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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 1400 - 1499

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 1400 through 1499. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[1401] Bad Boys Convo
Length: 1:23:03
14:00: Sounds like Stefan farted.
21:00: Stef says people who hurt babies are freaks of nature. Stef then says his brother and mother being cruel to him is because they are freaks of nature.
42:00: Stef says he could not practice his values in the business world.
48:00: Stef says he does not meet his values all the time or even close to all the time.
59:00: Stef says is became abundantly clear he could not practice his values in the business world. I tried but I could not get real conversations within the business world.
1:02:00: Stef says I can't live my values in the business world that's why I started doing FDR. I was going to do what it takes to do FDR full time and if that's talking about people's childhoods then so be it. This is also why I got ditched by the libertarian community.
[1403] Stef on the Radio June 27 2009 11am
Length: 1:22:35
3:00: Stef says he started doing these podcasts as a hobby and people say they wanted to donate so he allowed for donation and began to slowly progress.
38:00: Stef says a good way to test this theory that one can change politics by being within the system is to join a local mafia gang and to change them. If you can that's a start and you need to go to a bigger group.
49:00: Stef says making the transition from a real job to FDR was very difficult it was a 75% pay cut.
54:00: Stef says he hopes there is a NWO because if there is not then we are really dumb so he hopes there is a zoo keeper. Stef says he assumes there is an elite group of people controlling the world that exists.
[1404] Stef on the Peter Mac Show Jun 27 2009
Length: 2:05:35
20:00: Stef says he definitely focuses on psychology on FDR.
[1411] Sunday Show July 12, 2009
Length: 2:05:29
5:00: Caller asks stef about the NWO.
21:00: Stef says he was happy getting out the the IT sector. Stef says being a entrepreneur is important.
23:00 - 27:00: Caller asks what was the reason he got out of the business world stef says because I went in with this starry eyed frank Rideen type of mindset and found out a lack of integrity in the business world. Stef says workers get cheated to make money for managers for short term game.
[1415] Shyness - A Convo
Length: 1:39:44
41:00: Caller says, 'How convenient for you to make this argument' in reference to his correspondence with someone in his life.
[1425] The Ethical Revolution
Length: 33:40
9:00: Stef says to fake knowledge of a math problem when you're 12 is far less of a deceptive action than to fake ethics, virtues, right or wrong when you're in your 30's, 50's, 60's.
[1438] Sunday Call-In Show 16th August 2009
Length: 1:59:25
1:22:00: Jan Helfeld calls in to stefans shows and congratulates Stef on UPB.
1:26:00: Jan Helfeld says people want to see he and Stefan debate. Jan says the only problem with this is in the past he's debated people in the past and it's affected his relationships for the worst with those people. Stef says "oh". Helfeld said he worries that he may lose or make worse his relationship with people he debates with.
1:31:00: Jan Helfeld says he likes debates to be a win/win.
1:34:00: Jan Helfeld says to Stefan that he needs to continue with your pursuits; Stefan says you to and I look forward to the conversation.
[1445] Stefan Molyneux Jan Helfeld Debate - Anarchism Versis Minarchism
Length: 1:29:21
Note: Stefan debates Jan Helfeld good debate.
[1446] Post Helfeld Debate Review
Length: 14:09
Note: Post debate review. Stefan did not like the debate
[1447] Post Helfeld Debate Conference Call
Length: 1:46:30
Note: Post debate with Jan Helfeld conference call. Stefan did not like the debate along with the inner circle agreeing.
[1454] RTR@Work
Length: 14:14
Note: RTR at work
[1458] Entrepreneurs Round Table No. 1
Length: 1:32:49
2:00: Stef says he worked on the entrepreneurial world for Unisef, IBM, a trading company/bank. Stef says he was a programmer/cofounder of a technical company at which he was a CTO. Stef says he was the main person who developed the software architecture. The company Stef cofounder grew to 40 people before it was sold .Stef said when he left the company he cofounded. Stef said he worked for 2 small companies.
3:00: Stef says he's not really an experienced entrepreneur.
27:00: Stef says he made his books free a year ago.
56:00: Stef says he was a student while working at his company. for a time.
[1474] Freedomain Radio Sunday Show October 4 2009
Length: 1:40:20
1:05:00- 1:06:00: Stefan gets in fight with James on the definition of what is rights. James says this is not a Jan Helfeld argument.
1:08:00-1:13:00: Jan Helfeld calls in wants to debate Stefan again and Stefan refuses. Jan proposes Stefan comes on his show to answer some question and Stefan refuses, Jan proposes that one of Stefan listeners to answer questions about the anarchist position. Jan said before he did this debate he said he has this thing where he loses friends because of the debate he has with them and I have this feeling I should not of had the debate with you. Stef cuts Jan off and says he does not want to rehash this on his show with jan.
[1479] Sunday Show October 11, 2009
Length: 1:45:50
1:41:00: Stef talks more about Jan Helfeld. Stef says he's upset at the debate he had with Helfeld. Stef says does Helfeld even noticed he did not even like the debate we had. Stef says Helfeld kept talking about himself and was less concerned about me and my interaction with him.
[1496] Sunday Show Nov 1 2009
Length: 1:36:27
22:00: Stef says he was doing hours of micosystem journaling and did 2 years of extensive therapy.
23:00: Stef say when he did not want to write today he would asks his micosystem who did not want him to write today.
[1497] Entrepreneurs Round Table 2 - Conference
Length: 58:32
45:00-49:00: Stef talks about a story with his environmental company. Stef says some people wanted to invest in green companies such as his. Stef says managers got in who were money manipulators. Stef says all these people came in to pump up their own stock value. Stef says we saw Gordon Geko style investing with our company. Stef says he was happy to leave his company when he did. Stef says towards the end it was no longer his company and he started to not to care.
51:00: Stef says he was being treated like an employee so I acted like one. It may not be my preference to be treated like an employee but that's what they did.
52:00: Stef says he fought hard to get shares for his employee. Stef knows deep down our company is not 3 times it's value it is now than 3 months ago it's like a casino.
54:00: Stef says he was trotted out to show off software and they were making money off that before doing a pump and dump.
55:00: Stef says he was he will never ever want to go into the entrepreneurial world again at that if I were to I'd never go public because it attracts all the wrong people.