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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 400 - 499

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 400 through 499. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[401] Who is to blame?
Length: 44:55
0:00: Stef says he would kill a oritor if they advocated killing him.
16:00: Stef says he had been slammed as a child to religious instructions and state conformity.
41:00: Stef says he is coming up with a full disclosure not just for parents but for the kids as well.
[406] Who Is To Blame - Part 2: Parents?
Length: 39:10
19:00: Stef says he was caned in school and beaten in the home.
[407] Who Is To Blame - Part 3: A Conditional Answer
Length: 46:12
1:00: Stef suggests FDR is a movement.
30:00: Stef says he studied philosophy since he was a teen for about 25 years. Stef says he's 16 days till he turns 40. Stef says he had to read this stuff in his mid teens. Then he went to university where he studied english literature and history. Then Stef did a couple of years in school where he playwriting, acting and novels.
31:00: Stef says he wrote a historical novel he eventually got published. Stef says he went to Mcgil university where he completed his undergraduate. Stef says at Mcgil he too some courses on philosophy. Stef says he then did his masters where he learned to translate french enough to get by. Learned economics. Stef says he learned economics, wrote novels, wrote a manifesto back when Stef was young and a way to go. Stef says he was a semi professional debater in university. Stef says he was ranked 8th in canada in debating.
32:00: Stef says he did personal therapy to get over irrational sides which were not making him happy. Therapy lead Stef with his wife's help to study the family. Stef says he read hundred of books on science, economics, etc... Stef says he spent tens of thousands of hours reading, debating, writing. Stef says he sort of worked in the free market so he has a good understanding of the market forces.
33:00: Stef says he cofounded a company and worked in it for 7 years as a chief technology officer. Stef says he was going through some educational process. Stef says the company he cofounded was never that big was around at most 30 people. Stef says he has done sales, marketing, etc.. Stef says he has some real world experience in economics.
[408] Forgiveness And Responsibility - A Debate
Length: 56:19
0:00: Stef says his wife has a background in cognitive therapy.
8:00: Stef says his wife is lactose intolerant.
42:00: Stef says his wife experienced discomfort when stef noticed they went over to her parents house and his wife went and hid from her parents.
[409] 10 September 2006 - Call In Show
Length: 2:29:05
63:00: Stef says people who are eloquent should change the government.
76:00: Stef says he does not have kids yet. Stef says as a daycare worker if the kids did not listen stef said he would cry. Stef says he restrained his niece from wondering off in traffic.
85:00: Stef says people do think for themselves inherently
89:00: Stef says he was raised as a good protestant child who went to boarding school at 18. Stef says he began to change intellectually.
110:00: Stef says his good friend John helped him be who he us.
138:00: Caller calls out how Stef does very broad generalizations and Stef agree's. Caller says Stef's absolute statements are dangerous.
[410] An Introduction to Philosophy - Part 5: Politics 3
Length: 36:45
17:00: Stef says he went to school in england. Stef says he went to school here went to 3 universities got his graduates.
18:00: Stef says 'elephant in the living room', a lot of times, when it's 'Elephant in the room'.
[411] Apologies for Lecturing
Length: 45:20
4:00: Stef says people are upset because they think he's telling them what to do.
27:00: Stef talks about a podcast where he is leaving a job that was not too positive for him. Stef says his personal journals have never been published.
31:00: Can hear loud noise in the background.
35:00: Stef says he does not want to be a hierarchical or an authority within FDR.
[414] two dreams - part 2
Length: 39:12
8:00: Stef says god is human excrement, urine, and waste.
[419] Reason And Passion - Part 1
Length: 41:04
0:00: Stef says he is on his first day of going to his new job.
11:00: Stef says that this person needs to take a flying fudge off a rolling donut.
30:00: Stef says to study your enemy so you can see their tricks and also use the tricks that work.
[420] Reason And Passion - Part 2
Length: 42:10
0:00: Stef says he's coming home from his new position and likes it. Stef says he's director product lay management at pevolocity. Stef says his birthday is sep 18.
29:00: Stef says he can be assertive and tough but if someone calls my bluff I'll fall apart.
31:00: Stef says he signed his wife up to win a spa. Stef's wife won not the spa but to try skincare products. Stef says to his wife if all they are going to do it pitch you their product to buy. Stef's wife said no she does not think so. Stef's wife said she would cancel the appointment but she kept forgetting to. Eventually a person came by their house and stayed for 1 hour and a half. Stef was upstairs listening to what was going on.
32:00: Stef says it was a salesman. Stef says they got exploited by the sales person. Stef says his wife was not very assertive in getting rid of the sales person for a variety of reasons. Stef says the woman did not even leave any samples.
[421] humiliation
Length: 52:51
36:00: Stef says the saleswoman who came to their house is punishing his wife.
43:00: Stef says *insanely* all they do is crush, crush, crush.
49:00: Stef says the first pleasurable bowel movement. Stef makes a weird noise.
[422] Maternal Passive Aggression
Length: 44:36
7:00: Stef says he fell off his bike and had a hairline crack on his forearm. Stef says he was very careful not to do anything with his left arm. Stef says he is left handed.
8:00: Stef says he just started digging for gold in his eyes. So you need to watch the videos.
15:00: Stef says he dressed down a marine but not many people.
21:00: Stef says cliff clabin from cheers is a loser if he was a CEO people would've taken him more seriously. Stef says he had more unsuccessful relationships than the remaining hairs on his head.
[423] Theory And Practice - Pocket Nukes and Global Warming
Length: 42:50
10:00: Stef says government created nukes therefore nukes are evil. Stef says in a freemarket society nukes would not be invented; wait Stef says he takes that back.
25:00: Stef says he does not know anybody who believes in global warming to think that roads should be privatized.
[424] reaching student
Length: 48:42
Note: one of the worst podcasts stef did
3:00: Stef says his experience with teaching is limited. Stef says he was an assistant teacher where the kids were from broken homes. Stef says he was an assistant teacher for a program for gifted children.
4:00: Stef says he taught shakespeare for a grade 8 girls for a day for a friend of his.
10:00: Stef says when he was way younger he was a little shallow. Stef says he needed woman that were more than accidental cheekbones.
16:00: Stef says a sales pitch he uses is called spray or pray or death by powerpoint.
17:00: Stef goes into how he conducts a sales pitch. Stef says he does not ask the people he's giving the pitch to questions.
20:00: Stef says in his childhood he had lembago where his bones were growing faster than his tendons. Stef says he in his teens went through a period where his skin itched, stef says his skin itched, body hurt from growing to fast and all he can think about as a teen is sex.
33:00: Stef says verbal communication is important and yet they do not teach it in school.
42:00: Stef says good students are not ones who do good on tests that other people make up.
[425] anger and evolution
Length: 47:23
0:00: Stef says he has 3 days to not be 40.
11:00: Stef says his wife thinks he's the most gentle soul in the universe.
43:00: Stef laughs insanely for a few minutes on and off.
[426] israel and power
Length: 45:54
8:00: Stef says canadians are prostateists propagandist robots. Stef says one of the reasons ste's mom fled england is because his mother was afraid of communism.
9:00: Stef says him and his mom fled england right before Thatcher revolution to canada. Stef says 'Ah my mother always looking ahead'.
13:00: Stef says podcasting was invented 10 years ago I would have some backtracking to do.
35:00: Stef says israeli economy is a complete basket case if it wasn't for america backing it up it would of fallen long ago.
[427] fearing parents
Length: 49:44
0:00: Stef says he sang save a horse ride a cowboy at karaoke.
34:00: Stef says he asks his wife how their marriage is and how he can do things better.
45:00: Stef says change will come slowly.
[428] 24 September 2006 - Call In
Length: 1:19:55
0:00: Stef says his birthday today is on sept 24, he was born on 6pm and will be turning 40.
15:00: Stef says he was in school till he was 27 years of age, that is ridiculous.
40:00: Stef says he learned this after dropping $20,000 in therapy.
42:00: Stef says when he was a little kid his dad left his mom while stef was 6 months old. Stef says as a kid they made Stef write to his dad. Stef says he wrote dear 'Tom', Tom is Stef's dad's name. They said Stef can't send this letter because he called his father Tom and not Dad. Stef says why are you trying to change me. Stef says people try to change the more vulnerable.
68:00: Stef says he lived in canada for 25 years. Stef says he grew up in London, then lived in Africa, then went to a boarding school near whales.
76:00: Stef says as a kid the thought of nuclear war hampered his maths skills.
[429] masculine mastery
Length: 54:20
14:00: Stef says he's never been in a fist fight in his life.
16:00: Stef says that most woman are primal they want a guy that's taller than her.
21:00: Stef says he was upset when his wife sided with someone else stef said he does not consider this situation the height of loyalty. Stef says you can't choose me as a lover then side with the grocery store.
23:00: Stef says you don't want to side with a clerk because they disapprove. Stef says you want to side with your husband your lover. Stef says he feels betrayed and disrespected. Stef says if you side with the clerk then the bond we have must not be that strong.
27:00: Stef says what would he think if a wife rolled her eyes at her husband. he'd think 'what a bitch.'.
31:00: Stef says admittingly it was his fault for not paying for the groceries as he was waiting for his wife but none the less that does not mean you should lose respect for me.
36:00: Stef says his wife disrespected Stef in front of a grocery clerk.
38:00: Stef says in a marriage the wife always needs respect even when they're wrong.
41:00: Stef says his wife is undermining the marriage by rolling her eyes.
42:00: Stef says him and his wife talked about the eye rolling for hours.
43:00: Stef says if a grocery clerk gets you to turn on me then Stef says he can turn on his wife at a snap of a finger.
44:00: Stef says one of those things to have a good marriage is to not roll your eyes at me. Stef says we must have a common front.
45:00: Stef says his wife learned that from her dad that his wife did not innately do that. That her mom was a bossy know it all.
53:00: Stef says do not be afraid to confront someone if you feel disrespected.
[430] Invisible Snipers And Fighting In Cars
Length: 39:43
2:00: Stef says he likes his new job. Stef says he can't come home to early because his wife's patients get fussy with him.
4:00: Stef says as a kid more so but even now he wants people he loves to get into the things he's into.
6:00: Stef says he was trying to get his wife into a mp3 player.Stef says he got short with his wife when she is trying to work with the MP3 player.
9:00: Stef talks about how he can't get a facial if he can't shave.
12:00: Stef says because his wife forgot the razor he can't get a facial because his at 7 years old was heavily criticized for forgetting something by her parents.
14:00: Stef says couples never fight about sex, money, etc..
[431] fearing global warming
Length: 29:38
17:00: Stef says he is an experienced computer programmer.
[433] battling addiction
Length: 45:23
9:00: Stef says someone wanted to do a remix of Stef's maniacal laugh. Stef says if they do stef will promote.
10:00: Stef says his wife worked in a mental hospital for about 10 years.
31:00: Stef says libertarians are 3 runs above the guys who cut their balls off to join the comet.
[434] maternal addiction
Length: 47:51
0:00: Stef says his wife is seeing a patient until 6pm.
5:00: Stef says he knows a number of people in the sports world who have went through some pretty creepy things.
7:00: Stef says he dated a indian woman for a number of years. Stef says his sister in law is indian. Stef says he's never met an indian who was not sexually exploited. Stef ays main reason for state to be is to sexual exploit children.
8:00: Stef says his mother was sexually inappropriate when it came to sexual boundaries within the family. Stef says his mother would walk around naked until stef and his brother in their mid teens begged her to stop doing that. Stef says his mother would leave pornagraphic magazine's around. Stef says the magazine's involved mother and son incest.
9:00: Stef says not good old porn. Stef says he was sick of the stuff she left around. Stef says his mom never touched him sexually. Stef says it was heavily charged sexual atmosphere with his household.
10:00: Stef says his mother managed to squelch this sexual impulse in and doing so she became more mentally disturbed. Stef says his mom was a pretty girl, very attractive. Stef says his mom grew up in several orphanages. Stef says he can only imagine what she went through in her own childhood. Stef says she would physically abuse them. Stef says his mom had a mental collapse then eventually went into a mental institution.
22:00: Stef says his own father slept with his mother in the same bed until he was 8 or 9. Stef says his dad said he remembered seeing his mom's boobs. Stef says he writes about this in 'Almost'. Stef says his dad had the most terrible relations with woman. Stef says a good example is he married his mom.
34:00: Stef says there is a lot of mother son incest in the world.
37:00: Stef says his dad left ste's mother because he could not handle her/ She was terrifying and violent.
38:00: Stef says his dad who was 35 or 40 years old was the main income earner. Stef says he was not able to handle my mother and ran away to africa but me as a 18 month or 12 month old baby should have no problem.
[435] The Argument From Psychology
Length: 42:06
2:00: Stef says there needs to be a ban on arguments of psychology. Stef says he may look like a hypocrite because he uses arguments from psychology. Stef related a court case to how one should conduct a argument.
12:00: Stef says he had a bad childhood, not the worst but certainly below average.
15:00: Stef says the whole point of the show is about personal freedom.
[436] But the government and the church are so nice!
Length: 35:07
15:00: Stef says he just paid off his car.
[437] Vulnerability
Length: 37:46
3:00: Stef says the world is messed he and children are taking the brunt of the horribleness.
6:00: Stef says there are very few people with or without abused childhood who are into philosophy from at which the depths he is at.
9:00: Stef says he's doing jokes that people 200 years from now will not get when doing their PHD's on my podcasts.
[438] Argoth And The Dragon
Length: 44:28
31:00: Stef says he is not one to blame the victim.
[440] 1 October 2006 - Call In Show
Length: 2:22:50
1:00: Stef begins to mention again how his wife rolled her eyes at him at the grocery store because of a grocery clerk. Stef says he was hurt from it.
7:00: Stef say one woman he went out with said he talked too much. Another woman Stef went out with said Stef sounded gay when he got excited.
21:00: Stef says he began to question his mom. Stef says when he began to experience the problems with his family and therefore he was soon ejected out of his family.
30:00: Stef says we must open ourselves up to see if people have changed.
35:00: Stef says at 14 or 15 he says his parents stopped hitting him and used psychological torture. Stef says it's because he could not hit back.
37:00: Stef recommended to look into Bathanal Bradon a psychologist.
47:00: Stef says he's constantly in need of his wife's approval.
48:00: Stef says jokingly talks about Stef needing his wife's approval for his brothers new corrupt business venture.
56:00: Stef says it was his wife's idea to get married.
61:00: Some person recommends that stef edit audio to argue against himself.
66:00: Stef says religious people are way further forward than nihilists.
95:00: Stef says he had very few friends. Stef says when he was making the transition to defoo his friends thought Stef was crazy. The problem is not that they thought he was crazy but that they could not prove he was crazy he had to lose those friends.
97:00: Stef says his wife went through the same thing as well as far as losing friends.
110:00: Stef says he went through what he went through because he could not sleep. Stef says therapy helped him but there was a series of events that led him not to sleep. Stef says he found out some corruption going on with the company and felt bad about it when investors invested in the company.
112:00: Stef says he didn't do anything illegal but the general market did not know the company was in trouble. Stef says his brother betrayed him. The company betrayed him, that led to Stef in a real morale quagmire. Stef says he was in a relationship at the time that was not good. Stef says he could not sleep because of all of that. Stef says he was starting to become a exploiter as well.
114:00: Stef says he did not want to change but had to.
1:53:00 - 1:54:00: Stef says he did 3 hours of therapy a week. Stef says he had a therapist, stef says his wife had him.
1:54:00: Greg said he would not be at the place he's at without he brother john, Stef, and fdr boards help. Stef agrees
139:00: Stef says a 6 year old is not amorale age however a 25 year old is. A 6 year old becomes a moral agent at 17.
[441] the abuse myth
Length: 58:16
19:00: Stef says his mom could not admit she was wrong.
54:00: Stef says he agrees with most of what Al Rosenberg said. (the maker of non violent communication.)
[444] Anti-Masculinity - Part 1
Length: 40:04
Note: Stef on masculinity (editor's note for laughs)
18:00: Stef says he was fairly scrowing as a kid.
[445] Anti-Masculinity - Part 2
Length: 45:59
5:00: Stef is begging for donations. Stef says is he does not get more money he much rather spend his time writing novels.
33:00: Stef goes into a masculine rant. Stef says his wife will point out attractive woman to him.
[446] Full Disclosure - Part 3: Soldiers
Length: 42:44
Note: Stef pretends to be a soldier
8:00: Stef laughs insanely.
[447] Full Disclosure - Part 4: Cops
Length: 26:16
Note: Stef pretends to be a cop
[448] Empiricism and Nonsense - Part 1: Church
Length: 40:54
17:00: Stef says he is susceptible to propaganda.
[450] libertopia
Length: 57:48
45:00: Stef says no one had ever talked about the family before his show.
[455] Philosophy Is Laughter
Length: 48:18
22:00: Stef says going to New hampster and voting libertarian is not enough for him.
[456] The Heart Is An Organ Of Fire
Length: 53:47
28:00: Stef says as a young teen he was not wise.
46:00: Stef says he did chastity for a little bit while in therapy.
[457] Arguments Against Anarchy
Length: 41:37
18:00: Stef says he's been working in the software business for 15 years. Stef says he has earned the right of trust and the need to not check up because he's been in the tech industry so long.
26:00: Stef says he never had a driver's license until he was 33 years old. Stef says his insurance quote was really high. Stef says now it's really low because he's had 7 years with a problem (editor's note stef is 40 years old in this podcast.).
39:00: Stef says who is going to pay him for his time, frustration, etc.. To learn a new piece of software. Just because it's free does not mean it makes sense to use. Stef begins to beg for donations suggesting that donations help him do more podcasts.
[459] bullying little girls
Length: 36:39
0:00: Stef says 1st episode of ask a therapist should be number 458.
[460] 15 October 2006 - Call In Show
Length: 2:35:50
0:00: Stef says he was invited to a libertarian conference.
5:00: Lisnted asks if there is 1 person alive who has listened to all the podcasts. Stef says he has been married for 2 years and had known his wife for 1 year before they got married.
15:00: Stef says CIA pulled themselves away from imaginary Al Qaeda to yell at a 14 year old girl.
29:00: Stef says he is an economist among various other titles he gives himself.
73:00: Stef says he was for the war in Iraq when it started but had a change of heart.
82:00: Stef says he is not going to say anything about his wife's patients but etc... (Editor note suggests his wife discusses patients with Stef).
87:00: Stef says just because you historically see your brother, mother, father, does not mean it's right.
131:00: Stef says he's been around a lot of gays from acting school to theater.
136:00: Stef says his wife did something on her show called ask a psychologist.
[461] Rulers and Ruled
Length: 40:45
3:00: Stef says there is a increase in female presence within the chatroom. Stef says he thinks because his wife is getting more involved that there is more female participation.
25:00: Stef says his ancestral family's wealth was go to his families oppression of other people in ireland. Probably worked the peasants into oblivion.
30:00: Stef says his family had a type of historical vanity. Stef says on his mother's side it was more artistic pursuits and writing. Stef says on his father's side had some near top tier made some contributions to philosophy and science. Stef says his father's obsession has been raising the family fortune because they fell. Stef says his great grandfather whored and drank away the family fortune. Stef says this left his grandfather who put 4 daughters and a son through school.
31:00: Stef clears his throat then says he's sounded like that prison planet guy. Stef says this obsession of gaining back family honor interesting to Stef. stef says his father really believes the family was good and noble when they were exploiting the peasants. Stef says his father says no that we have to work for a living it's a dishonor that we were more noble stealing from the poor.
39:00: Stef says he having the gift of gab was biologically inherited. Stef says that a libertarian may know more but may not have the natural gift of the gab he has.
[462] Govt As Cover For Predators
Length: 25:02
0:00: Stef sings
11:00: Stef says he does not sell to the government now and he has the chance to change the world. Stef says he works at
[463] Economics and Frustrationv
Length: 44:14
2:00: Stef says his wife gets pretty snippy to people who are in the service industry.
15:00: Stef says for a time he worked as a bill collector and also did political interviews.
23:00: Stef says his wife does all the finances for the last couple of years.
38:00: Stef talks about a graphics card that kept crashing until he changed settings on his motherboard based on what a web forum said.
[464] The end of war
Length: 40:20
0:00: Stef says he's been doing this little over a year. Stef says he would read his articles then found out he could do candid talk.
15:00: Stef says he has a little bit of trouble with pattern recognition.
29:00: Stef says he will never quit his IT job never. Stef says if he gets enough to do FDR than he says he'll do FDR full time.
[465] stef the war hero
Length: 32:44
0:00: Stef says he agreed with the Iraq war up until the end of it. Stef says Harry Brown helped Stef around in that belief. Stef says Harry also changed his mind on being an anarchist. Stef says he had email correspondence with Harry Brown a few times.
3:00: Stef says he grew up in Britain with a type of blood lust.
6:00: Stef says his family was heavily involved in war. Stef says half of his family wiped out in the bombings. Stef says his mom's family was wiped out because she was jewish. Stef says his mom was raped in a orphanage. Stef says his mom's mom was jewish.
14:00: Stef says he was for the war because he thought it made him tough and manly.
20:00: Stef goes into tough military talk when he agreed with the war.
23:00: Stef says he did not live his values for a few years. Stef says he was a bit of a coward.
26:00: Stef says his mother, brother, business partners are not virtuous people.
[466] My Personal Journey to Freedom
Length: 44:22
1:00: Stef says he gets slow motion sickness.
7:00: Stef says he started getting into philosophy at 16 or 17.
8:00: Stef says he was born in 1966
22:00: Stef says he's a better typist than a writer.
24:00: Stef says everybody was his friend except religious people. Stef says his brother was the exact opposite to him he is evil to the cord.
25:00: Stef says his brother's philosophy came about because Stef was developing his own philosophy.
26:00: Stef says he and his brother have the exact opposite philosophies. Stef says their was another who joined Stef and his brothers company who was evil and corrupt was a dark angel to his brother. Both his brother and the guy are corrupt frauds.
28:00: Stef says around 32 or 33 he could not sleep. Stef says the company he founded drew in a slimy capital class. Stef says they were pump and dumps.
29:00: Stef says his company was ruined by IPO's. Stef says the company was corrupt.
31:00: Stef says his company on paper was worth over 1 million dollars at one point.
32:00: Stef says while in therapy he got out of a 7 year relationship, broke with his mother within 6 to 7 months of therapy.
33:00: Stef says he broke away and took time to write a book. Stef says his therapist was not a moralist. Stef says he broke with all his friends.
37:00: Stef says he has berated people from time to time.
38:00: Stef says you cannot have the knowledge before you have the knowledge.
39:00: Stef says it took him 20 years to live by philosophy.
40:00: Stef says it never occurred for him to be an anarchist until 2 years ago.
[467] Moral Empiricism and You...
Length: 31:00
0:00: Stef says 5 or 6 years ago he was dating a woman who was macho.
13:00: Stef says he spent $20,000 on therapy.
23:00: Stef says morality in mid 30's for him is actionable.
30:00: Stef brings up Hannibal lector and calls him fafa bean dude.
[468] Seeing Through Darkness
Length: 43:09
0:00: Stef says he's writing for work about profit maximization within a manufacturing environment.
17:00: Stef says if you have no capacity to be cut throat then you have no capacity to be good.
41:00: Stef says his brother came from the same family as he. Stef says he turned out rational but his brother turned out the exact opposite of me.
43:00: Stef says they will be recording version 2 on ask a therapist.
[470] The Tyranny Of Me
Length: 35:42
3:00: Stef says he always needs to be productive. Stef says he was never a successful novelist.
14:00: Stef says he plays unreal tournament 2004.
16:00: Stef says he funded himself writing his novels.
31:00: Stef says he did ask a therapist part II.
[471] 21 October 2006 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:23:30
4:00: Stef says he worked as a gold panner for a year after high school.Stef says he read the bible during that time.
40:00: Stef says Sam Harris does not care about anything but getting book deals. Is it so hard to think anarchism is the only way.
84:00: Stef says he's in the marketing world now.
98:00: Stef says if it was illegal for FDR to be on the radio then that's it he gives up to the state.
110:00: Stef says if a cop stops him he will submit to them as meekly as a lamb.
116:00: Stef says if the government points the gun at me he will go quietly in hope to get out in 10 years but he will root on the people who fight the government.
2:17:00: Stef says he gets annoyed at others who try to make others happy like waiters who constantly ask if he's happy. In this case Stef says he does not want to be happy it's annoying.
[472] Are Children Selfish and Lazy? Part 1
Length: 32:05
3:00: Stef talks about his wife talking about a ask a therapist episode.
8:00: Stef says his wife is Greek. Stef says he has nieces and remembers taking them to do laundry. Stef says he remembers how much they wanted to help. Stef says they did a great job helping. Stef says he can't see his nieces because of his brother.
26:00: Stef says he use to hang out with thugs when he was a kid.
[473] Are Children Selfish and Lazy? Part 2
Length: 34:42
2:00: Stef says in his childhood people thought he was a cheating weasel.
5:00: Stef said he went to boarding school at 6 ½ maybe 7.
10:00: Stef says he got cained in boarding school for going over a wall to get a ball.
11:00: Stef says he remembers his nieces burst in tears because of the amount of homework they get.
18:00: Stef says Sigmund Freud did not want to look bad infront of the jewish master race so he rethought his thoughts on childhood.
[474] Psychological Defenses - Part 1
Length: 46:19
4:00: Stef says his mom did not recall the abuse she did onto Stef as a kid.
7:00: Stef says he's known for charging ahead to get things done.
29:00: Stef says his mom acted out sexually inappropriate behavior while his brother was in London. Stef says his mom stopped to her credit she psychologically crashed, she stayed in her bed all the time.
30:00: Stef says his mom was eventually institutionalized. Stef says after that him and his brother got jobs and just survived. Stef says 14 and15 onwards he was on his own. Stef says his mom got out of her depression she had persecutory complex. Stef says when he was 11 his mother could not find the sweeper. She blamed the people who were fixing the tile then demanded Stef to ask his friend if they stole the vacuum cleaner.
31:00: Stef says his mom had a week ego of not being able to admit fault but would rather find a scapegoat. Stef says his mom was born in 1937 in Berlin Germany of Jewish heritage. Stef says where is mom was born at was not a good place to be. 4 years being pushed around in orphanages you can imagine what goes on in orphanages.
32:00: Stef says she started off a victim in life then has become a victimizer. Stef says his mom experienced deep loathing from beating her kids. Stef says the friend had the vacuum cleaner. Stef says his mom did not say she was sorry. She would rage at people who had any criticism towards her.
34:00: Stef says his therapist says his mom has a unlived life as a murder. Stef says after his mom awakened from depression in the late 70's early 80's she was in her mid 40's. Stef says his mom is 69 now.
35:00: Stef says his mom knew the victims are leaving she began to formulate that doctors were killing her. 1 of the doctors was garman. When a car would backfire she would think someone is shooting at her. Stef says she would see graffiti on the wall and think it's a message from insurance agency telling her to back off or they will kill her.
37:00: Stef says his mom was not a big woman. Stef says she had a endless court case against her doctors. Went on for years. Stef says he only still knew her about a decade after that. Stef says he stayed with his mother after undergraduate because he just could not get a job. Stef says he got various jobs.
38:00: Stef says his mom moved to Ottawa for many months. Stef says this was a good thing he just paid the rent. Stef says the court called the house asking for CHastin. They said she has a court date. Stef says his mom is out of town. Stef says his mom left town because she would of lost and not have the ability to ruin more people's life.
41:00: Stef says his mom had some real heinous friends. Stef says his mom remembered that Stef and his brother hopped to put the lid back on the toothbrush when a relative asked too and use that against Stef and his brother when they did not listen to their mother.
42:00: Stef says his mom sued his dad numerous times.
[475] Psychological Defenses - Part 2
Length: 35:26
11:00: Stef says he is not going through problems within his own childhood by doing these podcasts.
13:00: Stef says he associates more with woman than men.
16:00: Stef says he has an interest in psychology to help his mom as a kid.
27:00: Stef talks about how he was caught masturbating when he was out north.
[476] The Myth of Nice Christians
Length: 34:59
17:00: Stef says it is to the young that he speaks to on FDR.
22:00: Stef says his wife's parents help them out a lot but are not nice people.
[477] Soldiers Are Not Free
Length: 34:17
2:00: Stef says his dad taught at a university in south africa. Stef says he could of got his university paid for but did not want to live in south africa that is heavily state run.
[478] freedom from others
Length: 1:01:57
33:00: Stef laughs insanely.
[479] freedom from lists
Length: 55:37
0:00: Stef and his wife talk about their relationship throughout the podcast.
34:00: Stef says he has the made cleaning up.
[481] 29 October 2006 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:15:05
0:00: Stef says to those listening 1,000 years from now.
21:00: Stef says he and his wife are coming up to their 4th anniversary.
29:00: Stef says he and his wife were at first not sexually attracted to each other.
30:00: Stef says his mom is insane, dad is insane, brother is degraded. When they began dating.
47:00: Stef's wife says online dating is not good.
56:00: Stef says he was not interested in personal hygiene until he met his wife.
100:00: Stef says if his wife were ugly he would still date/be with her because of her virtue.
111:00: Stef says 1st date Stef;s wife said early in my 30's she is not looking for a player and wants kids Stef says ok.
[482] Goals and Tension
Length: 46:44
37:00: Stef thinks he could get on sirius radio.
[484] Empathy (a continuation of 483)
Length: 38:14
2:00: Stef says his wife lacks empathy.
12:00: Stef says he met his wife at volleyball.
14:00: Stef says he has intiate good language.
[486] The Afterlife
Length: 27:54
16:00: Stef says his coworkers at work found his personal websites.
[487] anarchy 101
Length: 39:44
0:00: Stef says his wife's website is
[488] Paralysis in Flames - A Dream Sequence Analysis
Length: 52:10
36:00: Stef says when he first got married 3 ½ years ago they thought about seeing Stef's father. Stef says his wife had a dream that based on the dream to not see his father. Stef says his wife's dream saved us.
[489] moral idiocy
Length: 21:38
17:00: Stef talks about monkeys flinging poo.
[490] Murderous Railroaders
Length: 29:47
0:00: Stef sings Bob Dylan.
[491] Saving Freedomain Radio
Length: 36:50
0:00: Stef says he's worked at his new job 6 weeks now.
3:00: Stef says he does not do his podcast for free philosophy.
19:00: Stef says he makes $165,000 a year but Stef would love to do FDR full time but does not make enough to do that.
31:00: Stef says he's built a multimillion dollar business. Stef says he has a senior position at this place he works at now.
[492] Stef's Speech at the Libertarian Convention - Environmental Protection Without the State
Length: 1:08:46
35:00: Stef uses a Walter Block example.
58:00: Stef mentions a article he wrote.
[493] murdering saddam
Length: 28:45
28:00: Stef says he saw the donations and it's making a strong case to take FDR full time.
[494] 4 November 2006 - Call In Show
Length: 1:11:00
46:00: Stef says he's still waiting for his brother and mother to listen to the podcasts.
[496] Forget About The Past - Part 2
Length: 32:45
29:00: Stef says that sex addicts can just go to a few orgies.
[499] Climbing To Behold The Horror of God
Length: 38:06
9:00: Stef says he always felt like he was competing with his brother.