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Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

The Audio Books category are books that have been turned to audio and are written and read by Stefan Molyneux.

Table of Contents

[1] Everyday Anarchy: The Freedom of Now
94:00: Stef says he grew up in england in 1970's
101:00: Stef says when he was 11 he went to the Ontario science museum.
131:00: Stef says he spent 15 years as a software entrepreneur
173:00: Stef says truncated.
219:00: Stef says he studied writing and acting in National theater school in canada. Stef says acting is not a rational career to take.
222:00: music plays and Stefan says weird things a weird voice.
[2] How (NOT) To Achieve Freedom
7:00: Stef says Mises institute is a catholic institution.
39:00: Stef criticized free market academics and suggests they need to work in the private sector before preaching about the free market.
55:00: Stef says free market academics need to quit their jobs and preach in the streets.
60:00: Stef says he left a successful entrepreneurial career of which he made $160,00 a year. To do FDR which FDR for the time was making less than 35k per year.
63:00: Stef says free market academics shut up if you do not live by what you preach.
120:00: Stef says libertarians could infiltrate the KKK and change it.
143:00: Stef says christianity and libertarianism is a cult.
183:00: Stef says we can't blame a man for not knowing knowledge he did not have. Stef says he did not agree with the NAP till his early 30's. Stef says he was not a bad person in his 20's, he did not have the knowledge till his 30's.
188:00: Stef says he went to the national theater school in montreal for 2 years for acting and script writing.
223:00: Stef says this is why libertarianism turned away from his show when he started going into psychology.
261:00: Stef addresses criticism towards him about FDR. Stef says only 20 people defooed their parents. Stef says most criticisms from libertarian who criticise him do not work in the free market.
265:00: Stef mentions his wife's ask the therapist podcast.
267:00: Stef says his wife pushed him to do psychology perspectives of the libertarian movement.
269:00: Stef says he banned abusive people out of FDR.
277:00: Stef says he was surprised when FDR grew more popular that libertarians disliked him more.
278:00: Stef says he graduated at a IVY League school. Stef says he got a 'A' on his master thesis. Stef says he made and sold a fairly large business. Stef says he lived in south africa, england, and canada.
279:00: Stef says as a libertarian became more hostile towards him he began to ponder why this is.
282:00: Stef says either libertarianism is a cult or they follow what they preach. Stop receiving easy money from religions.
284:00: Stef calls christianity a cult/superstition.
300:00: Stef says he took state money in his entrepreneurial career.
302:00: Stef says he was a minarchist while in the entrepreneurial world. Stef says when he became a anarchist he quit his job to do FDR full time.
315:00: Stef says we need to rebuild the libertarian movement.
[3] On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion
18:00: Stef says his neighbors have 4 children. Stef says christianity is a cult.
44:00: Stef says it reveals the cult in culture.
55:00: Stef says at 6 he was sent to a english boarding school.
73:00: Stef says he asked his parents brother if they loved him.
105:00: Stef says he stole some money to buy a book.
118:00: Stef says he sat down and talked to his brother about why he's not seeing his mom.
119:00: stef says his brother tried to manage his discomfort.
123:00: Stef says he sat down with his mom 8 years ago. Stef says his mom does not listen to him.
131:00: Stef says he took a summer school course at 11 as he was desperate to get out of school as fast as he could.
134:00: Stef says he was working 3 jobs at 11 years old.
160:00: Stef says he's done 800 podcast while writing this book.
[4] Practical Anarchy: The Freedom of the Future
56:00: Stef says his mom said we need balance between 3 places.
451:00: All about Stefan's hypothetical DRO system.
[5] Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love
24:00: Stef says christianity is a cult.
46:00: Stef says he helped fund and write a film for a ex girlfriend to further her career.
71:00: Stef says his wife did not express how she really felt about her friend getting married which concerned Stefan.
72:00: Stef says he was concerned his wife did not practice what she preached.
73:00: Stef says he worked at a daycare at 17.
140:00: Stef says Dr.Phil supports the military who are killers.
151:00: Stef says for 6 months he talked to his wife about her zinging him. Stef says when his wife explored her own childhood he found out she was treated horribly and why she would zing me.
152:00: Stef says his wife would express her problems to her family and she would be punished.
154:00: Stef says when his wife found out why she zinged Stefan she felt horrible.
213:00: Stef says christ is a fantasy.
258:00: Stef defending muslims and Osama Bin Laden.
281:00: Stef says 9/11 was not a inside job.
320:00: Stef says religious cultists.
330:00: Stef says cult of the family.
340:00: Stef says his book income is more steady than his donator.
363:00: Stef says he gets upset when he gets emails from his enemies.
373:00: Stef says most of us are raised as slaves.
410:00: Stef says he offers to debate people who criticise him.
444:00: Stef says superstitious cultists who goes to church with his fellow cult members.
480:00: Stef says he went to therapy 3 hours per week.
484:00: Stef says he went gold panning for 18 months to make more money for college. Stef says he read his first book on psychology while gold panning.
497:00: Stef says he has a half sister.
501:00: Stef says he broke with his mom and then 2 years later with his brother then 1 year later with his father who was less important.
[6] The Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers
3:00: Stef laughs oddly at his own joke.
[7] Universally Preferable Behavior (UPB) A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics
16:00: Stef says he has a masters degree but does not hold a PHD in philosophy.
42:00: Stef says cult of the family.
51:00: Stef makes weird noise.
237:00: Stef says kids in the care of parents are equal to kidnap victims.
240:00: Stef says kids are in a biological prison with their parents.
305:00: Stef mentions institutionalized violence.
340:00: Stef says to understand UPB you need to be highly intelligent.