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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 900 - 999

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 900 through 999. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[901] Stef on FDR (An Interview)
Length: 1:05:46
11:00: Stef says you have to try to keep the relationships that are not working but if they are not working you have to ditch them.
12:00: Radio host brings up fdrliberated forums to Stef and Stef answers the question.
14:00: Stef found out in the business world that he had the ability to be corrupt and greedy.
20:00: Stef says fdrliberated people who have acted in a particular way are probably not successful in any stretch of the imagination.
22:00: stef says he was involved with people in the business context who Stef found out that there were some people who did not tell the truth about some business transaction yet I continued to profit from my association with them from both salary and stock options despite the fact I knew they did not tell the truth about important business transactions. Stef said because of this I stop being able to sleep which led mt to go to therapy 3 hours a week.
24:00: Stef says when he worked in the business world a lot of his friendships were friendships of convenience. Stef said in business it was more like who will get me a job with the best salary and not who are the best people on ethics.
25:00: Stef says believe in what you say. Stef says when he started really living his values he got out of an engagement with a woman he was with for 7 years and he defooed his mom, dad, brother and niece whom his niece he was close with. Stef says he deefooed 90% of his friends.
[902] 4 November 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 1:59:19
1:54:00: Stef says he wants to get together with FDR listeners to shoot the shit with the listeners.
[910] Outgrowing the State
Length: 1:08:43
58:00: Stef says George Bush is a fraud, never worked an honest job in his life for a guy like that to tell me what to do is ridiculous.
[911] Unenslaving (A Listener Conversation)
Length: 1:15:14
36:00: Stef says gardening is child abuse.
[914] 18 November 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:06:35
1:04:00-1:37:00: This is the famous Tom defooing episode. This managed to be picked up by mainstream media.
[915] drugging children
Length: 38:50
37:00: Stef misspeaks and says when you salute the fag flag.
[920] what is next
Length: 55:14
Note: absolutely hilarious Stef yells at FDR members for t-shirts, books, etc...
6:00: Stef passive aggressive towards people who do not like the FDR t-shirts.
7:00: Stef says Greg is FDR employee number 2.
10:00: Stef calls FDR lazy and what it's like to be on the receiving end of the laziness and his experience with people who promised to buy t-shirts, books etc..
[921] 25 November 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:22:04
2:00: Stef says the swag shop has been setup by employee number 2 Greg.
[923] Ricky and Stef and the RTR
Length: 1:49:49
1:18:00: Ricky notes that it only took 5 days of bad sales of when Stef put the FDr t-shirts on sale for Stef to say something.
1:28:00: Stef questions Ricky on Ricky not liking the FDR t-shirt logo which eventually leads Stef to conclude that Ricky had bad tastes because of what he wore in a FDR outing.
[932] Predatory Depression - Part 2: A Listener Conversation
Length: 46:44
17:00: Stef talks about his brother screwing him over in business. Stef believed his brother loved him however some betrayals his brother did to him in business Stef could no longer maintain the mythology.
19:00: (editor note: is this Tom?)
[934] family and money
Length: 1:01:52
21:00: Stef said his brother and him had a business and he sold all of his stock in escrow and then the stock went up so Stef said he give his brother $20,000 in stock. A year later when the stock price went down to near worthless he gave me the same amount of stock back knowing that it was completely worthless and I was really upset as the stocks were 5% less than what they were. Stef Said the lesson was cheap as he said he spent $20,000 to find out his brother has no empathy and is kind of cruel.
22:00: Stef said a woman he dated in his 20s who he had spent a lot of money to put her in a movie yet she never read any of my novels.
[936] Insomnia - or - War Is Not Done With You?
Length: 1:05:36
36:00: Stef said his brother's voice in his head is more difficult to control not so much my mom but his brothers voice is a very cold and sadistic type of personality.
[938] Ron Paul - Part 4: Infiltrating the Mafia
Length: 26:03
10:00-11: Stef says if you can change a group of 50 hispanic club to go against hispanics then you can do something if you can't then you can't change anything in politics. Stef laughs insanely.
[944] Jealousy and Freedom - A Couple Conversation
Length: 59:35
Note: (Editor note: note R L 2 this
[954] 6 January 2008 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 1:44:12
1:27:00: Stef makes a claim that he has very thick hide because of the sales trade.
[965] Mike Tyson: Girl Guide
Length: 1:22:28
57:00: Stef says after the age of 4 there is no possibility of redemption for the parents, maybe even 3.
[972] 3 February 2008 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:18:34
1:02:00: Stef says greg is a co-worker.
1:16:00: Charlette told Stef She's upset that Stef told something to the public of what she said when she in confidence requested stef to keep it private, also charlette asks Stef who he got the information from. Stef refused to devolve the source of the information.
[973] your next 20 minutes
Length: 1:26:31
15:00: Stef says his brother is very funny. stef said his brother made fun of a client and said a joke to Stef saying saying after spending 5 hours on a plane with the client I was able to speak fluent ewok.
[978] defoo decision
Length: 1:13:42
13:00: Stef says you don't know before you know. don't blame yourself. Stef says I don't look at myself in my 20s and say how stupid I was I didn't know before I know.
[981] RTR Reader Conference Call
Length: 1:50:56
56:00: Stef says he tried sky diving.
[985] Real-Time Relationships: The Second Reading
Length: 10:40
2:00: Stef says he'd like you to buy a FDR book but also gives his books away for free. Stef says his wife is the clinical director of medovela psychotherapy so she brings the psychotherapy and I bring the philosophy aspect that gets better and better everyday.
[988] Anatomy of a Relationship - Part 2: Control
Length: 2:36:11
116:00 - 117:00: Caller says he's been damaged by his mother but does not know how to fight back, Stef says a way he broke from his mom is a series of murderous visualization exercise. Stef said he would dream of killing his mother and that his weapon of choice was a bat but everybody has a weapon of choice in this particular area. This may not work for everybody but this worked for me. The caller is shocked saying 'holy crap' and 'wow'...
118:00 - 119:00: Stef says he does not like the violence unless it's digitized with rocket launchers. Stef says he dreams of smashing his mother's head open with a baseball bat. That the dream of beating her up with a baseball bat kept recurring and that eventually he embraced the dreams and said well lets beat her up with 2 baseball bats and I'm going to knock her head off again. Caller says he'll definitely give that some thought.
2:01:00: Stef says his rage was healthy.
2:04:00: Stef says to greg you're still a relatively young man your in your early 40's.
[989] Anatomy of a Relationship - Part 3: Projection
Length: 1:40:39
16:00 - 17:00: Stef says he made mistakes but Stef uses excuses that he did the best he could with the knowledge he had.
[990] Child Left Behind (A Listerner Conversation)
Length: 26:25
8:00: Stef says he was willing to have his brother in his life if he could have a real relationship with his nieces.
9:00: Stef would be straight up honest with his nieces and his brother did not like it so Stef decided not to talk to his brother/nieces anymore.
[991] Helpless (A Listener Convo)
Length: 1:07:12
15:00: Stef says he didn't get a car till he was 33 years old. Stef does not understand the necessity to have a car.
23:00: Stef says if your parents got hit by a bus tomorrow and died would there not be a kind of relief.
[992] Cultwatch(tm) Freedomain Radio
Length: 43:55
Note: Cult watch
0:00: Stef says libertarians say I'm a cult.
2:00: Stef says when people can't bring up the quotes you have to wonder if they are being truthful. Stef says he has 2 employees.
17:00: Stef says FDR relies heavily on psychoanalysis.
23:00: Stef says briefly that he uses psychoanalysis in FDR.
24:00: Setf says he uses psychoanalysis within FDR.
27:00: Stef says people will listen to FDR and study FDR in 100 years.
28:00: Stef says he got his masters in intellectual history.
[995] Podcast In Reverse - Part 1: The Solution
Length: 1:35:01
21:00: Stef says his mom and them first came to canada they stayed with her half brother for 6 months. Stef says his mom no longer had a relationship with the half brother when a dispute over who would pay for their mothers flowers for her funeral.
1:03:00: Stef interrupts caller to say he got upset because someone donated just 50cents to FDR. Stef and the caller criticized the donation saying why do they even bother.
[996] Podcast In Reverse - Part 2: The Problem
Length: 1:49:41
36:00: Stef reference his crazy talk book about his Damons. Stef talks about Damons he has a conversation with that completely ignore him.
40:00: Stef says Damons are just parts of himself.
[998] Surrendering to the Whirlwind
Length: 1:24:42
43:00 - 45:00: (recommend people listen to this straight through as stef says to caller he's dishonest and intellectually lazy) Stef says talk to him before putting out a criticism about him.
51:00: Stef says to caller if your going to talk about your opinions then a philosophy site is not going to grant you the credibility that I think you could easily get. Just putting it out there.