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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 1200 - 1299

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 1200 through 1299. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[1204] My Contribution to Philosophy
Length: 56:55
26:00: Stef says when people fuck up philosophy people get killed.
[1208] Our Insignificance to Others -- Conversation
Length: 2:38:51
1:10:00: Stef says to the people who ask they have no idea why they are banned Stef would say well that's why you are banned becuase you're fucknig clueless.
[1209] Anarchists, Voting and Strategy -- A Roundtable
Length: 33:35
27:00: Stef says he did a review on Zeitgeist addendum which does a good analysis of the money stuff but goes all bong laced hippie dippy on social change and makes pretty bad economic errors you could image.
[1210] Guardian Article Sunday Show Nov 16 2008
Length: 1:39:38
Note: Stef talks about the guardian article where FDR is called a cult.
0:00: Stef reads and responds to the guardian article.
31:00: Stef notes that he had saw Barbra and the reported in the chatroom at one point and he hoped Barbra would talk to him but she did not. Stef said he came into the chatroom and Barbara left when I came in.
32:00: Stef said he knows of 20 family separations.
[1211] Zeitgeist Addendum Movie Review
Length: 28:28
Note: Zeitgeist addendum movie review
[1212] FDR Cult Mother -- Conversation
Length: 15:24
Note: FDR cult mother
[1213] Guardian Article -- Video Response
Length: 31:14
Note: Stef responds to the guardian cult article
[1216] True News 12: Statism is Dead - Part 2
Length: 13:35
6:00: Stef says George w. Bush needs to be tried for his crime.
[1223] Nausea (podcast missing on
Length: 1:09:57
12:00-15:00: Stef talks about the Guardian article and liberating mind forum aka Coin twinkles hate fest. Stef says FDR was portrayed in the media in a pretty libelous way. Coin twinkles posted this article on prominent libertarian forums so libertarians have been aware of this article for weeks. Stef said he posted snippets what was happening on liberating minds forum on other sites.
59:00 - 1:04:00: Stef compares himself with socrates suggesting he and socrates are charged of corrupting the young.
[1224] Mother Daughter Thanksgiving -- Convo
Length: 1:27:32
32:00: Stef says I could let these liberating mind weasels live in their dungeon of hatred until they start raining down the mainstream mafia/media then I'm angry, it's enough. If they want to do a little hate fest over there great but if they start really interfering with my pleasure and what it is that I'm doing then I'm angry. I'm proud of that anger and I'm proud of what I did. it was right not to do it for a year and a half then it was right to do it. This is not about me and these creeps.
[1225] True News 15: Freedom, Reason and Cults
Length: 12:53
3:00: Stef called the army a cult.
[1226] Koen Swinkels, Libertarianism and FDR (missing podcast)
Length: 1:08:48
Note: Stef on Koen Swinkels and liberating minds
1:00: Stef says he does not think about liberating mind at all they are so off the charts nuts.
[1231] Globe and Mail Interview Nov 20 2008
Length: 1:09:09
Note: Globe and mail interview, a biography in Stefan.
8:00: EStef talks about the Guardian article that called FDR a cult.
13:00: Stef says he is not a therapist we don't do therapy we don't do psychology on FDR.
17:00: Stef admits to having defooed from his family and his wife has admitted to defooing from her family both saying they have very dysfunctional families. Stef defooing he says was never a light decision.
20:00: Stef estimates he knows of 20 defoo's.
56:00: When asked Stef will not reveal how much he's making.
[1235] Free Will, Determinism and Self-Knowledge Part 3
Length: 39:58
6:00: Stef says christians will come to atheist as atheist will be reasonable and listen to their arguments but religious people can be pretty crazy.
[1247] Sunday Call In Show Jan 4 2009
Length: 2:03:25
52:00: Stef's wies interjects and gives advice.
[1251] FDR Cult Reponse
Length: 34:18
Note: FDR cult response
[1255] True News 16 -- Media Accusations Part One
Length: 32:57
13:00: Stef talks about fdr liberated and says the media got a lot of the info from this group.
20:00: Stef says you can prove lying is virtuous.
27:00: Stef says why wasn't Tom's mom interested in protecting him from his father...
[1256] True News 17 -- Media Accusations Part Two - Cult
Length: 15:59
Note: true news 17 Media accusations part 2 cult
[1257] Sunday Show Dec 19 2009
Length: 2:32:26
43:00: Nates bathhouse story with a guy he broke it off.
[1271] sympathy for the Heroine
Length: 59:19
[1272] Sunday Show Feb 1 2009
Length: 1:36:37
1:15:00 -1:27:00: Stef talks about cults and about Tom's story. Stef says millions have read the story. Stef says he's got death threats, and supports for this. Stef says not 1 person sent mail to Stef about the abuse he's been going through for 18 years.
[1276] Negotiations and Empathy -- A Conversation
Length: 58:50
33:00: Stef does opposite of what he says to do. Stef says to ask for more money it's ok if you pay more for the same but I'm going to get more money elsewhere.
[1277] Sunday Show February 8, 2009
Length: 1:29:59
5:00-18:00: Callers asks Stef to elaborate about living with your girlfriend before you get married is a bad idea. Stef says his wife told him that but Christian had no clue what Stef was talking about. Stef says he lived with 2 woman before he met his wife and neither of those led to marriage although one was close. Stef says there is a statistic that says living together before marriage reduces your chances of getting married. Stef says he can't speak to any factual theories, however what I would say in my experience living together was kind of like playing house. Was like roommate with sex. Stef says it was not a mature situation. Stef says when you live with someone your lives become intertwine if you like it or not. Stef says you're putting the car before the house when you live with someone and not get married. Stef says you're living together without the complications of married. Stef says why not get married before you do it. The reason they live together but not get married is because they are not committed.
14:00: Stef wife jumps in on the conversation about living with a person before marriage. She says She's never lived with anybody besides her family of origin and Stefan. She says there is a level of trust in a marriage that cannot be attained if one is not married or common law situation. She says there is a vow taken in front of family and friends that is publically stated. Stef's wife says there is room for insecurity if you're not married. Stef admits there are no stats on living together or not is good or bad. it's just what he thinks.
1:26:00: Stef says in a stateless society there would be companies that would manufacture guns and I would not want to work with them. I don't have a problem with gun ownership I just do not want to work with a bunch of people who are fascinated by guns.
[1283] Sunday Show feb 15 2009 - Body Issues
Length: 1:41:33
Note: Colleen Cowgills on body image with Stef's wife.
[1285] Sunday Show Feb 22 2009
Length: 1:58:34
1:44:00: Stef says if you have problems finding our house go to, our address is 979 pine valley circle, and our phone number is 416-907-2920.