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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Gold

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

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Table of Contents

[0] FDRP 113 why there is a god part 1
0:00: Stef sings for a little bit.
14:00: Stef says islam is a relatively new religion.
[1] FDR 114 why there is a God part 2
19:00: Stef says saint mary cured erectile disfunction just not through photo's.
[2] FDR meditation
0:00: Stef conducts meditation technique.
[3] FDR premium 40 public speaking
11:00: Stef says looking good for public speaking is not a good idea. Stef says it does not matter if you look good or bad.
[4] FDRP Trained to be exploitable
15:00: Stef makes fun of storm cloud gathering.
16:00: Stef notes that SCG deleted comments on his youtube channel.
37:00: Stef says he took adult level computer science courses as a kid.
58:00: Stef says he was almost going to get married to the wrong woman.
73:00: Stef says his daughter saw a boy stomping on spiders therefore that boy may not be the best friend for her.
83:00: Stef says he had his head beaten in as a kid. Stef says his mom would slam Stefan's head between a door.
92:00: Stef says his middle name is Basil.
111:00: Stef says he was a chatter box as a kid. Stef gives an example when he was a chatterbox as a kid.
[5] FDR premium 48 ego identification
3:00: Stef says having a healthy teeth is accidental attribute.
4:00: Stef says his mom took care of him when he was sick.
[6] FDR premium 49 Bad foo voo doo.
23:00: Stef says he got upset when David Hendricks took a swipe at at Stefan on a libertarian forum.
42:00: Stef talks about David Hendrick again at which he references to David as a heavy hitter within the libertarian community.
[7] FDR premium 50 Bad foo voo doo part 2
0:00: Rich talks about a post on liberating minds on how they are trying to come up with techniques to disarm Rich. Rich finds it amusing.
3:00: Rich thinks his relative is putting on a camouflage by learning about FDR in hopes to pull Rich out.
11:00: Stef says limi is feasting on Rich's relative. That Stef is swooping in to protect his biggest financial asset. Limi is going to get her all cranked up.
[8] FDR premium content 14 off track a dream analysis
11:00: Stef says he did not get a car till he was 33. Stef says he would normally bike or walk somewhere even in the winter.
[9] FDR premium content 16 the dinner party from hell.
55:00: Stef says philosophy is the most extreme sport you can get into.
[10] FDR premium content 17 aesthetics rational art
9:00: Stef talks about how book publishers would reject or not say anything about the books he wrote.
[11] FDR premium content 39 Greg Stef UPB RTR
84:00: Stef notes that Greg and his wife are not very enthusiastic about UPB book.
110:00: Stef says UPB is the ultimate defoo book.
118:00: Stef says both his parents were institutionalized. Stef says he came from humble origins.
[12] FDR premium content aesthetics and reality
0:00: Stef talks about a hidden forum for the gold and people within FDR. If you're gold, diamond, or philosopher king you'll have your own forum.
15:00: Stef calls Michael Moore a fat son of a bitch.
22:00: Stef says art is the attempt to mutate reality to continue to support fact which are not facts.
[13] FDR premium content sunday call in show. Jul 7, 2007
12:00: Stef says during therapy he would have fights with himself of which he would write down in the form of plays/scripts.
[14] FDR premium content taking the gloves off
0:00: Stef says the semi calm exterior he portrays is not always true.
5:00: Stef says he was a slave to anne Rhand. That whatever she said Stefan went with. Stef says he did not have an original thought in years.
[15] FDRP 60 exploiting Ron Paul supporters
30:00: Stef says because of Ron Paul supporters it's stopped avenues of publication for him like on
[16] FDRP 64 Sunday call in show Feb 3, 2008
17:00: Stef says after he put out UPB the libertarian community went dark on him. Stef can't get published anywhere. Stef says UPB gets rid of god.
69:00: Charlotte is upset because Stef revealed information about Nate that she said to Stef that this was not to be said in public. Stef said he got the information on Nate from another.
[17] FDRP 69 FDR graduation
14:00: Stef says he made it so trolls can post on the board without them knowing that no one can see their posts.
22:00: Stef says he assumes he's right unless there is a massive evidence that says otherwise.
32:00: Stef says his brother is by far the biggest saddest in his family.
55:00: Stef says there are people in his family that are glad that are glad that he's out. Stef says his brother could convince Stef to see his mother. that's not what he does. Stef's brother instead gives Stef a bitchy email.
58:00: Stef says his wife parents spent the money going to greece instead of spending it on a therapist and working on themselves.
[18] FDRP 72 freeing others part 1 classlessness
5:00: Stef says gold, silver, Bronze, is within plato's republic and Stef's donation system s based off this as well.
33:00: Stef says his wife is lactose intolerant.
44:00: Stef says not many people could come up with UPB.
[19] FDRP 74 freedom from slavery listener convo
0:00: Colleen reads a letter from her parents. Her dad wrote a letter that says Stefan is brilliant. Stef says what colleen's dad says is genuine. That the cycle of abuse stops with her and her dad.
61:00: Stef says he is hyper cautious of what he says but he thinks he's right.
[20] FDRP 80 freedom from slavery part 2 listener convo
0:00: Colleen reads mail from father to Stef.
15:00: Stef reads mail from his brother. His brother mentions the landmark forums are helping him peal back the layers.
22:00: Stef says he was drawn into business corruption.
25:00: Stef's upset that his brother abused and betrayed him.
76:00: Stef says this past week he had 2 fathers pull podcasts from FDR because they did not like the way they sounded.
[21] FDRP 97 Darwins hamster scary video 12 May 2008 23 29 49
22:00: Stef says he banned Donny with a 'a' because he could not get a straight answer out of him. Greg says Donny with a A rewrote Stef's metaphors. Stef accuses Donny with a A of not finishing his 150 page book because it's taking him to long.
24:00: Stef says FDR blows the university model away. Stef learned far more from podcasts than any university.
28:00: People succeeding in the academic setting are trolls.
29:00: Stef says he was the best man in Alex Tabria wedding but he refuses to talk about FDR.
31:00: Stef says he's a better teacher than the academics are. Stef says that's why he's a threat to them. Stef says he can't offer academics positions or other goodies. In the free market of teaching people I'm pissing academics off. I can teach people in my car fucking philosophy you don't need 8 years and a PHD to teach philosophy.
36:00: Stef says Donny with a A had to keep pushing until he got me. it's a bloodlust.
38:00: Stef says these people will take things to an absurd situation.
[22] FDRP 103 FDRs future
18:00: Stef says his wife studied a lot of child psychology in school.
26:00: Stef suggests doing a FDR boot camp where he is the leader.
51:00: Stef asks if anyone has suggestions on how FDR can build bridges or mend fences within the libertarian community.
52:00: Stef says we got Mises instiute and we could mend fences.
55:00: Stef says he runs the biggest libertarian podcast around. it be to my benefit to be cordial with those people.
69:00: Stef says a lot of people over in Mises board dislike Stef. The guy who founded the limi board dislikes Stef.
71:00: Stef says if libertarians like Mises are going to be hostile then I'll treat them like Ron Paulers. Stef says he already treats academics like Ron paulers already.
75:00: Stef says Mises offers people jobs I can't.
77:00: Stef says goes where the money is all of a sudden he's for Ron Paul then when he fails he proclaims he's a lebertarian.
82:00: Stef says there has been some real trash talk over on Mises site.
88:00: Stef says if the libertarians view me as an enemy because I'm right should I not take off the gloves. Stef says it's funny because economists preach free market yet stay as far away from it as possible. stef says economics are even in unions to protect themselves.
89:00: Stef says he's reaching more people than academics.
97:00: Stef says if mainstream libertarians crow is another type of religion then I won't pull any punches. One of us is going to be left standing and it's going to be me.
102:00: Stef says he would pull the gloves off and point out all the flaws within the movement.
105:00: Stef says if prominent members within the libertarian community are going to put FDR down then I'm going to take the gloves off.
110:00: Stef says he's posting this podcast in the donators section because a few names were thrown around as well as the reason is because donators are most important to him.
[23] FDRP 104 the social challenges of FDR
91:00: Stef says academics either have to admit what FDR is saying is right and do the same death walk we're doing.
105:00: Stef says it's easier to call FDR a cult then to attack the argument.
[24] FDRP 110 sunday call in show june 29, 2008
0:00: Stef talks about Walter Block article how block says poor people do not need to get subsidized however Stef notes that Block should not criticize since he works for a university that is subsidized by the state. Stef says he reaches more people than Walter Block among other things.
24:00: Stef goes on a long rant before 24:00 on why academics are bad. People who are rationalists are the worst attackers of FDR. Colleen's says this is why it's important to distance FDR away from academics. Stefan agrees with Colleen.
[25] FDRP 121 what trolls reveal
2:00: Stef says he does not at this time see a point in employing anybody to help out FDR. Stef says he is a jack of all trades.
8:00: Stefan talks about how he is not doing Mark Stevens anymore because Stef is antireligion.
26:00: Stef says he's never attacked academics. Stef says academics are stated funded yet criticize a free market show.
30:00: Stef says he did not say anything negative about academics because he wanted to reap the potential reward of academics
36:00: Stef's says his best friend is a free market economist who will not help Stef promote FDR. Stef was best man at this guy's wedding.
37:00: Stef says his friend was hostile towards him. Stef concludes his friend was upset because Stef is a threat to academics. Stef says he allowed to edit his podcasts when religion came up.
41:00: Stef calls one of his characters within his mecosystem Akahead Sharkfin. stef says Sharkfin is a nihilist.
46:00: Stef says there was a mysonogy on FDR board. Stef says when he addressed the issue more woman came on the board.
[26] FDRP 122 what trolls have to teach us conference.
1:00: Stef says trolls come to FDR because Stef is weasily.
4:00: Stef says politics, religion, and academics discredits the anarchy movement.
7:00: Stef talks about a radio host who can't bring up he's a atheist at which the radio hot is Mark Stephenson.
8:00: Stef says he's upset that freemarket economists are not talking about his show.
18:00: Stef says Mysongoy was in FDR and showed up in the prostitution debate.
24:00: Stef says he was disrespected by a friend for what he was doing on FDR. Stef says he was best man at this friend's wedding. Stef cut off relationship with this friend.
29:00: Stef brings up an example why he does not like academics. Stef says he did not know academics were state funded, this is why he does not attack himself.
33:00: Stef says I can't get mad at myself for not knowing something before I know. I wasn't an anarchist at 20.
39:00: Stef says FDR is not scientology or landmark forum. Stef says we do not charge a lot of money for things like cults do.
42:00: Stef says we don't always talk about the family. Stef says he does not change the topic it's what the listeners wants.
46:00: Stef says he knows 15 people out of 10's of thousands who defooed.
51:00: Stef says he charged only one listener to give advice too.
70:00: Stef says no point in converting Walter block to a voluntary teacher environment. Stef says Walter gets a lot of goodies from the state.
73:00: Stef says he's been doing this without 100 million dollars that religion and politics get.
84:00: Stef says he does not rely on the state for copyright protection.
[27] FDRP 124 foo shadows convo
73:00: Stef says limi people are the people who failed in their defoo.
[28] FDRP 129 inner child as master
26:00: Stef says dogs have a mecosystem. Mice have it even birds.
[29] FDRP 135 Nausea
12:00: Stef says limi/Swinkles are aware of the guardian article and have spread it around the internet.
39:00: Stef says david hendrick and Cowhen swinkles on limi have attacked Stefan. it's well known the people who have a problem. Stef posted a few places the verbal abuse that goes on in limi.
49:00: Stef says he implemented voluntary relationships within his life 10 years ago.
52:00: Stef says people need to grow a pair.
69:00: Stef says libertarians protest the fed but are not willing to speak out against Cowhen sprinkles.
[30] FDRP 144 harry Brown Sunday show feb 8, 2009
9:00: Stef says he was shocked to see Nathaniel Branden in person but also he looked 100 pounds overweight.
13:00: stef says he does not fake being himself. Stef says that who he is on the sunday show is who he is on the stage or when meeting people.
21:00: Stef says if someone offered him 21 million to start a university Stef says he would not take it.
[31] FDRP 144 stef NH reveiw
27:00: Stef talks about Bill Cosby show. Says Bill cosby talks about the ghetto culture in real life.
[32] FDRP 162 responsibility vs. trauma
5:00: Stef says his brother was a relativists.
9:00: Stef says he recalls a moment when his brother call him a baby. Stef said he was 4 years old at the time. Stef thinks his brother was pitiful for making fun of him as a baby.
19:00: Stef says people can't think or admit error.
30:00: Stef thinks all people are damaged children.
40:00: Stef says he has been treating the world more rational than it actually is.
[33] FDRP designing your life II
Note: More about Stoyan. Lived in Bulgari. went to Ivy League school. won a NASA competition.
29:00: Michael Demarco invested a ton of time in knowing Stefan's family.
32:00: Demarco has worked with the company for 10 years before he was employed by Stefan. Demarco got yelled at by his boss for taking too much time off. Demarco said this is what inspired him to leave the hospital where he was at.
37:00: Demarco was worried he misght lose his friendship with Stefan by working with him. Demarco knew going back to the hospital was not an option. Demarco does not know what he would do if he could not work for FDR.
39:00: Demarco went back to therapy when he was making the transition to work for FDR.
55:00: Demarco says he does not have a degree
64:00: Sometimes Demarco was ordered to restrain violent patients.
70:00: Stoyan was an incredibly accomplished painter until he moved into mathematics.
82:00: Demarco says he's glad to talk to Stoyan for the first time as to them talking through text.
[34] FDRP envisioning 2028
38:00: Stef says he kept badgering the guy to up Stefan's grade on his master's thesis till he gave Stef an 'A'.
[35] FDRP fascists among you part 7 the cure
16:00: Stef says the reason therapists advocate forgiveness is to allow evil to live in the world.
27:00: Stef says he has gone through the cure of getting angry
[36] FDRP Helfeld debate preparation 29 aug 2009 conf call
12:00: Stef said he cut audio out of the show of Jan Helfeld.
52:00: Stef says Jan helfeld was being very passive aggressive on the last sunday show.
[37] FDRP Holocausts convo
58:00: Stef says he would choose not to be born if he was going to only live to the age of 16.
[38] FDRP immediate post Helfeld debate 30 Aug 2009
40:00: Stef says he has no desire to debate with Helfeld again.
55:00: Stef says he told James not to put Jan Helfeld through in the call in show.
[39] FDRP post Joe Rogan
10:00: Stef says he got tickets from Joe Rogan to see a UFC fight. Stef says he will go.
[40] FDRP UFC experience