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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 1000 - 1099

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 1000 through 1099. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[1005] Sunday Call In Show Mar 9 2008
Length: 53:26
4:00: Colleen Cowgill talks about a email she received from her dad.
33:00: Stef talks about the socratic method.
52:00: Stef says truncated.
[1013] Sunday Call In Show Mar 16 2008
Length: 2:19:48
1:54:00 - 1:58:00: Stef explains why he copyrights his books. Stef believes that using violence to protect your property is valid, he does not like to use the state to do it but if it's effective he'll use it. Stef asks a caller if you believe a woman should defend herself if She's being raped. Stef says the vagina is the property of the woman therefore she must protect it.
[1032] Sunday Call In Show Apr 6 2008
Length: 2:12:24
1:21:00: Stef says if taking money from people you hate is bad then look at it as you're turning hatred into love therefore you can take the money.
[1035] The Christian and the Philosopher
Length: 36:21
30:00: Stef defines truth.
[1047] Anger: The Conference
Length: 2:20:13
Note: Good one to listen to. About the inner circle.
[1053] Friendship - The Conference
Length: 1:34:58
28:00: Stef mentions the fafa beans guy.
60:00: Stef says I kick people off FDR boards because I want to save their souls it's the kindness thing I can do for them.
[1057] nate and credibility
Length: 1:15:45
Note: About Nates wedding that did not happen.
[1059] Mr Nihilist Part 3
Length: 51:37
24:00: Stef says if you don't listen to me then it's like going to see a doctor and not taking the prescription they prescribe to you. What's the point.
[1061] Political Action - One Last Time
Length: 51:01
44:00: Stef says to change people on a wide scale like the Ron paulers try a much smaller scale like infiltrate the KKK and change it to a pro black group to gain credibility with Stef.
[1088] Sunday Call In Show June 15 2008
Length: 2:15:57
1:33:00: Stef says he understands his moms childhood was horrible stef says her mom died in the firebombings of Dresden in 1944 in a bombing raid one of my uncles was actually a pilot for on my father's side. Stef says his mom lived in a world that was blowing up. Stef said his mom lived in a series of orphanages. Stef said I can understand what helped shaped my moms evil however many went through the same thing and did not turn out like my mother. Stef said his mom was born in 1937 in germany to a jewish family.
[1091] Money, Debt and Freedom (Conference)
Length: 1:36:15
1:03:00: Stef said he would work summers and give it over to his family because they needed it. Stef said he would spend the money he earned so his family could not take away from it.
[1099] Optimism and History
Length: 2:02:08
1:57:00: Stef says regression is normal within FDR but we're reaching to the next level this is normal.
1:59:00: When the world says shut up that's the world being anxious. Stef says to do not think about this world think about the world to be. Stef says this world has it's chance to fix itself and it didn't do it so it's time to rebuild.