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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 1300 - 1399

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 1300 through 1399. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[1303] Protecting Iraqis, and Depositors -- and Bernie Madoff?
Length: 20:49
10:00: Stefan recommends to a caller to watch Zeitgeist Addendum to a caller suggesting to the caller that the movie is good on learning about how banks work.
[1304] True News 24 - Jon Stewart, Jim Cramer and the Truth
Length: 17:46
Note: Does stefan know what he is talking about in economics with jim cramer?
[1311] Virtue, Values, UPB and Ownership - Alex's Review of our debate
Length: 19:46
0:00: Stef responds to brain police he first reads the blog brain police wrote about Stefan. (this debater creamed Stefan)
[1316] Back From the Future
Length: 16:06
7:00: Stef says the debate he had with Alex he said was bitch. (brian police). Stef says Alex was lying because he said he had a good debate with him during the debate then on his blog did a two face thing and said he did not.
[1319] Twilight Review Movie Chat
Length: 1:05:19
55:00: Stef says his sister in law posted on the FDR board.
[1322] - Sunday Show April 5 2009
Length: 1:43:54
55:00: Stefan says people who attack him are mostly libertarians.
[1326] Ambition, Success, Terror, Stagnation
Length: 1:35:44
27:00: Stef explains 3 broad categories of people out there. 1st type os look for opportunities within the world that exist. Basically they see something and say I will do this and then do it because it's out there. The second type of people say they are not happy with anything that is out there and say the will do something on there own because they're not particularly happy with what is out there. The third type of people say why are even eating at this buffet maybe we should become farmers or something.
29:00: stef says he went through all 3 of those steps.
41:00: Stef says his mother said he could do anything yet when Stef did she would get really cautious of what he was doing. Stef said his brother felt he was a cry baby, a manipulator, and played the victim.
45:00: Stef says he could not do this without his wife's support. Stef says his wife said he will never have to go back to a corporate job. That even if this podcasts does not pan out my wife said she'll be the breadwinner of the home and he can take care of their daughter.
[1328] Sunday Show April 12 2009
Length: 2:07:21
4:00: Stef said the brain police debate the guy was not honest. Stef seemed very upset at what the brain police guy said about him in his blog.
[1335] Sunday Show Apr 19 2009
Length: 1:18:28
1:06:00: Stef wife gives advice to caller about children.
[1337] Depression Part 1
Length: 54:06
29:00: Stef says the company he worked for was pretty corrupt.
[1340] Sunday Show April 26 2009
Length: 1:17:17
6:00: Stef wife says she sold shoes for a time and then shelved books for a bit while going to school.
21:00: Stef says Brad Pitt can't get a date because he kinda married into crazy. Stef says he's not sure how Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist addendum have over the minds of the listeners but I don't think I've ever gotten angry responses on my review of these movies. When I think of the TZM movies I think of guys with smokey bongs in their parents basement. TZM movie says scientists will give us jetpacks and cars all you have to do is sit around and wait.
[1352] Democrats
Length: 37:32
Note: Stef talks about Democrats
50:00: Stef says republicans are the angry dads and Democrats are the guilt inducing moms.
6:00: Stef says Democrats are smarter than Republicans. It takes a more sophisticated mindset to be a Democrat than a Republican.
[1353] Sunday Show May 10 2009
Length: 1:09:09
20:00: Stef says you should not trust me think for yourself. Stef talks about how it is sexest to sell thumb drives that twist like lipstick.
[1362] Freedomain Radio In the 17th Century
Length: 36:50
21:00: Stef talks about his ancestor called William Molyneux and has read a book sent by his Dad about William.
[1369] tricky trollz
Length: 24:09
Note: Stef talks about trolls
11:00: Stef says theologians are dumb and insane because there is no proof of a existence of god.
[1373] New Radio Show Peter Mac
Length: 23:03
21:00: Stef gives his skype ID
Stef gives his mobile and home phone number
Mobile 416-275-9168
Home 416-907-2920
22:00: Peter mac says he could see Stefan making a lot of money from this.
[1381] Group Convo - Failure - Freedomain Radio BBQ 2009
Length: 56:16
22:00: Stef talks to a caller who is in fear of being an entrepreneur and has moved from family and friends in a new city. Stef talks about coding and how he would be coding and terrified about not getting it done. Stef says the entrepreneurial life is terrifying as well as fear/stress.
[1383] Sunday Show 7 June 2009
Length: 1:56:55
1:18:00: Callers says $400 is a lot for a person who has just defooed.