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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 700 - 799

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 700 through 799. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[700] Can Anybody Find Fault?
Length: 3:49
0:00: Stef sings whole cast. Stef and his wife jokes about Stef being a cult/antifamily.
[703] Digital Guttenburg - Part 3
Length: 36:46
0:00: Stef says his mother's birthday is on April 11, 2007.
[705] Self Expression - Part 2: A response to a youtuber's objections
Length: 15:20
Note: FDR member writing criticism about Stefan's complaint of lack of donations do to Stef taking a vacation.
[706] Stef, Society and M&Ms
Length: 44:36
0:00-6:00: Stef talks about his dark phase in his life while staying with a friends of mines grandparents while my mother went to get recreational surgery in germany and my brother went to the England. Stef talks about his mom ceasing to function when she came back from germany which eventually institutionalized her. Stef said she was not voluntarily institutionalized but I do not know much about that. Stef says when she was institutionalized I was left to fend for myself. Stef said his brother called Stef's friends yobbo's which were low rent type of people and Stef agreed with what his brother said. Stef says he was in a lord of the flies situation. Stef said he was really amorale phase of his life.
7:00: Stef says his brother was a participant in abuse and he loved it.
10:00: Stef says he did not do great in class until Uni where I could do what I want to do. Stef said he had body odor and a friends dad told him he needs to take care of the odor..
12:00: Stef said his mother had a fetish for nakedness. Stef said his mom walked in front of Stef's friends naked.
19:00: Stef says he had a friend whose father ran the toronto stock exchange.
22:00: Stef said his mom called the police on him 2 time at this point in his life.
26:00: Stef said his friend stole a bag of M&M and his friend pointed to Stef as an accomplice which led to Stef and his friend dragged to the police stattion
[711] 15 April 2007 - Sunday Call In show
Length: 1:37:44
18:00: Stef says he and his wife are still getting to know about each other even after 5 years.
19:00: Stef's wife says it's important to evaluate a guys friends in a relationship.
57:00-1:00:00: Stef's wife talks about the first time stef talked about why he no longer see's his mother. Stef;s wife says stef showed no signs he was trying to manipulate her. Stef's wife says Stefan has no defence in his emotions. Stef wife says when Stef told his story about being abused she was not picking up any characters of a person being abused and that's because of Stef's merging of philosophy and psychotherapy made Stefan who he is today.
[712] sarcasm?
Length: 46:08
43:00: Stef called FDR a movement.
[716] My History with Religion
Length: 37:29
Note: Stef talks about his history with religion
7:00: Stef talks about his brother as a kid taunting Stef calling him a baby for 45 minute.
9:00: Stef said after he was born his mom had postpartum depression at which Stef was taking care of by a nanny which Stef says may have saved him.
10:00-11:00: Stef has a theory that he was a result of any affair which is lost to time but I'll never bother getting a DNA test because it doesn't really matter. Stef said he certainly does not look like old daddy. stef said his dad had an affair and it's not uncommon for one person having an affair for another person having an affair. Stef said when I was born my parents broke up soon after which is not uncommon if the baby is the result of an affair. Stef said his mom was beautiful and therefore when depression when I was born may have been do to this thing. Stef says I'll never know the truth but it doesn't really matter.
13:00: Stef says when he was a kid his brother hated Stefan's music that he listened too.
21:00: Stef said as a kid he did not want to waste money by putting it in a collection plate.
25:00: Stef says as a kid he did not feel guilt when he lied about why his money was kept in his socks. Stef says he did not feel like he did anything wrong.
32:00: Stef says he was alone at the age of 6 while on a train. Stef says you would never see a 6 year old on a train alone nowadays.
[718] Child predator
Length: 49:30
18:00: Stef says he was in a sexually compromising position before I was married, when I was 12 I was a swimmer and a diver and this guy said he had pictures of him diving queen lands, the guy was 22 or 24 years old so he invited Stefan over. Stef says he came over to the guys house he showed Stef some pictures put on some porn and grabbed Stefan's dick at which Stefan got up and left.
[720] The Hell of Attempted Connection
Length: 31:31
27:00: Stef says his dad tried to commit suicide a number of times, has had electro shock therapy, has suffered life long depression, married to his mom the crazy evil bitch, had another loveless marriage, then turned to pathic religion later on in his life. Stef says his dad has been institutionalized. Stef said his dad, mom, brother not good people.
[725] 22 April 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 1:58:51
30:00: Stef says a job that laid him off for a month or 2 then hired him back on with less money until he renegotiates a deal. The manager went along with the deal but had resentment towards Stef that made Stef leave eventually.
[726] The Inversal of Values - Part 1
Length: 1:04:54
1:00: Stef references podcast 724 where Stef's wife was not sure she wanted to be in Stef's shows. That she hated doing the shows.
[727] The Inversal of Values - Part 2
Length: 46:23
20:00: Stef says he wants FDR to be your guilty pleasure for the first 100 podcasts.
28:00: Stef talks about a conflict he had on the landmark forums 8 years ago. He eventually called the landmark forum a cult.
[730] Success and Freedomain Radio - Part 1: Now
Length: 33:14
0:00: Stef says the number of people who defoo cannot be measured for success of FDR. It has to be something else to measure the success of FDR.
10:00: Stef says anybody above 40 years old should have no interest in his podcasts. Stef says he does not really care about attracting 40 and above to his podcasts.
12:00-14;00: Stef explains his plans for FDR. Stef says he and his wife would be thinking about weekend seminars for FDR.
[731] Success and Freedomain Radio - Part 2: The Future
Length: 42:41
12:00: Stef says people who post a lot on FDR boards will have schools named after them and streets named after them in 200 years. I honestly believe this.
17:00: Stef says plato is a goddamn mormon. Stef says I just hate the guy, I just hate the guy.
25:00: Stef says if this conversation fails it could be 100 of 1,000 years before it starts up again.
[734] Love and fear and women - a listener breaks free!
Length: 1:26:31
25:00: Stef says online dating is pretty much a disaster. Stef says do hobbies with a group or something.
1:06:00: Stef says he sticks motivation postage notes on a mirror such as he writes he wants to make enough money to eat from FDR.
[736] 29 April 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 1:53:55
55:00: Stef admits going to the landmark classes, he went to the basic, advanced, and some classes. Stef says the landmark forum is pretty useful. Stef said he spent 20 grande seeing a therapist.
[738] Dr Phil and Teachers
Length: 32:48
Note: Stef talks about dr. phil and teachers
[740] Defooing is Cowardice? - A Rebuttal
Length: 54:18
Note: defooing is cowardice
[742] It Really Matters Where You Point Your Dick
Length: 32:34
8:00: Stef says defooing is the cornerstone of what we do.
[746] sex with the faithful
Length: 41:59
Note: Stef talks about why dating a christian woman was problematic to him.
6:00: Stef says you can't say a christian child however you can say an ancap child because that is how we start, that is the state of nature.
[747] 6 May 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 1:58:35
1:00: Stef says he has one more day working then he'll be doing FDR fulltime.
12:00: Stef says when Bush twins or political twins or political/daughter defoo that's when we will get some attention.
27:00: Stef says the business world was not so great for him. Stef said the business world was great but no sane people in in the business world as anywhere else. Stef says he has no doubt that if the fulltime radio gig for FDR works it'll be the thing I do for the rest of my life. Because I get a thrill doing it and such a high.
[748] self deprecation
Length: 33:03
16:00 -21:00: Stef talks about his baldness.Stef said he looked at hair transplants at the age of 21.
[752] Board Attacks - Part 2: Mythology
Length: 1:13:59
11:00-15:00: Stef said the JFK assassination conspiracies are a waste of time. Stef has a theory on conspiracy theorists. Stef says conhis theory is conspiracy theorist had subtle brutal conformist parents. Stef said conspiracy theorists want to catch their parents doing something really bad so that can say gotcha which translate that to the government. Stef said is conspiracy theorists want a gotcha to the government because of things stemming from their own parents.
[754] fleeing freedom
Length: 1:05:11
9:00: Stef can run away from his home at the age one of six.
23:00: Stef says his mom was psychotic and violent but not sadistics. Stef says his brother is sadistic.
28:00: Stefs says when he was working at karibu that after he got his teeth cleaned Stef's brother said I love how my teeth feel after the dentists clean them then Stef's brother proceeds to grab Stef's head and licked Stef's teeth. Stef said that's a seriously deranged fellow.
48:00: Stef said you had the worst childhood in the world because it was your childhood. Stef says you had the worst childhood in the world for you.
[755] Man, Family and State
Length: 14:56
0:00: Stef says he started doing these podcasts 1 ½ years ago. Stef explains why he took the family route as well as how FDR started.
2:30: Stef says his wife strongly said to focus on the family.
[758] 13 May 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:11:38
Note: Stef talks about the board ban that happened and people who criticized the ban.
1:24:00: Caller talks about board ban. Caller says FDR board is anarchy but Stefan disagrees.
[760] - Board Attacks - Part 5: Anger Puppets
Length: 40:43
Note: Stef talks about a board ban
[761] Instincts And Anarchy
Length: 30:53
8:00: Stef came up with the DRO concept with a debate with a christian 2 ½ years ago. Stef said he made that guy stop being a christian and drop out of school because Stef's arguments are so great.
30:00: Stef said if him and his wife got a divorce he would not need a lawyer as Stef and his wife talked about this before getting married.
[762] Possible Obfuscation
Length: 57:29
Note: stef talks about the FDR board both public and private.
0:00: Stef talks about a listener who has a problem with the FDR board. Listener reads the complaint he has with FDR board on podcast.
8:00: Stef explains the boards are both public and private.
49:00: Stef says he was involved in a financial scam a pump and dump that ripped off a lot of people. stef says he still profited from the success of the stock when he knew his company he cofounded was ripping off people.
[770] Abuse and Restitution
Length: 41:14
Note: abuse and restitution. A lot of background on Stef is in this podcast.
4:00: Stef admits to watching Shrek 3. (editor note: this was before Stef had a kid).
[772] Time Out - Children and UPB
Length: 1:18:07
34:00: Stef says doing timeouts for kids is ok.
[774] My Son, Klan Reformer - A Poltical Fable
Length: 11:52
0:00: This podcasts talks about a fable stef wrote which is about a guys son in the KKK who was trying to stop lynching within the KKK.
[776] Proto Sexual Abuse and Freedom
Length: 46:26
11:00: Stef talks about his mom walking around the house naked.
35:00: Stef says when he was 32 he went out with a 22 year old med student.
[777] Children in crisis
Length: 22:04
Note: (ask a therapist episode that was not deleted off
7:00: Stef wife says it's inappropriate for a 4 year old to be sleeping in the same bed as their parents.
20:00: Stef says there is no hope for the mother, then Stef murmurs out that his wife may disagree.
34:00: Stef goes into a speech about how we are live stock and the government is the farmers.
[778] How not to take out your past on Stef
Length: 1:04:59
Note: (editor note: muppet mouth in podcast)
113:00: Caller complains about Stefan on the forums about how he posts comments that are not very in depth on very intricate an in depth topics.
[779] How not to take out your past on Stef
Length: 1:04:59
22:00: Stef broke up from a long term relationship at 32 which was the same age his father left his mom.
43:00: Stef asks caller what he felt about the podcasts where Stef was weepy. Caller talks about how Stef was weeping about leaving his job. The caller said he was not use to seeing a man weep of his age.
[781] 3 June 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:22:15
23:00: Stef says the reason he did not attack christians 30 years ago was because it took time to find information that disproved the bible.
36:00: Stef goes into why politics does not work.
[782] Eavesdropping on the Dead - A Dream Analysis
Length: 1:00:37
52:00: Stef says you are really talking about your family when you talk about Ron Paul.
[784] A Personal History of Political Freedom
Length: 15:03
Note: a personal history of political freedom (this podcast is why stef started FDR)
3:00: Stef says when his company got successful bad people came to it that were only worried about investors.
[788] Family and Statism - Part 3
Length: 1:04:03
0:00: Stef says it's june the 7th which is also his brothers birthday.
3:00: Stef says he got tired more doing podcasts while walking than in his car. Stef says he thinks it's more of a thrill doing podcasts outside because of the passers by.
15:00: Stef says he could not talk about parenting off the bat. If you agree with 50% of his logic, you'll have a better chance on agreeing with him on other things.
39:00: Stef says the failure to do the happy dance will result in a harsher tooth ache. We just don't know, can't jump to conclusion.
64:00: Stef says 'Fuck Ron Paul' and then he says 'free yourself from your parents'.
[789] Family and Statism - Part 4
Length: 51:52
32:00 - 33:00: Stef says this is where if you know the truth or don't know the truth. This is where radical and reactionary people get stuck. This is the alex Jones conspiracy theory world.
40:00: Stef broke from his mom 8-9 years ago, broke from dad and brother 6-7 years ago. Stef says think of all the time dinners, emotional frustrations Stef saved from breaking with my family. Stef says he thinks of all the gifts he does not have to buy. Stef says I bet I'm saving years on my life as well as tens of thousands of dollars going to the hospital. Look at what this conversation can add from freedom of this.
[790] Family and Statism - Part 5
Length: 1:04:04
46:00: Stef says who thinks FDR is a cult? it's his dad.
[791] The Defoo Firewall - A Dream Analysis
Length: 17:18
0:00: Stef says a kid if having a defoo dream.
[794] 10 June 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 1:38:41
25:00: Stef said he had to take a exam and had to schedule the exam. Stef says why he did this is not relevant.
29:00: Stef says to be vulnerable if you need bureaucrats to do something for you. EX: Give them roses, name your kid after them. Stef says bureaucrats want to help you.
32:00 - 36:00: Caller says Stef said absolutely nothing. Caller then asks why Stef does this?
66:00: Stef thinks diversity is great.
[796] radical intimacy
Length: 1:13:18
0:00: Stef talks about the new donator levels on FDR which there are 5 donator levels.
24:00: Stef mentions his wife doing 20 ask a therapist episodes as well as mentions his wife is not a natural public speaker and hates public speaking.
39:00: Stef says he paid $20,000 to a therapist to get across that his brother is a bad person.
54:00: Stef says he'll talk about anything in his history if they ask.
[798] Sex and Enlightenment: Two Listener Dilemmas
Length: 1:03:13
18:00: Stef said his brother was sadistic and Stef's mom was violent.
49:00: Stef says dads are not good guys. guys don't trip over woman and have kids with her and get married. Stef said his Dad knew mom was a bitch 30 seconds into meeting her.
[799] The Argument from Morality Revisited
Length: 56:10
54:00: Guy says it's important to know if a theory on how state societies would work. Stef says I have to go back to his dungeon master days.