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Free Domain Radio - Timestamps - Podcasts 800 - 899

Author: The Burger King
Added: December 23rd, 2015
Updated: April 18th, 2016

This is a list of timestamps for podcast episodes 800 through 899. These are all public podcasts which can be for now be listened to free of charge at

Table of Contents

[800] The ballad of the trolls
Length: 4:04
0:00: Stef sings about FDR for 4:00 minutes.
[802] Buddhism
Length: 40:46
29:00: Stef says Buddhists say to refrain from killing the living but that is impossible because you're killing bacteria in your stomach all the time.
47:00: Stef says the foundation of FDR is UPB.
1:23:00: Stef says he will offer contact information on banned members to anyone that wants to keep in contact with a banned member.
[804] A Defense of Christianity
Length: 58:22
Note: A defense of christianity
[812] A Listener's Complaints
Length: 1:54:35
0:00: caller says stef violated members confidentiality in a premium podcast. Stef says he did not and that the guy is banned even if he was a prem FDR user he was not when Stefan made the premium podcast. stef said he listened to the podcast with his wife and did not find he violated a member's confidentiality by Stef saying in a premium podcast the now banned FDR ex member account name.
14:00: Caller says members FDR name is linked to user's real name and the user is afraid someone could find out who he is if they really wanted to.
24:00: Stef says his wife is a psychologist.
29:00: Stef says nobody asked me directly therefore I did not respond to the thread.
[815] 1 July 2007 - Call In Show Sunday
Length: 1:19:16
34:00: Stef says when he was younger he was able to stomach violence in films but when Stefan awaken to the violence in his history he could no longer stomach it. Stef says he could not stomach violence in films in the mid nineties with a movie called 'Casino', and I had seen violence in films beforehand like 'Good fellows'. Stef said in casino he saw a man who has his head through a vice and since then Stef said he's avoided violent films ever since. Stef said the film maker who made the violent films is reliving their history by making these violent films.
39:00: Stef says the filmmakers making these violent films are attempting to normalize their horrible childhoods byu inflicting violent movies on everybody else.
[819] Stef Interviewed on the Radio - Radiate FM
Length: 2:12:42
58:00: Stef says he's upset because some people get put to the front of the line because of who they know.
1:43:00: Stef talks about his wife doing ask a therapist and advertises her as a therapist on her show.
1:44:00: Stef says he's never had any experience on forums before starting FDR and posting on FDR but boards are a wonderful way to get your ideas out.
[821] Iceland, Ireland, Somalia and Mommy
Length: 57:45
20:00: Stef says when you have competing ideologies the countries were weaker when you have one ideologies the country was the strongest.
[823] 15 July 2007 - Sunday Call in Show
Length: 2:16:46
1:00-2:00: Stef says his wife plays a crucial role on Freedomain radio. Stef says without his wife it would be like but without the credentials.
[826] casual sex
Length: 41:28
10:00: Stef says smoking a couple of cigs is not as bad as smoking a pack of day smoker. Stef says if you smoke a pack a day your looking to take 10 to 15 years off your lifespan.
[829] education for the poor
Length: 49:01
1:00: Stef gives out his home address to people wanting to send him a check which is 979 pine valley circle, mississauga, Ontario canada, l5w1z2 and then my name.
24:00: Stef proposes to his wife at a restaurant called North 44.
[830] Drinking and Dreaming - Part 1
Length: 45:24
1:00: Stef says the first edition of his book will be worth a lot of money someday if all goes anticipated.
3:00: Stef says he use to smoke a little bit when he wrote to break that habit was a challenge.
16:00: Stef says voluntary degrading of your mind sucks. Stef says cigs gave him the creative juices, Stef says he's only did 1 or 2 cigs a day. Stef says he did the drinking thing. Stef says cigs helped sharpen his mind, therefore it was hard to give up cigs because he was afraid I was going to lose that. Stef says cigs helped his writing when he was writing books.
[831] respect for women
Length: 48:48
30:00: Stef said he was exploited/betrayed by his brother in the business world. Stef says In enabled my brothers bad habits and illusions by Stef meeting his brothers near impossible deadlines but magically it got done which boosted my brothers income and enhanced my brothers cheating.
32:00: Stef says I doubled my brothers income, his brother bought a big house.
[833] Propping Up Father: A Dream Analysis
Length: 27:55
0:00: Stef sings a little bit
18:00: Stef said in a dream analysis if a white guy has a black penis that's not good. if a black guy has a black penis we're ok, a white guy not so much.
[836] Sex, Love and Money
Length: 50:45
18:00: Stef says he had not had a job for over a year and a half when he met his now wife, and stef says he did not even have a job the whole time him and his wife dated, when they got married he still had no income once so ever. Stef says he was bleeding out money he had made as an entrepreneur while he was writing his books. Stef said it wasn't until sometime after he got married that he got a job.
19:00: Stef says there is absolutely no reason to get a fantastic woman if you have no money.
[839] 12 August 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:17:33
39:00: Stef said he would of never of came up with DRO if he was still a minarchist.
43:00: Stef talks about being an unemployed writer and how he burned through a lot of money for 2 years writing. Stef said he got a enormous amount of benefit from writing the books for 2 years but Stef said he did not get a book published.
[844] The Subjection of Women - Part 1
Length: 51:29
16:00: Stef tells a story as to when he purposely got a boss fired. Stef says if you have a boss who's a jerk you can't choose not to interact with them. Stef said he had a boss who was irrational and aggressive, my boss was a jerk; So I got him fired. stef said he politiced and networked with the right people and prodded my boss during meetings to show his aggression which got him fired. Stef said my boss wanted to build the software without talking to the technical staff. Stef said in a board meeting stef raised the issue with his boss which made his boss go berserk and swore and when this happened Stef did nothing but let his bosses berserk mode silent the room.
18:00: Stef said he got someone else fired as well. Stef said he tried to get the guy fired the first time but was not allowed so he provoked them till they blew up and were fired. Stef says I will not back down in these situation and let the bad people rule the world. Stef said the company he cofounded karibu was bought out so he was unemployed for 2 months until they asked him back to work. Stef said the delivery dates of the software did not change and he would have to work 2 times harder to get the software done so Stef negotiated a deal to where he retroactively got his 2 months back payed owed.
20:00: The manager hiring Stef back called Stef greedy and unprofessional.
21:00: Stef says he does not believe in leaving the field of combat when being attacked.
[846] encompassing the future
Length: 1:20:04
26:00 - 31:00: Greg asks Stef his wife practice is in jeopardy because of FDR. Stef says it could be argued that his relationship with his wife payed off with financial stability while Stef does FDR fulltime. Stef says I helped my wife start her clinic and therefore that has payed off. Greg asks Stef if his wife practice would potentially be jeopardized by FDR then Greg suggests that Stefan may not do FDR. Stef says that's a tough question, maybe someone listens to ask a therapist and sues her but I don't know. greg then reframes the question that if FDR jeopardized Stefan's relationship with his wife then he may not do FDR. Stef responds that that is a false dichotomy, I'm not trying to dodge the question but FDR has been enormously beneficial towards me and my wife's relationship. Stef says what I'm doing on FDR is very good for me and my wife and my wife would be the first person to agree with that. Stef said if her patient list dried up and we were going to lose the house then I'd go back and get a job and sort of make the money until we got back on track. Stef does not view FDR as in conflict with his relationship with his wife at all but rather an enhancement. Greg says it's gotta be putting a certain amount of pressure on the both of you so Stefan can do FDR because you're making a lot less then if you were working. Right? Stef says that's true but we'll have lunches together and in between my wife's patients i'll ask her how her day is going. So we get to see each other throughout the day. Stef says wife is less concerned about him driving 120 kilometers a day or so. overall it's a new positive for me and my wife's relationship. Greg asks if Stef being home will be a net positive for Stef and stef says yes.
32:00: Stef says him and his wife deferred the landscaping of the house to save money. Stef says he will never do what his brother did which is to have a high powered career while raising 2 kids. That would be pure agony for me to do what my brother did.
35:00: Stef says wherever you are in business you're going to find bad people or be under the thumb of bad people. Stef says the people higher up the corporate ladder were bad as well.
36:00: Stef said for him to return to business it would make him unhappy. Stef said his wife's previous job made her unhappy until Stef helped her start her own clinic.
[847] 19 August 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 2:11:25
15:00: Stef talks about him playing unreal tournament 2004. Stef said his UT call sign is freedomain_radio.
29:00: Stef took a job 9 months ago where he was beating his head against the wall.
1:29:00-:1:30:00: Stef's brother got upset at Stef when Stef rejected him.
1:46:00: Stef explains how to be a salesperson. Stef says he started as a CTO and always had the ability to explain technical stuff to a nontechnical audience.
1:48:00: Stef talks about his time working at unisect.
[848] the lure of suicide
Length: 57:49
50:00: Stef gets upset because a guy's mom charges him rent.
[851] Mothers and Girlfriends - A Listener Conversation
Length: 55:15
Note: (Editor note: James P first time on FDR).
10:00: Stef says the caller should not pickup his girlfriend but to call a cab for her because this is a pretty important conversation.
16:00: Stef says his mom is a total witch as well as his dad and brother.
25:00: Caller girlfriend calls again and the caller ignores her saying she can't get someone else to take her home. Stef says he agrees with the caller that he should stay here with him in the conversation; That the conversation is much more important than picking up his girlfriend.
43:00: Stef says if one is going to therapy why listening to FDR, that FDR podcasts will shorten therapy by 50%.
[852] Abandoned Child - A Listener Conversation
Length: 1:12:29
47:00E: Stef says usually people divorce over serious things.
[853] Managing Other People's Emotions
Length: 1:03:30
10:00: Stef talks about his early years in business being a CTO. Stef says he did not learn to drive until he was 33 or 34.
18:00: Stef said he was a bit weasley back then and in social situations would exaggerate things for effect.
34:00: Stefan talks about his brother cheating him in stocks. Stef said his brother sold all of his stocks. Stefan said the stock price was getting higher and higher so I sold some stocks and gave him the money. Stef says i did not keep it for myself I shared it. Then the stock's collapse and became completely worthless at which my brother gave me the exact number of stocks back when they were worthless. Stef said he talk to his brother agreeing to give up some wealth to my brother then he gives me back exact number of now worthless stocks back to me. Stef says my generosity with my brother has freed me from him. Stef's said it saved his marriage and only took $25,000 to figure out. Most sound invest I ever made.
36:00: Stef said he went to school for 7 years.
51:00: Stef said his wife use to believe in god till she heard opposing arguments by Stefan.
[854] Ask A Philosopher 2
Length: 30:30
Note: Stef does a ask a philosopher.
[856] The Greatest Gift?
Length: 1:14:30
Note: stef talks about his brothers email
1:00: Stef talks about an email sent by his brother. Stef's says his brother is 2 ½ years older than him and that he's sadistic and a bully. Stef said his brother went to the landmark forum which made him better but didn't take. Stef says he stopped seeing his brother. Stef's said his brother requests that he wanted some photographs of when him and stef were kids to show their dad.
5:00: Stef said his dad changed from agnostic to religion out of guilt.
27:00: Stefan laughs weird.
[857] 2 September 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 1:35:01
19:00: Stef says he hates drugs which would include weed, LCD, etc.... Though he fends the right for people to do it.
20:00: Stef says he's a philosopher and his wife is a psychological associate. Stef says drugs interfere with your process to process of reality.
21:00: Stef says drugs as a recreational drug is a terrible illusion and stoned people are kinda stupid.
22:00: Stef says if he could will drugs off the planet he would.
[861] 9 September 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 1:15:12
0:00: Stef says truncated
12:00: Stef singing weird.
[865] 16 September 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 1:49:02
18:00: Stef's wife says defoo is what her and stef made up and is not a technical term as well as not to mention defooing to the therapist because they will not understand what it means. Stef's wife says foo is a acronym for family of origin it was her short form when taking notes in class.
[867] Dismantling the State
Length: 57:15
14:00: Stef says local cults, family cults and the state will just come back again.
20:00: Stef says when someone asks me what am I doing to help the cause, they ask em that and I'm doing it already I'm actually influencing people to free themselves when I absolutely threw myself off the cliff for this project.
26:00: Stef makes a weird laughing sound.
[868] Sadism and Empathy - The 'Family Guy' Debate
Length: 1:33:33
Note: FDR listener debates with Stef playing a violent which the game is called unreal tournament.
42:00: Stef says the Unreal tourney video clip posted on a webboard was not the version he plays. Stef says the version of Unreal Tournament he plays is not violent.
46:00: stef says the evidence that Unreal Tournament is violent is not good because that video is not the version he plays which is Unreal tournament 2004.
50:00: Stef says unreal tournament is cartoony therefore it is not violent.
1:04:00: Stef says his wife cheers him on when Setf plays unreal tournament.
1:20:00: Stef says he would prefer the criticism of him playing a violent video game were handled through Personal message than public.
[869] 23 September 2007 - Sunday Show
Length: 1:29:27
27:00: Stef says a lot of retarded americans believe that Iraq or Iran had something to with with 9/11.
37:00: Stef says that it's not right to be truthful all the time. For example you don't have to tell fat people what they should eat that anything that won't make them fatter.
[880] tef Interviewed and Antiwar Radio
Length: 48:40
21:00: Stef mentions someone he was debating with a woman the other day said we should stay in Iraq because otherwise it would destabilize that place. Stef responds to the lady that she can't argue that because that's Nostradamus and the crystal ball.
[883] Statism as Anxiety Repression
Length: 58:35
12:00: Stef says Noam Chomsky said anarchy is a system of hatred.
[884] 14 October 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 1:08:15
0:00 - 4:00: Stef talks about his wife's parents stalking them. Stef's wife says She's defooed her parents for 3 years now. Stef says it's been all these years and now Stef's wife defooed parents are doing drive by's and ringing the doorbell. Stef said his wife's parents stopped by recently and him and his wife hid upstairs until they were gone. Stef says defooing is a continuous process and defooing comes in waves. *Stef's wife is giggling through this.*. Stef says sooner or later the parents are going to catch us and when that happens all that will happen is I will call the cops.
1:04:00: Stef says we can really help the black community because they freed themselves from slavery and then got trapped in welfare and religion.
1:05:00: Stef says he remembers people of the times will do things we may not understand. If you were born then you may do the same things.
[887] Fear of the future - a listener conversation
Length: 46:20
29:00: Stef talks about being a philosopher's takes a lot of courage. Caller responds back it does not sound free when you're hiding in a attic from your wife's parents when they ring the doorbell. Stef responds that yes it does take courage I'll trade 20 minutes in my attic then spend time with corrupt people/ 8 years with my family. I can control not having a relationship with my family I can't control when people show up at my doorstep. So yeah every now and then i have to hide in my attic.
[888] 21 October 2007 - Call In Show
Length: 2:31:27
5:00: Stef says the fdr board is not freedomain radio.
6:00: Stef talks about a board calling him a cult. Stef says the board is manipulating people who are young.
9:00: Stef says people he has banned never contact him to tell them their problems with him but I don't offer that now.
22:00: Stef's wife gives update on her parents stalking them.
1:12:00: Stef justifies why he hides in his bedroom when his wife's parents stop by their house on random days. Stef says if we engage with the trolls that's what they want therefore that's why me and my wife do not engage with her parents when they stop by.
[893] Socrates, Moral Hit Man
Length: 31:49
12:00: Stef says technically speaking plato a state slut asshole.
[894] 28 October 2007 - Sunday Call In Show
Length: 2:12:30
14:00: Stef says foo is an acronym sometimes used in the medical field.
2:09:00: Stef says all Molynouex all the time.
[896] Fat and Philosophy
Length: 32:38
Note: Whole podcast is basically if you're talking about philosophy and you're fat you're doing philosophy a disservice.
2:00: Stef posts in a youtube comment on a person's video that if you are a philosopher you should be able to manage your appetite.
8:00: Stef says he loves the people who donate which allows him to do FDR fulltime than fall asleep in a software meeting.
16:00: Stef says he has a 17 hour FDR BBQ audio.
22:00: Stef says he defooed his mom 8 years ago along with family, friends, etc..
30:00: Stef says the cult of family.
[897] The Economics of Defooing
Length: 43:50
Note: The economics of defooing
6:00 - 11:00: Stef lists the economic benefits of defooing. Stef says you can save $12,500 in the next 25 years by deefooing and in the time you could have quadrupled that money by investing it. 4,000 hours saved if you defoo! that's $125,000 of time by defooing. $155,000, to $250,000 if you defoo your parents. Stef said he spent $20,000 because he spent time with a therapist. Called brings up that Stef see's the family as a cult. So you're saving $270,000 dollars by defooing. If you add pain and suffering on top of that you're looking at 2.7 million dollars.
12:00: Stef says if you don't defoo then the person you marry will probably not defooed therefore you're looking at a messed up marriage so 5 million dollars plus for not defooing.
[899] Stef on Writing (An Interview)
Length: 1:34:21
3:00: Stef says if you do not publish by the age of 40 there is a damn good reason. Stef said he was never a wildly successful writer so that's why he became a podcaster.
4:00: Stef says no one could say the book is not good but could not tell me why they did not want to publish it.
10:00: Stef says he is a weakness in plot and that plot is to overly constrictive for him.
1:05:00: Stef says publishers loved his book.Stef says he was waiting for his big break so he could quit his disgusting job in the software world but it never happened.
1:16:00: Stef says he does not like how good novels are sexlessness.
1:27:00: Stef says he wrote his 1st novel at the age of 13 called 'By the light of the Alien'.
1:29:00: Stef's 1st english teacher named D.M. Thomas who was famous for writing the 'White Hotel', said Stefan should stop writing, because Murdock said Stef will never become a writer.
1:30:00: Elizabeth Harvard (who had got a reward for a book she wrote in 2005) was Stef's mentor in writing. stef says to be open to all forms of criticisms.
1:31:00: Stef says he had one of the amazing canadian editors read his work and gave him the blow off after she read his work. Stef says the woman reviewed his work and said they are the best metaphors She's ever wrote but she lost his work Stef said he can drop off more and she said he does not need to drop off his work.
1:33:00: Stef says even if no one likes my book so what? it's like if no one likes your girlfriend. As long as I can read and giggle and like it I'm fine with that.