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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Silver

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

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Table of Contents

[0] The futility of political action 32
0:00: Stef says his birthday is on monday.
8:00: Stef says a lot of families are messed up but it's not entirely the families fault.
19:00: Stef says people talking tough can't do what they claimed to say the can do.
46:00: Stef tried to reform corrupt business partners.
50:00: Stef says to test something on a small level before implementing it on a higher level.
56:00: Stef says to do it on a small level.
[1] Real time relationship part 1 36
2:00: Stef talks about where he was 15 or 16 working in a call center how he would lie to people he would call up.
[2] Real time relationship part 2 flats
22:00: Stef says his wife never liked her parents.
[3] Objectivism part 2
32:00: Stef calls Anne Rhand a cult. Stef says he is trying to avoid the mistakes of what Anne Rhand did.
[4] Objectivism part 3 rape part 1
27:00: Stef wrote a unpublished book called crazy talk which talks about Stefan talking to his micosystem characters.
33:00: Stef says inheriting money, the tech boom is all accidental.
42:00: Stef says when he defooed his brother that was the point of the disintegration of the false self. Stef said defooing is brother came out of a meditative state that took hours. Stef says the answer just came to him, arose in him.
[5] Ron Paul fallout 59
14:00: Stef does not consider himself a very well versed in economics. Then Stef talks about how he wants these podcasts to be listened to 100 years from now.
20:00: Stef says the libertarian party is not that impressive, stef says a guy had BO.
33:00: Stef says people who do not believe in Ron Paul yet post on their website that they believe in Ron Paul are attracting people to their website under false pretenses. is getting Ron Paul to fund his websites.
52:00: Stef says he has never focused on what would get him more listeners. Stef says no marketing that is better than speaking the truth.
53:00: Stef says censored things in Stef's writing that had anything negative about religion.
[6] Stef on no state project 63
32:00: Stef agree's there is no such thing as an illegal alien.
47:00: Collen from OH calls in first time.
77:00: Alex Jones upset at host and Stefan for not liking Ron Paul.
[7] The next two topics 67
23:00: Stef says illegal aliens are a good example of people living in a stateless society, avoiding taxes, and credentials. Immigrants are more american than they are.
[8] 70 slavery as a metaphor
45:00: Stef did not want to taint his metaphor because of particular historical accuracy.
[9] Our greatest power 142
Note: revealing about Stef
24:00: Stef's wife was afraid of a person at her front door screaming and pounding.
44:00: Stef talks about Tom's dad. (Tom being the controversial defoo).
50:00: Stef forgot to ask the editor of Guardian if he felt sorry for what Tom had to go through.
77:00: Stef says Tom's dad is a coward.
[10] Injury conversation 159
10:00: Stef says injuries and sickness start because of something is emotionally wrong in a person's life. Stef says to figure out your emotions the sickness/injury will go away.
32:00: Stef says the callers injuries are his body turning against him because of his job.
[11] Gee's brothers self attack conversation 160
38:00: Stef says his mom sued the same doctor for 25 years.
[12] Why UPB angers some 173
25:00: Stef talks about poop throwing monkey's.
[13] FDRP Christmas Eve Banter
4:00: Stef talks about Noam Chomsky. Stef says Noam Chomsky not the most titillating of communicators.Michael Demarco says he put in a lot of man hours in the interview with Noam Chomsky to make Stef look like he came out positive.
5:00: Stef makes fun of Naom Chomsky.
6:00: Stef says Noam Chomsky audio is food for going to sleep too.
12:00: Stef talks about Peter Joseph's (TZM) porn sex city.
[14] Michael Brow Followup
0:00: Stef talks about him being on the Peter Schiff show for the last time that Peter Schiff is going to stop doing the show. stef talks about how people said he was wrong about Michael Brown but he said he didn't have all the facts.
3:00: If Michael Brown gets shot he probably will have a rap career.
[15] Parenting Drug use
8:00: Stef admits he likes gambling.
[16] Peer influence and envy
12:00: Stef talks about his time working in the toronto stock exchange as a programming. Stef says the people who worked there are of the most ultimate scumbaggery,
[17] Psychological antibodies
16:00: Stef says when he met his wife he had been unemployed for 18 months. Stef says if he had lost all of his money his wife would still love him.
32:00: Stef says he keeps a book where he gives and takes away points of people who are in his life.
[18] Salvation from the future
18:00: Stef says his confidence would be mistaken as arrogance. Stef says at present it could be but in the future it will not. Stef says he'd be completely crazy to be continuing FDR if he thought he was arrogant.
23:00: Stef says in his early 20s he trained to be a security guard.
[19] FDRP sun show 20 april 2014 Mike guilt
0:00: We learn about Stef's employee aka subcontractor Michael Demarco. Michael talks about how he quit his job in 2008 and that how Stef had gotten cancer when just after he had quit his job.
4:00: demarco notes he pays attention to people who have built up credibility within previous relationships. Michael says he worked for a hospitable that had amazing medical benefits but Michael says he was not happy there.
[20] Walter Scott Follow up.
[21] FDRP77 Stef on free talk live 14 march 2008
45:00: Stef says well you don't know because you don't know. In reference to people who think income taxes are good.
[22] Wish you were here jam
0:00 - 2:00: Stef singing