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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Bronze

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

The podcasts under the category of Bronze are premium podcasts, meaning you have to pay to get them. However you can also find those podcast free of charge on

Table of Contents

[0] FDR prem 58 barriers to freedom
12:00: Stef says #1 issue for Republican voters is illegal immigration. Stef says average whitey is afraid a none whitey will control the government.
[1] FDRP 106 Infidelity
11:00: Stef says he struggles with fidelity in the past.
[2] FDRP 111 pills and volcanoes
6:00: Stef says he posed as the caller in FDR chatroom to talk to the callers husband.
[3] FDRP 112 polyamory and history
52:00: Stef says he was raised by a mystic. (not in timestamp but stefs therapist is a mystic).
[4] FDRP 117 My history with loneliness
3:00: Stef says he only talks about experiences he's went through and dealt with on his podcasts. Stef says he does not experience loneliness like most people do.
46:00: Stef says he would laugh at the elephant man as other people would say it's rude.
[5] FDRP 118 the psychology of Nihilism part 1
0:00: Stef says his wife is moving into her new office.
16:00: Stef says when he was in grade 8 he took a grade 13 writing class. Stef says when he came to canada he was put 2 grades back. Stef says he is bad at math.
[6] FDRP 126 troll spotting
30:00: Stef says in arguing with a poster that stef is not a psychologist stef mentions his wife is a psychologist as to somehow justify him being a psychologist.
[7] FDRP 164 preparing for launch
26:00: Stef says you can learn about a person based on the board name they make up.
[8] FDRP forgiving evil
0:00: Stef says he brought up a question a person asked about Stefans mother beating him because Stefan left a cup on his mom's table that left a ring on the table.
34:00: Stef says he went through a phase of stealing things. Stef says he stole candy bars, electronics to train sets etc... Stef says he didn't feel guilty or sorry for stealing.
[9] FDRP freedomain radio as community listener convo.
12:00: Stef says he played with his daughter at chucky cheese and people thought he was weird. Stef says he cracked a joke that he's glad he had a kid cause before when he came here by himself it was just weird.
[10] FDRP libertopia review.
5:00: Stef says Mark Stevens is a bit rambly.
9:00: Stef talks about the concerts he would see. He stopped going to live concerts because he was put in the nosebleed sections.
[11] FDRP passion without principles
0:00: Stef says Russel Brand is a communist as well as he does not know much about political philosophy.
[12] FDRP porcfest 2010 post mortem
9:00: Stef says to be in talk radio in the U.s. is to deal with a lot of religion. mark Stevens and Michael Bernesick and freetalk live you hate to deal with a lot of religious people. Stef does not want to advertize he does not want to look over his shoulder. Stef says the demographic of FDR is being created rather than already developed.
11:00: it's tough to be an atheist in radio.
24:00: Stef says with jan helfeld he felt more comfortable getting annoyed.
41:00: Stef says he can't move to philly because his wife is licensed in ontario not new philly.
[13] FDRP porcfest 2011 speech preparations
2:00: Stef talks about fafa beans.
[14] FDRP proving free will (title is Determinism and One Million Dollars!)
20:00: Stef talks about stuff then says if they were able to claim those things they would be front and center within TZM.
[15] FDRP sexual obsession
24:00: Stef says he was not faithful to his G/F at the time in relation to a call.
[16] FDRP SFL Toronto post speech
16:00: Stef talks about TZM and peter joseph. Stef says if you can't explain it to a 4 year old you'll have problems.
18:00: Stef talks about how someone said peter gets frustrated. Stef is concerned peter is turning people into real bad employees.
[17] FDRP Late Night Shyts'n'Giggles 3 (10/3/2009)
3:00: Stef says he see's Jan Heldfeld and then proceeds to crack a joke about something Jan said. Neil and Franceswa are no longer on Stefs friends list.
67:00: Stef talks about balding.
78:00: Stef talks about his sister in law joking about gays and cleaning the kitchen.
[18] FDRP Stefan poverty
0:00: Stef talks about his life, his mom, dad, etc...
6:00: Stef says he was put back from grade 8 to grade 6 because his math skills were bad.
16:00: Stef says it's bad to admit you come from disordered genetic stock.
[19] FDRP the philosophy of leadership interview
Note: This podcast basically explores Stefans leadership style.
10:00: Caller mentions stef tried to start a political party.
13:00: Stef says he felt threatened with his political or philosophical beliefs but in the business world not so much.
19:00: Stef says Nathaniel Branden did not treat him like a equal. Stef says he tries to treat everybody like a equal.
37:00: Stef says he had trouble handling negative newspaper articles. Stef says he had a positive article on him in the toronto star.
51:00: Stef says do not take a leadership position to people you do not like.
52:00: Stef says if he does not like someone he debates he will end the debate asap.
61:00: Stef says he applied for a PHD but did not get accepted. Stef says it was because of his 3rd year in college was not so great.
[20] Sunday Premium Show 72 Sep 2009
29:00: Stef says a guy who was best man at my wedding is a guy I fired later on in our working relationship. The guy had a bad attitude. Stef has fired people from FDR and does not regret any of those decisions.
32:00: Stef says he's been fired once or twice. Stef says being fired is not a bad thing.
103:00: Stef says the reason it takes 10 to 15 years to get a PHD in philosophy is because they only want the most cowardly.