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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 1500 - 1599

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 1500 through 1599. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[1508] Sunday Show 15 Nov 2009
Length: 1:41:51
1:31:00: Stef says black market drugs are untested and bad because the drugs are not regulated by the government.
1:38:00: Stef says people who do drugs do drugs because they have done bad things in this world and feel guilty so take it out on themselves by doing drugs.
[1530] Life on a Rock - A Listener Conversation
Length: 1:17:24
1:09:00: Stef says he found it amazing his older brother still treated him in his 30's like a little kid even though we were equals, getting the same paycheck. Stef says he could not stand it anymore and I told him many times about this but his ego got in the way. Stef says his brother is 2 ½ years apart from him.
1:11:00: Stef says when he's with his family he has to either go into the box of the clumsy entertaining littler brother to be with them but that's kind of not being with them or I have to fight this box and bring up it's ridiculous and ancient history. Stef says he decided to fight the box not conform to the box. Stef says if conformed with the box it would follow me back with me for days after I conformed to the box, I could not conform to the box anymore.
[1534] The Case for College - A Conversation
Length: 1:11:59
19:00: Stef says it's ok that I or someone goes off every once in awhile but not all the time they just have to process it and not act like nothing happened.
[1550] Sunday Show Jan 3 2010
Length: 1:50:08
1:37:00 - 1:41:00: Stef says the one thing he got out of the zeitgeist folks is their a bunch of really, the TZM addendum review I did they did not know anything about economics. TZM movie is propaganda. Stef says the TZM movie is claims to have knowledge that they clearly do not have. Stef says he thinks it's weird that they did not talk to single free market economist when talking about the free market. Stef says the person who made the TZM had an agenda and that they lacked curiosity and knowledge about a field that claim to know about. Stef says they got the basics wrong about economics it's highly destructive and wrong. The jesus stuff in the film I don't really care for I don't believe in it anyways. Stef says the person who made the TZM movie is lazy. Stef says the TZM addendum review I got attracted a crowd of people who were angry at me, it was the only time I shut down the comment section the video. Just vicious comments i the comment section on my review. Stef says TZM video does so well because it seems to attracted really angry people. Stef says fans of TVP and TZM will not likely like what I put out there.
[1560] Sunday Show 17 January 2010
Length: 1:41:50
6:00: Stef says do not admit in a job interview that you were fired or let go. Stef says in a job interview don't explain unless they asked. Stef says he was never a CEO he was just a CTO.
[1561] Restitution and the Future - A Listener Conversation
Length: 1:34:22
1:23:00: Stef says UPB is like the theory of relativity..
[1562] Interview with Therapist Daniel Mackler
Length: 1:15:05
4:00: Daniel Mackler says people forgive people who do them harm to survive.
5:00: Daniel Mackler says you should not forgive abusive people.
7:00: Daniel Mackler says instead of blaming parents but we blame others such as society and siblings etc...
[1572] Sunday Show 31 January 2010 - Guest Psychotherapist Daniel Mackler
Length: 1:55:49
1:42:00: Daniel Mackler says he's not a therapist all the time that he's not a therapist on his website or when talking on this podcast.
[1573] Philosophical Parenting Part 3
Length: 30:27
21:00: Stef says his brother does not see his kids and his relationship with his wife is strained because he was away on business trips so much.
[1583] Sunday Show 14th February 2010
Length: 2:03:49
9:00: Stef says he loves sports, and mentions all the sports he played then repeats I really love sports but it's a freaking hobby.
1:15:00: Stef says to caller it is ok to lie about what you really think. Stef says it's ok to lie sometimes. Stef says you don't always have to tell people the truth, that you owe people what they have earned.
1:17:00: Stef says his approach is that he will not lie however I will not say something that is not the truth. If they asks me about it I will cautiously tell them more.
[1597] Freedomain Radio Sunday Show 28 Feb 2010
Length: 1:46:07
50:00: Caller asks god if Einstein smokes pot. God wrote in the clouds no.