: Stef says his brother would intentionally not invite Stef to a party because his brother knew it would hurt him.
54:00: Stef says his mother was not sadistic just a narcissist's, Stef says his brother was the sadistic one.
60:00: Stef says he would rather be hit than teased.
1:23:00 - 1:35:00: Caller calls in asking stef if he should feel guilty for doing a few bad things to his brother. Stef says to try to think that everything you did was right and necessary. Caller says wow that makes me feel so much better. Stef says maybe you did everything perfectly.
97:00: Stef says his dad worked for Angol American and the company sent stef and his brother a glider. Stef says his brother ended up breaking it. Stef says he was a big model train guy. Stef says he loved building the model train world.
98:00: Stef says he built WWII planes like all kids in the UK.
99:00: Stef says he is 40 years old.
102:00: Stef says he would not adopt he need a kid of above average intelligence.
[678] Everything you do is...
Length: 32:08
1:00: Stef says his wife is the director of her own clinic.
13:00: Stef says he has decided to do FDR full time.
16:00: Stef says his wife inspired Stef to talk about the family.
18:00: Stef says his work in theater, voice training, schooling, market, helped him in FDR.
19:00: Stef says Anne Rhand was wrong in worshipping business.
27:00: Stef says he was in a on and off 7 year relationship. Stef says it was pretty bad not all but most of the time it was.
[680] The Myth of the Golden Gun
Length: 25:19
0:00: Stef says he is missing a tooth and now has a mouth guard because he grinds his teeth at night,
[681] Why Inteligent People 'Fail'
Length: 32:40
25:00: Stef says philosophy is like pedophilia.
[682] Social Metaphyisics
Length: 33:56
23:00: Stef says that Anne Coulter towes the republican party line and that She's a transvestite.
[684] The Etymology of Lying
Length: 26:22
14:00: Stef says when he was a kid he had to lie if someone asked him where something is but people would still blame him for losing things because he lost something one the time.
17:00: Stef says a person lying means they have low self esteem.
[685] Philosophy and Girlfriends
Length: 42:11
3:00: Stef says his wife believed in a higher power when they first met.
31:00: Stef says he once dated a woman who claimed she was a psychic.
[689] Stef's Resentment
Length: 59:22
3:00: Stef says he has a chip on his shoulder.
4:00: Stef says no one buys my novels yet Stef keeps writing. No one wants to mentor me yet Stef keeps going. Stef says he's been rejected all his life yet he keeps on going.
9:00: Stef says he's never been able to get a popular by writing novels.
27:00: Stef says he wanted a mentor but it makes sense why no one did because Stef so above everybody else.
30:00: Stef says the software would where he worked in was all about money and less about building relationships/having integrity.
33:00: Stef says when he was a novelist a PHD said this is great that's why Stefan kept writing but it never worked out.
35:00: Stef says his first novel he wrote at 24 was about the civil war. Stef says his second novel was about his life in boarding school. Stef says he never finished writing it. Stef says his 3rd novel was revolutions. Stef says revolution was published.
38:00: Stef says he could not succeed in the things he wanted to succeed in. Stef says he had enough success to keep going on but nothing.
42:00: Stef says to give up a full time high paying job to do FDR full time is no sacrifice.
45:00: Stef says he achieved being able to talk directly to the people. Stef says he has never had that before.
56:00: Stef says if they payed him a lot of money to sellout as writing novels. Stef says he would when he was younger.
59:00: Stef says if this was 10 years ago he would've sold his soul for a song but even now Stef says he's still tempted.
[690] 18 March 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 2:19:23
32:00: Stef says he and his wife are thinking of moving to the U.S.
43:00: Stef says he did not sacrifice quitting his job to do FDR full time.
56:00: Stef says he will make more money doing FDR than the career he had in the software market.
81:00: Stef says his wife is a cognitive psychologist.
107:00: Stef says he eats meat and plants are living beings.
[691] DeFOO - Part 2
Length: 31:48
2:00: Stef says when he defooed his brother he was not able to maintain a relationship with his nieces. Stef says he defooed his mother 7-8 years ago and defooed his brother 5 years ago.
3:00: Stef says he maintains a relationship with his nieces when he defooed his brother and it was encouraging however when the nieces were in their teens they started asking questions.
5:00: Stef says he stopped seeing his brother 5 to 6 years ago. Stef say his nieces asked why Stef does not see his mother. Stef says his mom is violent and difficult as to the reason he does not see his mother.
7:00: Stef says to his nieces he does not like his mom, he hates her. Stef says he did not introduce the topic about his mom to the nieces.
9:00: Stef says the nieces went home and told Stefs brother. Stef's brother got upset.
14:00: Stef says his nieces asked Stef's brother if their mom hit them. Stef begins to think hypothetically to how his brother answered his daughter's questions.
18:00: Stef goes into his family history rant.
24:00: Stef says his brother does not want him to say anything bad about their mom.
26:00: Stef says not saying that our mom beat us is not rising above history like his brother said.
27:00: Stef says his brother made a stipulation that Stef is allowed to be around his brothers nieces if he did not bring up the past.
28:00: Stef says this relationship with his nieces could not last because his brother wants Stef to lie to his nieces.
[692] Mommy's Letter
Length: 33:07
24:00: Stef says his gift to his mother is not putting her in jail.
[693] The Most Unknown Soldier
Length: 36:18
7:00: Stef says his wife handles the finances because she is better at it than him.
[694] FOO fighter
Length: 41:27
15:00: Stef says his mother had a crazy belief of knitting people physic helmets to defend them from bad thoughts.
24:00: Stef defooed from his mom by writing a defoo letter and dropping it off at his moms post box.
[695] Mysticism as Scar Tissue - Part 1
Length: 39:41
0:00: Stef sings
1:00: Stef says his mom would always have german hippies coming through her house.
2:00: Stef says his mom is a mystic.
4:00: Stef says his Dad was an atheist but more like a nihilist. Stef says his Dad has become more mad/spiritual.
9:00: Stef says his brother is a subjectivist.
11:00: Stef says his Dad left his mom when Stef was 6 to 7 months old. stef says he would see his Dad every half decade.
14:00: Stef says he gets angry and talks about a past show with a jewish woman who claimed mysticism is real. Stef says he urges her husband to defoo from her.
29:00: Stef says I don't have kids but so what I worked as a daycare teacher so i know something about kids.
[697] A Doctoral Depression
Length: 36:22
12:00: Stef says a person could do a PHD on FDR podcasts. Stef says there is enough material for dozens of PHD's.
13:00: Stef says the reason he did not get his PHD is because he was rejected by academics.
32:00: Stef says he gives advice to a person to forget about getting a PHD it does not matter.
[699] 8 April 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 1:40:33
35:00: Stef says he has 2 more months for the job he's at.
56:00: Stef says his wife is a vegetarian.
85:00: Stef says he's recommending Nate's girlfriend to confront her ex to back off.