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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 1800 - 1899

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 1800 through 1899. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[1805] Living Free in an Unfree World: Stefan Molyneux at Libertopia 2010
Length: 57:33
11:00: Stef says were in the finally stages of atlas Shrug in his opinion.
[1835] Inner Mom Mecosystem Role-Play Conversation
Length: 56:32
8:00: Stef is doing a mecosystem roleplay with a caller pretending to be her mom.
[1837] Nonviolent Communication - The Roundtable
Length: 53:24
Note: nonviolent communication roundtable.
[1839] Stefan Molyneux Freedomain Radio - Live on Truth Transmission
Length: 1:47:54
29:00: Stef says academics do not know how to create wealth. I don't want to create a thing just because I was in it I've spent 15 years growing a business.
30:00: Stef says I watched Zeitgeist Moving forward and said to myself this film has noby that actually worked in the market place. TZM moving forward is like homosexuality but is entirely made of right wing christians homophobes. Stef says if the film is about being gay maybe that should have a gay person on it. This film has nothing but professors who never worked in the freemarket, and pundits. Not one one business person talking about the freemarket of a film that is suppose to be talking about the freemarket. It takes a special kind of delusion to not process that.
[1848] Freedomain Radio Sunday Show 6 Feb 2010
Length: 2:00:07
17:00: Stef says Marshal Rosenberg had stopped a tribe from fighting and thought he made a real break through then the tribe went back to fighting when he left at which Rosenberg had to revise his writing and said it's a multigenerational change.
[1860] Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, 27 February 2011
Length: 2:12:54
44:00: Stef sings you will never find what I said on my podcasts therefore it's impossible to note therefore you'll never catch the big chatty forehead.
[1863] Freedomain Radio Sunday Call In Show March 3 2011
Length: 1:43:29
56:00: Stef says his daughter was registered by him in canada. Argumentative caller about Stef registering his daughter in canada.
[1870] Freedomain Radio Sunday Call In Show March 13 2011
Length: 1:37:52
46:00: Stef said in his youth he was handsome.
1:21:00: Stef says twins can end up having different genetics depending on their environment do to epigenetics which turns on or off certain gene sets.