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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 3100 - 3199

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 3100 through 3199. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[3106] Making Breeding Fun Again - Call In Show - October 21st, 2015
Length: 2:34:19
3:00: Stef says he never planned on having kids.
1:18:00: Stef says if he continued down the IT path he would of been in control of 100 people that he was IT, sales, and marketing experience. Stef says because he is not in IT there are 100's of people that will lack a real good manager.
[3114] Getting Drunk Because Your Friends Suck - Call In Show - October 28th, 2015
Length: 3:02:55
2:29:00: Stef says FDR is not meant to be a movement.
[3116] Criticism: Why I Was Wrong About Socialism
Length: 23:08
18:00: Stef says did you listen to all of my shows?
[3121] The Flat Earth Conspiracy - Call In Show - November 4th, 2015
Length: 2:50:15
2:42:00: Stef says the reason he could not sell his novels is because there is too many R sets out there.
[3126] Win-Lose Situations - Call In Show - November 11th, 2015
Length: 2:47:13
25:00: Stef corrects a caller it's not Dr. Daniel Mackler I think he has a masters or something.
28:00: Stef says when he was younger he thought success was health, woman, etc..
45:00: Stef says he went to Newfoundland to debate. Stayed with a Marine biologist who was his father's friend.
[3134] The Kardashian Principle - Call in Show - November 21st, 2015
Length: 3:22:01
8:00: Stef says he wrote his 1st short story at 6 and wrote 1st novel at 11. Stef says he placed 6th in debating in canada.
2:18:00: Stef says he had a hard time getting a PHD do to affirmative action. Stef says this is why he did not get a PHD.
[3140] ICE CREAM FASCISM - Call In Show - November 27th, 2015
Length: 2:57:11
29:00: Stef critzsize PHD's horribly.
1:24:00: Stef says he was a free reign kid growing up and he turned out fine.
[3148] Being Clubbed With An Inert Brain - Call in Show - December 9th, 2015
Length: 2:48:09
1:14:00: Stef calls government a bureaucratic cult.
[3150] Save Me From Irrationality - Call In Show - December 11th, 2015
Length: 1:10:42
1:04:00: Stef says sleeping is designed to reduce calorie intake because we can't during the day.
[3183] A Waiter Without a Restaurant - Call In Show - January 20th, 2016
Length: 2:51:12
2:36:00: Stef says tech guru's are cultish.
[3191] The Most Honest Modern Woman Is Back! - Call In Show - January 22nd, 2016
Length: 3:26:46
6:00: Stef does hannibal lecter sound.
41:00: Stef says he does not know a single man in his life that went with a prostitute.
[3196] The Young Earth Science Debate! - Call In Show - February 3rd, 2016
Length: 1:58:00
Note: Stef says he never thought about having kids till he met his wife.