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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Ask a Therapist

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

The podcasts under the category of Ask a Therapist.

Table of Contents

[458] Ask A Therapist #1
0:00: Stef's wife first episode of ask a therapist. Stef's wife says this will be a consistent podcast on FDR.
[469] Ask A Therapist #2
0:00: Stef's wife e-mail is
13:00: Stef says fear is creativity.
24:00: Stef says not to give in. don't do the waiting game because they will continue to bother you at certain time periods.
30:00: Stef's wife talks about defooing from family and the difficulty in that. Stef notes his wife in mid 20s use to say she loves her parents.
[505] Ask A Therapst #3
28:00: Stef's wife says she and Stef went to a mineral house to buy naturopathic holistic stuff. Stef's wife sees value in it.
30:00: Stef says when he was in therapy he took yoga and got massages.
46:00: Stef says his brother left a message on his wife's phone. Stef feels uneasy answering the message. Stef says he has not seen his brother for years.
47:00: Stef says he advocates getting parents out of your life. he says you can't unwire 20 years of history.
[548] Ask A Therapist
30:00: Stef says he is upset someone would suggest that Stef's member base has no thoughts of their own. That in fact it's just Stef's thoughts they parate back to people.
45:00: Stef's wife says multiple times that Stefan is being passive aggressive towards criticism from another person.
[577] Ask A Therapist 7: Guilt
13:00: Stef's wife says she does not know much about hypnosis yet says hypnosis is unreliable when it comes to recalling history.
29:00: Stef's wife says her parents threatened to come by their house.Stef's wife says it's been 2 over 2 years since she has contacted her parents.
31:00: Stef says if his wife's parents want to have it out that he's ready to do it.
33:00 - 43:00: Stef says his wife's parents might slap him across his face with a spatula for stealing their daughter. Stef's wife says her parents were more liberal than most greek parents. Stef's wife says very little physical violence, little verbal violence. Stef's wife thinks she did the wrong thing in defooing her parents. Stef's wife says her father does not even cuss.
1:03:00: Stef says nothings wrong in small talk.
1:09:00: Stef says he predicted the parents would not come to their house to talk to their daughter.
[587] Mental Health - Jan 7th '07
0:00: Stef explains his wife's does and specifically where she works. Stef's says his wife is a psychologist.
30:00: Stef jokes his mother feared he would never see her again and then he never saw her again.
1:34:00: Stef says if need be kick your brother out if he continues to disagree.
1:39:00: Stef says it's a good debate tactic to say this is my house to end a debate with his brother.
[610] Ask A Therapist #9
6:00: Stef's wife gave some research on teens. Stef disagreed with the research eyt gave no research to back up his own claim. His wife then agreed with Stefan saying the research would support what Stef's saying.
7:00: Stef's wife says her family would allow her to sip wine. Stef's wife says there is nothing wrong with that, it's more of a law that people under 21 not drink. Stef wife says go to another country and it's legal. Stef wife says go to Europe there is no drinking age. Stef's wife noticed that a relative of her's took her kids to a disco.
27:00: Stef's wife read a letter. Stef's wife says she needed to know more before she can comment on the problem. Laughingly she allows Stefan to answer the letter saying Stef is allowed to answer the letter because he's not a therapist.
[622] Ask A Therapist 10
12:00: Stef's wife does not know any libertarian men besides her husband Stef. Stef talks a bit about his wife how She's not really social, does not have sex (before she married Stef). Ate at her parents house.
45:00: Stef's wife goes on about something and then ends her sentence with 'there is sad days'. Stef chimes in and says enormous sadness. Stef's wife agrees and says 'enormous sadness.
49:00: Stef's wife repeats in the background of what Stef says. Stef says defooing is terrible and Stef's wife agrees.
52:00: Stef mentions something briefly about a journal he made in his therapy called 'crazy talk'.
[648] Ask A Therapist #11
27:00: Stef says you may not want to join libertarian group. Stef says libertarians can be kind of freaky. Stef said he tried to start a political party in his mid twenties.
[667] Ask A Therapist #12
10:00: Stef's wife says you have a university degree that means something.
41:00: Stef says his wife is supporting his jabba the hut philosophical ass.
[710] Ask A Therapist #15: The anatomy of a breakup
38:00: Stef's wife says she made up the word foo when writing in class.
55:00: Stef's wife says she use to say she was close to her family however she was not.
[783] Ask A Therapist #18
23:00: Stef says his dad had a phd and was institutionalized , dad was also going to mental illness.
49:00: Stef's wife says she goes through a hypothesis as to how she would deal with kids. (Stef may disagree with this)
1:56:00: Stef's wife says once she gained self knowledge there was a period of time where she was to afraid to leave the house to see people. Stef says people liked Stef's wife parents it was really hard for Stef's wife to defoo her parents. Stef's wife was in fear of having to defend her position to defoo her parents from people who liked them. Stef's wife felt like she was getting attacked each time she had to defend defooing her parents to people she knew. Stef's wife says it's ok to meet people and go out. it's being social. You don't have to have the same beliefs you just can't have very deep discussions. Stef buts in that you don't need to be friends with the cashier.
2:01:00: Stef's wife says you must stay firm with your convictions by hiding at home. Stef says attacks don't have to be obvious. it's the subtle rationality that their your parents as to why not to defoo.
2:02:00: Stef says your people get the bad people out of your life before you fix yourself. Like getting off the drug before you start rehab.
2:03:00: Stef says trust people within the boards you will always have someone to talk to on FDR.
2:04:00: Stef says if he wakes up from the illusion and can't connect with each other then you'll really wish you did not have the red pill.
[792] Ask A Therapist #19: Polyamorism
27:00: Stef jokes that he almost got rid of all of his wife's friends. Stef says he only lets her out to see patients only because he can profit from them.
[801] Ask A Therapist #20
11:00: Stef's wife says she had broken away from the christian cult recently.
[813] Ask A Therapist #22
22:00: Stef's wife is more for environmental influence than genetic influence.
24:00: Stef says he was stuck in the friend zone because he was going after females that were hotter than him.
25:00: Stef says he got rejected by book companies for 20 years until Stef evaluated what the book companies want is when he realized why he got rejected and why he did not want to write anymore books.
29:00: Stef was upset at the start of their marriage as his wife would say something very critical of Stefan.
40:00: Stef says he kicked his mom out when he was 15. Stef says he is attempting to give the caller ideas on how to deal with his parents.
42:00: Stef says he would visit his mom at the mental institution and wonder why no one would ask how he was living.
47:00: Stef's wife says the main reason she left child therapy is because she could not get the parents to listen.
[817] Ask A Therapist #23
2:00: Stef says him and his wife defooed their siblings for siding with their parents.
4:00: Stef wife said Stef's brother was stefs best friend. Stef's wife did not get along with her sister.
6:00: Stef's wife said your brother cannot align with your family and be with you. Stef and his brother would visit their mother at the mental hospital. They would walk away in a daze at how crazy their mother is.
29:00: Stef's wife is upset that her parents did things for her with her permission.
[877] Ask A Therapist 25 Part 1
27:00: Stef says he has a therapy journal called crazy talk that he wants to turn into a book. Stef says in the book he talks to characters within himself he wrote them out in play format.