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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Philosopher King

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

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Table of Contents

[0] PK libertarian guilt
1:00: Stef says the closest thing to a profit is Anne Rhand
17:00: Stef says fuck you people if you think I'm against education.
32:00: Stef says if you do not know how a blu ray player works than you are evil.
39:00: Stef says good people are pussies.
[1] FDR premium content 26 Dominoes
0:00: Caller admits to Stef that he Molested his sister.
22:00: Caller remembers something Stef said about his dad not being a father.
[2] FDRP 81 immature chatting
16:00: Stef talks about not wasting your time on the hopeless. Then stef says Colleen is working like a rocket to understand. Stef says he will pay attention to colleen more than the hopeless.
[3] FDRP 83 Ambivalence part 2
17:00: Stef says it's brutal absolutism when a parent says when you live under my roof it's my rules or I pay for the bills around here so my rules.
[4] FDRP 84 Ambivalence part 3
33:00: Stef says libertarians are a big group of sign of a boxer's.
[5] 85 analysis of Media scares videos pk only
20:00: Stef says Mises institute has the goddamn nerve to call FDR a cult.
36:00: Stef says conrad and limi work to close the doors with Mises institute and another libertarian site Stef was on. They do it because it works. Look at the limi thing the site is up for 1 year and still alive, jesus christ get a life.
39:00: Caller says would it not add to UPB credibility if someone is railing against it. Stef says no and guesses he does not think it would the guy is a academic.
46:00: Stef says if he can't get his work published on Mises then he will have to resort to advertising which will cost a lot of money.
48:00: Stef says he's outside libertarian stream. Stef says he's rowing the boat by himself.
50:00 - 51:00: Stef says what it willbe is a continuous academic smackdown as academics coming in and us smacking them down. Greg says PHD whack a mole. Charlette says we should kill all academics. *everybody laughs* Charlette says it would not be consistent with FDR to send letter bombs.
56:00 -57:00: Charlotte asks if Xomnivers (a FDR UPB critic) is going to become a academic. Others in the group say probably, Charlette then says that useless people like that get place in academia. Stef says academia is usually where you will find trolls. Stef says a desire for academics or a career in academics is a good troll marker. This was the case with conrad, Donny with A, and Xomnivers.
67:00: Stef says he still feels nervous with dealing with the academics. Stef says he hopes no one within the inner circle is responding to Donny with a A. The inner circle responded that we're not talking with Donny with a A.
1:08:00: Stef says if we don't respond to Donny with a A then we hope that he just goes away. inner circle member mentions that Stef is not being consistent with his own rules.
90:00: Stef says he was not suppose to be on free talk live on friday. Stef says he was scheduled for Saturday but something was wrong.
92:00: Greg said he noticed on free talk live they stacked all their cranks for the hour Stefan was on.
98:00: Stef says if I don't have a libertarian outlet because they are all interested in building hippie collectives, and no outlet through academics then that's ok then I should stop focusing on that sort of stuff. it's not pleasant to go through all this rejection.
99:00: Stef says he does not mind being a lying scum sucking pig if that's going to get him more listeners but as colleen pointed out it may not be consistent with FDR philosophy. Stef says there is no point in presenting UPB to academics if all the academics will do is dismiss UPB. Stef says he would not mind candy assing around academics if it would help him but they will never believe in my UPB theory so why waste my time.
[6] FDRP 89 Ambivalence part 6
12:00: Stef talks about his mom being paranoid and delusional and has been institutionalized. Stef says his father has always been depressed and has attempted suicide a number of time as well as also been hospitalized and institutionalized. Stef says he comes from a family of crazies on both his mom and Dad's side.
19:00: Stef says nonviolent communication is a highly extensive seductive piece of crap.
[7] FDRP 97 two brothers
98:00: Stef says he was so angry at his brother for teasing him while in south africa he threw a rock at his head. Stef says he was going through a rock throwing phase.
1:40:00: Stef said people did not like his mom very much.
[8] FDRP 107 FDR and Libertarianism conference
3:00: Stef talks about a caller who was concerned about limi and FDR. Stef says limi is heavily invovled in Mises and
8:00: Caller says the majority of Stef's members come from Lou Rockwell site. Stef says he agrees it was true 18 months ago. Stef says he made a conscious decision a few months ago to move away from the political libertarian groups like Mises institute and Lou rockwell.
[9] FDRP 133 personal experience of the guardian article.
6:00: Stef says philosophers are too chicken shit to go after religion and politics.
13:00 - 14:00: Stef says when idiots call you an idiot you're either a super idiot or you are way smarter than they are.
[10] FDRP 143 Mecosystem 3
8:00: Stef says one of the important things he got out of therapy is that he has moods that he now calls the mecosystem.
[11] FDRP 176 8 steps to freedom
18:00: Stef briefly references his therapy journal called 'Crazy Talk'.
21:00: Stef says he sucked his thumb at night until he was 16 years old. Stef said he stopped sucking his thumb for good when he visited his dad's house in south africa when he was 16.
[12] FDRP a clear view of the world
50:00: Stef says when he was a kid he would go over to a friends house and draw disfigured people. Not one of his friends ever asked Stef why he drew this. Stef says his friends father is a doctor, he could of figured it out.
[13] FDRP accepting anger
13:00: Caller is worried this will be published. Stef assures caller that this will be unpublished.
28:00: Stef says callers parents must accept penis on penis action is going on in the callers bedroom.
64:00: Stef says this is again gay anger.
[14] FDRP Bill Gaede
3:00: (about science for Rax and Mi not for timestamp)
[15] FDRP conversing with the dead Stefans Mecosystem convo
64:00: Stef says the entire veitnam war is a false flag operation.
67:00: Stef talks to himself. Stef says he replaced his mother with Anne Rhand. That at 15 Stef ditched his mother then started getting into Anne Rhand. Stef says Anne Rhand is a substitute for his mother. Anne Rhand has never reached the wisdom Stefan has reached.
80:00: Stef is still talking to himself the other person says Stef made philosophy. We turn libertarians, media, hate groups, thousands of people on youtube to tear you down!
81:00: We can't get you to self attack Stef. You are the 1st human being in the world who will not self attack, you're so close. You won't back down. Take down the podcasts, take down the site.
87:00: Stef is talking to himself and thanks himself for bringing up pertinent topics.
[16] FDRP Detoxing from history
22:00: Stef says his mom had terrible business ideas.
59:00: Stef says his mom was a face hitter.
71:00: Stef says he has a few close friends.
[17] FDRP individualization is death
2:00: Stef says cats don't give a fuck what you feel but dogs do because they are pack animals.
10:00: Stef says we do not agree with ourselves. Stef says heck I don't agree with the things I say.
[18] FDRP Marriage challenges
26:00: Stef says when he came to Canada he was put in grade 8. Then when Stef moved to toronto he was put in grade 6. Stef says he had to do a lot of the same stuff over. Stef says he never would of had a girlfriend because he was 2 years older it would of been Half pedophilia.
[19] FDRP Next web Speech draft
18:00: Stef says momma's to kissy. In reference to a kid squirming away from his mother trying to kiss him.
[20] FDRP parental abandonment
23:00: Stef says a FDR member says he does not want to impose their will. Stef says go out and impose your goddamn will on others.
[21] FDRP Plato virtue and the corruption of youth
5:00: Stef mentions the venus flytrap. Stef says he goes through an elaborate analogy of how the venus flytrap attracts it's potential victims.
19:00: Stef says Plato is bullshit the only reason Plato survived is for his metaphors.
21:00: Stef says metaphors are not rational, however whoever has the most beautiful metaphors wins.
29:00: Stef says after talking about how metaphors are bad, Stef then says towards the end he hopes this helps explain some of the useful things about the show.
[22] FDRP sibling theory
4:00: Stef said he is thankful that his brother made Stefan cooler when he was a kid.
[23] FDRP the freedom to make mistakes
26:00: Stef says his mom wanted to write a book called 'One woman century'. She never wrote the book. Stef said his mom led a very interesting life.
[24] FDRP the opposite of UPB understanding
0:00: Stef sings a song that basically says it's impossible to quote Stef in something he said because there are 1,000 podcasts.
[25] FDRP white guilt
15:00: Stef says his spirit almost died as a teen.
[26] FDRP written block debate
29:00 - 30:00: Stef says prove political action can be done on a small scale. If it can then it could be done on a large scale.
[27] PK RT 1 anxiety and self management
16:00: Stef says we could test the water with free stuff with the audio book as to giving it out for free.
80:00: Before FDR, therapy, and so on Stef says he was surrounded by corrupt people. After that he was not.